Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Painting a Brass Chandelier!

 A vintage brass chandelier had seen better days...
I had a little plan to makeover this light fixture.
It involved some painting with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Graphite...
 The Chalk Paint® sticks nicely to the brass without any prepwork. 
After doing one coat over the chandy I moved to the next step....
 I wisked some French Linen Chalk Paint® across most of the Graphite.
 Then I used my magic potion...Pearl Plaster!
 I brushed the Pearl Plaster over the painted finish and
 made it heavy and crusty in some areas and sheer in others.
Finished up with a little dark wax and now it has a a whole new look!
Something kind of hand forged looking....
Some black candle covers and this baby is good to go!
So consider Chalk Paint® for your brass pieces and add
a little Pearl Plaster for that shimmery but not sparkly look.
On a side note, Colin has been coming home on the weekends to help
out at the store~here he is painting a cottage dresser in Old White.
I have been getting lots of  compliments on him and how well
he is doing when I have to step out of the shop. 
So thank you to those who have let me know he is a pleasure and is 
so helpful and full of information.
Hope to see you in the shop!
We are located at 
150 Main Street Reading Mass



  1. Love the changes you made to the chandelier. It looks beautiful. Good to know about the candles.

  2. This Christmas I used plastic sliced fruit for my wreaths and garlands and I thought they would look more realistic if I melted them to look dried. Ugh! I almost poisoned my entire family with the toxic fumes! I achieved the desired results but I wouldn't recommend it!



  3. Wow Amy, it turned out beautifully! I would love to find one and do this same treatment. Gorgeous!
    Audrey @ neverendingdecorating.blogspot.com

  4. that chandy really looks fabulous!!! sort of pewter-ish!

  5. Good to know about those candles.What a beautiful chandy!

  6. Thanks for the info on the candles--knowing me I would probably burn the house down! I noticed some posts on FB that it was okay to burn them..so good to spread the word :)! They still look pretty, and honestly when I burn my tapers I always change them out for cheap ones anyway :)

    Nice job on the chandelier..and it is so awesome how your whole family is so involved in your business :) Happy creating!

  7. Amy that chandelier turned out beautiful!! Love the look!

  8. Wow- Did that turn out great, Amy. The chandy is beautiful! Can't wait to see your surprise for the shop. Good catch on the painted candles- xo Diana

  9. I love how that chandelier turned out! That is amazing! I wish I could do that with my giant chandelier hanging in the foyer that is very dated. I have a two story foyer with lots of stairs in the way, so that is why I haven't done anything with it. That pearl plaster is the secret!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great finish on the chandie, Amy. Before you mentioned the outcome of the candle incident, I was thinking, hmmmm, burning chalk?

  11. Love the way the chandelier turned out. That's a very pretty finish. Love the painted candles...still a good thing to paint them even if you can't burn them. Colin looks awfully cute in that photo.

  12. That's too bad about the painted candles, the colour is so pretty!

    That chandelier turned out so beautiful!

    ASCP works really well on brass. I have painted some brass candlesticks with Old White and Duck Egg Blue. The Duck Egg ones match my living room perfectly.

  13. Good to know. Your chandi looks great! Can't wait for the surprise...

  14. Just beautiful, Amy! I think I need to buy some of that pearl plaster....! Do you sell it?

    xoxo laurie

  15. I have a chandy in the basement that I found at GW for six dollars, I'd love to try it! Thanks for the heads up on the candles too!

  16. The chandy looks amazing!!! never thought to paint candles w/ ASCP....clever even if for decorative purposes.

  17. Amy what a fabulous transformation; I love,love the chandelier now!!

    2013 Artists Series

  18. i was actually a little worried when i saw that prior post about the painted candles so good save, amy!

    i recently slathered a perfectly good chandelier with white paint and love the effect. what a great upgrade from the ceiling fan in our bedroom that always embarrassed me when i would snap photos! see what blogging does to us???

    smiles to you.


  19. The chandy makeover is amazing....wow!! You gave it new life. Funny about the candles and VERY good to know. Always fun to see what you are up to!

  20. Our dining room chandelier is old and brass....and I hate the finish! This is a great alternative to replacing it!

    I hope your surprise is that you are opening a shop in the Mattapoisett area!

  21. Great looking chandy Sweetie. Love the look. I just posted my very first Crystal Chandy and I am so thrilled. Looking for another. . .sooner rather than later. Wish me luck.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  22. The chandelier looks FABULOUS!
    Two questions: where do you purchase black candle covers? And, how do you know if a vintage chandelier needs to be rewired for safety? Thanks.

  23. That is amazing! I LOVE that chandi! I'm hoping to put a chandi of some kind in my living room later this year and I'm thinking I will buy an old brass one and paint it. Cheaper than new. Never heard of the Pear Plaster before - I HAVE to try that out!

  24. OMG love the way your chandie turned out. it's fabulous Beyond words and doesn't look the same piece.
    i've tried chalk paint on brass before but didn't think it could make a piece look so stunning.

  25. The chandy looks great Amy. That pearl plaster seems like something everyone should have. I love the effect it has with the paint. And, good to know about the candles, i hadn't painted any yet, but it was bound to happen sooner or later!


  26. Amy I think your mistakes are few and far between! Glad to see you are the busy bee as always :)

  27. The chandelier is lovely. I just got some of that pearl plaster and can't wait to use it. x

  28. The chandelier is AMAZING, Amy! What a transformation!

  29. Did you mix your pearl plaster with scumble? Ratio? Chandelier is stunning makes me add mine to my ever growing list of things to do!

  30. I'm getting braver with the paint and painted a lampshade. It worked great. I used a roller so there was no brush strokes. It's amazing what you can do with this paint.

  31. Hi AMy and what a beautiful work of art you've turned this chandelier into. What is the black wax that you mentioned and how is it applied?


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