Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I want that Bohemian vibe

~My shop~
I've been craving a little funky color and style~and to me
that means heading off in a Bohemian direction.
One definition of "Bohemian" from the internet:
                                       "Movement of artist and poets in late 19th century                                                            
France, especially in Paris. Bohemians believed in living outside of the   bourgeois (conventional, middle class) mainstream culture."
So heading outside the mainstream for me means going ahead with my latest impulses,
which are peachy pinks, florals, gold, gold, and more gold and funky accessories. 
It has to be vintage and when all that comes together its a winner in my book!
A Florentine style table was a recent auction purchase and is now for sale at the shop~it inspired a little setting I created in the front window that included some vintage metal things.  I bought a set of 6 metal and porcelain Italian decorative wall sculptures from  my picker Rebecca....not sure what to call them, and I wasn't sure if they were cool or weird or what.  But something about them made me want them~it was the pale peach colored handmade porcelain flowers.  I thought they  would look cool climbing up the wall like a big vine...but first I needed to paint a backdrop for them.
 For a long time I have been wanting to paint more walls with Chalk Paint.  
I poured some Scandinavian Pink and some Antoinette into a paint tray,
 then added a blob each of Pure White and French Linen....
got a paint brush and started painting.
 I painted in big stroked and then I spritz it down with a 
spray bottle and rag it all around for a nice soft effect.
It came out pretty nice and the flower vines looked storybook climbing up the wall.
After the wall was finished a shop neighbor stopped in with a desk I 
bought from her~she is closing her hair dressing shop and she wanted
 to know if I was interested in her decoupage desk.  The desk was also 
one of those things I wasn't sure about when I first saw it...I wasn't going
 to repaint over the decoupage~did I think it had a chance 
of appealing to my buyers? I decided it did~its funky and french
 and fits the Bohemian style nicely. 
Certainly some cool girl will want this very different desk!  
 Its got some great style but all the feet are tired and have seen better days~
I'll touch them up with black paint and they will hardly be noticeable! 
The price will be right and this desk will have a new home soon I predict.

Paired with a gold chair its the perfect Bohemain writing table~
I'm feeling colorful and lively and in a go with the flow mood~
How are you feeling lately?  I still love the neutral palette
but think the store will be having touches of Bohemian style
to inspire me as I work through Annie Sloan's paint palette.
This Saturday I am hosting a Workbook workshop.  We will be making
color wheels and building color palettes and then doing plenty of clip art
and inspirational design work in our Workbooks, which comes with the class
admission price of $85~so sign up if you have two hours this Saturday and
get your inspiration down on paper in your own Workbook journal.
A page from my Workbook shows the colorway of 
peachy pink that has been on my brain lately.
Its definitely peachier than pink...and I haven't liked Peach for a long
time...funny how a color can come around again. 
Lots of new ideas and things we will be doing at Maison Decor
and I will be sharing it all right here with you.



  1. love your fun new boho vibe. that desk is funky and wonderful!

  2. love the peach and gold together.

    i am totally a bohemian girl. all efforts to be otherwise.......neutral paint colors, clean lines, modern feel, have pretty much failed. i have to add bohemian touches or it just doesn't feel right.

    go forth and be boho!

  3. What a fun and funky desk!I am seeing that style more and more.But alas although I appreciate all the color I am still enjoying my dreamy whites :-)

  4. Very cool desk Amy and I love the little Florentine table!!

  5. Have fun with that new style, Amy.

  6. That is a fun style. Love that pink wall!

  7. how cool that you are allowing your style to evolve and encompass bits of this and that...inspiring!


  8. Looking pretty boho to me! Isn't it fun to switch things up? Love it- xo Diana

  9. Love the wall treatment and I bet someone will love that desk.

  10. That wall came out gorgeous! I too have embraced my Inner Bohemian only I am doing it in all whites, silvers, and crystal. :D I have a blog devoted to just this
    I love to watch how your store and style fun. :D

  11. Loving the bohemian vibe and the technique you used on the wall! I love funky color looks like you are having fun. I do remember a peach phase when I was really young it all comes back around, love seeing your shop!!

  12. Looking good Amy, i love how when you get an idea, it has generally been implemented by days end..gotta love you!
    The wall looks beautiful and the desk is fun, funky and eclectic. I bet someone is going to snatch it up. So happy to see you enjoying yourself.

  13. New reader and follower here...I simply love your home, it is truly beautiful. Have a great day.

  14. That desk is the bomb!
    Set the broken feet towards the back, and no one will know! This is dangerously heading towards my style, so cut it out!!!

  15. Amy, you told "got" the bohemian look! Cool! Love the peachy walls with the flowers... !


  16. I love the pinky peach wall and that bohemian desk is wonderful. Someone with great taste will want it. Enjoy it while you have it! How's Dillon?

  17. You totally took the words right out of my mouth with the peachy talk! I too hate peach...with a peach passion! But I love this new I dont know rhubarb peachy pink...I dont know but its hard to put your finger on yet I see it all over the place...what you have in your paint pan looks right...cant tell by your picture when done as it is dark out...looks too peachy on the wall..but I think it must be the lighting. Im kinda bummed you made up the you have a recipe for that color that I could follow! If so let me know...cause like I the pan it looks perfect!!!!

  18. That is a very unique desk! I agree though that someone will see it and just have to have it! I like it paired with the gold chair too. I love how the wall turned out. You're so good with creating faux finishes like that.

  19. Looks like you are having so much fun! your "Bohemian Vibe"....and the metal flowers and vines look great!!!


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