Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Painted Pink Inspiration

A lovely painted Swedish built in bed.
To replicate this color I would mix Scandinavian Pink and Antoinette 
with some Old White and apply in various layers 
with wash and ragging techniques.
Pinky peach walls over taupe wainscoting with lots of gilt
The lighthearted pink is grounded by the taupe and the golden accessories
stand out nicely against the pink.  
I recently washed one part of a wall in my shop and it 
was so easy and fun to do. The more I added water and ragged it off
the lighter an airier it became. 
If you want to get a hand painted european plaster look
with ease try applying Chalk Paint® and water 
and use a brush and damp rag for spectacular results!
My ragged wall in Scandinavian Pink, Antoinette and Pure White.
In person it looks a lot lighter~but this closeup shows the unevenness 
of paint application.  Perfection is NOT the rule.
Add more Old or Pure White for a lighter look as well as more water~
this works well with white walls as the under color of the wall
will reveal itself as you rag it off. If you are covering up
the wall color you will need to rag off less paint, or let a
 first coat dry then apply a second coat of a lighter or darker shade.
I loved doing this treatment and plan to do other sections of the shop
in neutral tones using French Linen and Old Ochre.
When painting furniture many times I look for design 
inspiration and come across beautiful things like this 
stunning blue and pink armoire. 
Beautiful crusted pink doors with touches of white in the
nooks and crevices.  Such inspiration!
This is my own mirror that I painted pink once upon a time.
As I redecorated the room it would no longer remain pink,
but it will always be one of my favorites.
source unknown
If I wanted to copy this chest I would use Antoinette Chalk Paint®
with a little Old White and plenty of French Gilding wax.
source unknown
One project I hope to tackle someday is creating this look~
 paneled walls with decorative molding. You can buy kits
to make these walls, at a pretty price I am sure. But think of 
how gorgeous it would be in the right setting~
Another paneled wall sets the stage for this palest pink bed.
One fabulous mirror and the room is done.
I would replace the thousand tiny pillows with a few larger
down filled pillows in cut linen velvet or grain sack.
 Most of these projects can be done with successfully
with Chalk Paint® and some require gilding materials.
 Shopping list: 
Antoinette Chalk Paint and French Gilding Wax in King Gold
Many of these projects just need these items.
Pink has always been a color close to my heart~
a long time ago I painted my first house. 
 Myself.  In pink.
I bought Sears Weather Beater paint in the 1980s 
and took it back 3 times to have the color adjusted
to just the right shade of pink.
My old house no longer is pink~
the people I sold it to painted it yellow. 
I can't say I blame them, pink is not for everyone, 
but it sure is for me! 
And I think it suited this little cottage nicely.
Add a little pink to your life with a painted cabinet
or just do the interior of a bookcase or armoire~
 add a lot by doing your walls and furnishings in ballet pink.
As always, I am looking for inspiration to share here with you.
Have a great week! 
And think PINK!




  1. Amy I have a fondness for pink too! Although I don't use it as much in my home anymore.I still have bits of it here and there.What beautiful inspiration!

  2. Amy, I must admit, I am a pink lover...Parisian Pink I like to call my favorite shade.

    I had just told Sharon at The French Country Home that your painting techniques would be perfect for her tufted bed....

    You two have VERY similar styles....and keep me coming back!

  3. Amy these images are so inspiring. I want to start painting right now!!
    Love the pink washed look and also the gilding!

    2013 Artists Series

  4. I adore that photo of the pink door and also your "once pink" mirror. Is that house your old house? I love it! When I saw it on FB I had no idea it was yours at one time, that is if it is. Thanks for the pretty pink eye candy!


  5. That little Pink Chest makes me want to dance, I love it

  6. We have a chair the same pink as the chair above. It's crushed velvet. Gorgeousness. My husband and I both walked into the furniture store and went right to it. Real men aren't afraid of pink chairs. Bonus, it was made by a company on the Cape.

  7. You just helped me decide what color to paint Gracie's armoire!



  8. I can't say anything can i Amy? lol
    You know i LOVE pink and i really enjoyed this post xxx

  9. Oh, so desire PINK! Love that bed, and the rest. Husband demands darker shades however. Perhaps sneak in a little pink in a corner. Minerva x

  10. Oh I love pink! The armoire is gorgeous! Love the mirror, nightstand, all of it. Blessings Paula

  11. Hi Amy, i too loved this post. I really love the pink and blue armoire especially since I want to have pink and blue in my bedroom! Where do you find such pretty pictures.. I'm glad you have and can show them to the rest of us! take care, Maryann

  12. Hi Amy,
    You've now got me wanting to paint something pink! My sister and I have been painting furniture white all day long and now I'm ready to go pink!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  13. Love the pinks, Amy! That armoire is gorgeous. I also love the door. I really like how this color looks with the gold gilding.

  14. Ooooo, yummy post about beautiful pinks... I love the walls in the second photo, and the little chest in pink with gilding... and i always love seeing your old house in pink!


  15. I loved this post and I Think things are prettier in PINK. I loved your HOUSE best of all........... Blessings, Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  16. I've got Henrietta ready to go for inside a bookcase for my soon-to-be boudoir (currently known as the boring bedroom). So this pink-focused post is definitely inspirational for me. But then again, aren't most all of your post inspiration? (Can I get an Amen, ladies!)

  17. Love all of the shades!

  18. I love it all but the fifth from bottom pink and gold guilt nightstand really inspires me, I had so much fun with my guilt wax that I ran really did go a long way still have some silver love the silver on the louis blue gold on white and pink! what fun love all your inspirations

  19. Well you know how much I love pink Amy! I just love that little gorgeous and I remember when you painted your mirror pink. I loved it so! I would have cried to see my old house repainted in yellow (even though I love yellow) when it was such a beautiful pink! xo

  20. I love pink too..and that magnificent french chest distressed pink with gold hardware has my heart beating a little faster this morning!! Gorgeous!

  21. Hi Amy. I too, have recently returned to loving pink. Maybe having had my only daughter move out this year made me yearn for some femine touch in my home. I wanted to let you know that on my blog "castleandcliff" i did a post about DIY moldings. I didn't have a fortune to have it done so I bought everything, including a miter saw and did it all by myself. Time consuming at first but so worth it!

  22. ooooooh la la, amy. look at you and yer abundant pink lovely. i am feelin the marie antoinette in yer swedish!

    smiles to you.


  23. Oooooooo!!!! I LOVE your pink house, Amy!!! I'd do that in a heartbeat! (Wonder if my hubby would let me paint our barn pink.....? lol!) And that pink patina on the door and dresser is absolutely perfection! Loved this post!

    xoxo laurie

  24. Amy, the picture of your pink home in the snow is so beautiful! I will be starting a pink project soon. Thank you for the gorgeous inspiration!


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