Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What happens in a Maison Decor Workshop?

Note: New classes for March have just been added.
 Lets take the mystery out of what happens at one of 
our popular Annie Sloan Introductory Paint workshops at Maison Decor.
I have a limited enrollment of ten students per class.  Before anyone arrives for the class I 
get each person's work area set up with the tools needed for the class~brushes, sandpaper,
buffing cloths, sample boards and moldings and things like that. An apron with a name tag
for each student is provided as well.  
Your job is to bring a lunch and I take care of the rest!
Most students come by themselves,  not with a friend~
so if you have been on the fence about attending because you don't have a pal to go 
along with you, don't worry as most attendees are solo flyers!  
Before the first half hour of class
has passed you will be laughing and feeling quite comfortable with each other.
Then at a few minutes before ten o'clock on Sunday morning the students 
file into the shop and get settled in for the next 4 hours of painting instruction.
  Its my intention to make sure they go home with all the information
 they need to paint and wax and create some unusual techniques as
 well as understand the hows and whys of when to apply the clear 
and the dark waxes.  What to do when certain furniture issues strike? 
These are the things we cover during our time at the table
 while we paint our way through the next four hours.
 During the Introductory class you learn how to create 4 different techniques. 
 Some of these involve interesting methods like using hair dryers 
and wet cloths and other things you have never heard
 of when it comes to painting furniture!
 Each sample board takes multiple steps to create, so we go back and forth 
between the steps and you can see the various samples 
taking shape with first and second coats of Chalk Paint­®. 
 You will get up close and personal with that scary dark wax!!
 And come to see the beauty it reveals when applied properly~
 Creating rustic and smooth finishes for farmhouse or traditional looks are on the list of things we cover.
 Its a table full of action~paint and brushes and oohing and ahhing!  
We take a 20 minute lunch break at noon and then get right back 
to the next steps on our sample boards.
 Each class I teach I switch up the colors used to make the samples~
and I also show you the latest things I  have in my shop like the fabulous Pearl Plaster. 
We experiment with the "must have" French Gilding wax by adding
it to one of our finished Chalk Paint® samples.  
This has been one of my favorite tools for furniture makeovers
 and you will get to play with gold and silver to see what your favorite metallic wax is.
 When class is over you have your own samples to take home with you.
 What I have found is that while most students have never 
used the paint, the ones that have used it before enjoy lightbulb 
moments like these:  "OH!! That's why my piece isn't as smooth
 as the ones in your shop!" or "I was using way tooooo much wax on my pieces!!"  
 No matter the colors we will be painting with, all of the information applies! 
 You will get to see the various samples done in other colorways 
to find just the right combination for your project that is waiting at home. 
 After the class people stock up on what they need for paint and wax 
and this is also the time for Q&A on specifics.  
I am glad to help you figure out color solutions or answers to dilemmas you might have.
I teach the Annie Sloan Introductory Paint class twice a month.  
That means only 20 people a month that can take the class~and it sells out months in advance.
  I just added the March classes online today~so if you are thinking about this class,
 please sign up before its too late.  Sign up online  
Look for Advanced Workshop painting classes
 and more Furniture Finishes class to be added to the selection soon.  



  1. Hi Amy, I would definately come to one of your classes IF I didn't live across the other side of the world! It looks like a lot of fun and alot to be learnt. I wonder if ASP is sold in australia?? I just painted my dressing table in plain old house paint and new if I had ASP paint it would have come out much better! take care, Maryann

  2. Marion, ASCP is going to be in Australia next month I believe!! So start looking for it and you will be able to take a workshop there at a local stockist near you! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Amy, your classes sound like a great time. I'm sure the students are amazed at what they can create with paint.

  4. love how you're spreading the painting/finishes love. this looks like such fun!

    smiles to you.


  5. Looks like so much fun. Today at the store we were all talking about chalk paint. One girl I work with loves it and we were telling a customer about it who is wanting to paint some pieces she purchased today. Isn't that funny? We are telling people to paint our stuff with your paint?

  6. I'm trying to figure out a way to come visit you in Boston!! I SO want to take one of these classes with you!

  7. I HAVE to go! Such fun.....my son is going to Boston in Feb. I am going to check with you if by chance you are having one that weekend..wouldn't that be fun! This looks LIKE SO MUCH FUN!

  8. I would just like to point out.....
    And I didn't make a peep during the whole class!!!
    And my stuff was THE BEST IN THE CLASS!!!

  9. I believe Betsy. You were lucky to have her! LOL!



  10. Oh how I'd lurve to join one of your classes ~ but it's a long, LONG way from western France!! Best wishes for a successful year 2013. Charentegal

  11. Looks like everyone had a great time learning the wonderful techniques you so beautifully do!!

  12. Again, wish I were closer!

    Betsy, lol, that lady kills me!!



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