Friday, January 4, 2013

Turquoise and Gold Inspiration!

With the start of the New Year I was looking for a little
inspiration for my shop and I came across this page in 
Selina Lake's Romantic Style book, one of my favorites.
I keep some decorating books around the shop for people to flip
through for inspiration and I often look through them myself.
So I left the book open to this page, but not before I called Colin
over to show him this room and mention that I loved the look
and style of this room~that I wished our shop had a bit more of this 
feeling to it.....he agreed with me, as he is an affable sort!
I had a meeting with my picker, Rebecca, scheduled for later in the day.
In the meantime Colin and I wanted to move things around 
and get the shop layout to function better for our
workshops as well as to make an effort to spruce things up
a bit after the hubbub that the year end activity had left the shop
in a bit of disarray.  Lots of clocks were painted and shipped out,
as well as books and gifts and furniture pieces being made over~
all in all the store had lost a bit of its mojo.
So this photo gave me a clear head and some direction.
 Rebecca came by and had a bunch of pretty things that I bought for the shop~
to include more mirrors and this pair of candelabras~she said they came out of a Catholic church and were from the Victorian era. They were enormous at 30" tall, and once the tapers are added they will be three feet tall at least! I had to have them~so decorative featuring wheat shafts, grapes and grapevine leaves, and lilies entwine the 5 candle holders.  Colin was busy stringing some bistro lights across the shop as Justin had done in Boston (below) with great results.
While Colin strung lights, I got busy mixing up a turquoise paint color out of Chalk Paint by mixing Florence, Provence and Pure White for a stunning blue. Our long french dining table sits in the middle of the room and when not used for workshops we cover it and use it for the painting projects like mora clocks and the mirror you can see below.  We planned to move the monster armoire to the end of the shop as it makes passage around the workshop table difficult during workshops.  I wanted to place it at the very back end of the shop behind my desk.  Problem was it weighed eight thousand pounds, and Mr. Maison Decor has had a sore back, so it was left to Colin and me to figure it out.
We would have to figure it out~but in the meantime I had that 
inspirational photo in my head and I just had to create!! 
 I have written more than once on my affection for the French gilding wax
that I sell....I just cannot tell you how important it is in many of my projects,
taking the nice enough finished result to a higher level!  I just touch a finger tip into the pot and then spread it on the surface I wish to gild. Its simple and fast with amazing results.
This is the custom turquoise blue I mixed up for the mirror.
I painted the entire thing with this blue. Then I added a watery layer of Versailles over the blue, except in the paneled area of the Trumeau.
After that, I applied clear and dark to the entire mirror frame.
Now it was time to bring it to life.
Pot of Gold!!
 Here is a rough pic of the mirror all finished~I will be adding mirror hardware to the back of it and hanging it today and will update the blog with a beauty shot as this photo doesn't do it justice. Its four feet long and huge.
 Below is a pic of the before sent to me by Rebecca.
The Trumeau mirror has a worn out wood frame with a bit of water damage and crackling, and the center piece has gold paint on it...less than stellar. I knew there were a few ways I could have taken this mirror~like a beautiful French Linen and gilding wax...but I wanted to go for that rich turquoise and gold look.
 I worked the same routine on another 4 foot wide sofa mirror she brought me which had also seen better days~its got an enchanting Bohemian quality now.
The gilding wax just picks up the high points of carved decoration and it is incredibly easy to get a masterful result just with a finger tip application.
After the mirrors were finished I went back to look at the inspiration photo~
and much to my surprise I saw something unexpected in the photo.
Ahhh, I love this turqouise and gold...but look!
There on the mantle!!
 A candlestick practically identical to the ones I just bought from Rebecca!
 Mine had the same three elements of wheat, grapes, and lilies! They also held five candles! Woah! It was like the law of attraction from the Universe had come into play at Maison Decor! At least that is what I believe.
 This was a mind blower~I had never ever seen candlesticks like this....and two hours after saying I wanted the shop to look like the image in the book, this very accessory walked through the front door. Amazing.
Does this kind of thing ever happen to you? Have you experience the law of attraction?  I'll say its not the first time this has happened to me, but each time it continues to amaze me.
Yesterday we had the most productive day! We painted and strung lights, and even got all the furniture moved around in the shop!! I will be sharing the entire thing with beauty shots tomorrow~the workshops are coming and I can't wait! I'll be teaching ten ladies on Sunday and then ten more two weeks later! If you wonder what you can expect in a Introductory Workshop I am planning a blog post that goes through it with a bit more detail.  Its four hours of action packed learning and tips and insider info that will put you in the Chalk Paint driver seat.

For more information on the Gilding wax, click here.



  1. Oh-I love it-love it-love it. You are doing such a wonderful job in that shop of yours, Amy. I love the addition of the bistro lights- xo Diana

  2. absolutely beautiful job on the mirror!! :)

  3. Everything looks amazing, Amy!
    LOVE it all!!

  4. omg Amy that is so amazing with the candlesticks and the look you wanted,Wow!!! they look so at home in Maison Decor,i love that book too and have two shades of pink candles in my stash for the cottage ;)
    Your mirror turned out stunning! and i really need those bistro lights,so pretty xxx

  5. What a beautiful custom color! I too think that gold wax adds beauty to a piece.I don't have much gold in my home just a bit.But sometimes that is all to add a bit of sparkle!LOVE those strung lights too.

  6. Kathy, over a year ago I painted a birdhouse out of wood, I painted a metal garden ornament as well as a cement statue using Chalk Paint. Yes indeed it is perfect for outdoors~only difference is no need for waxing.

  7. those candlesticks and their timing in showing up is "goosebumpy"! the shop looks fabulous, Amy!

  8. So your new year's off to a busy start then, Amy? : ) I love your inspiration picture. Amazing that you got what look to me like the same exact candelabras as in your picture! Can't wait to see the changes you've made in your shop. Although, I'm sure it is always changing as pieces leave and new ones come in.

  9. No Way! That is soooooooo the law of attraction. You must be in flow girl! Don't you just love it when that happens...
    The mirrors look amazing now, and i really like the lights you hung. Can't wait to see the beauty shots!


  10. LOVE that mirror Amy!! Your shop always looks fabulous!

  11. Wow, mirrors turned out great, love that color...and I was really looking at the candlesticks are a mind cool is that!!! :) donna

  12. We are in the midst of opening a shop. We are very, very excited about it... and more importantly, I got some gold was also....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It is soooo easy to use. It makes you want to use it on everything!! HA!

  13. Love it .. Great job the colors...........................asalways love your blog

    Love to have ya at my blog sometime @ The Rusty Pearl

  14. And the fun and beauty the turquoise and gold and I know first hand the "magical powers" held in that little pot of gold!! Looking good Amy!

  15. The only laws of attraction I've experiened, was when I used to go to bars....... And had a few drinks...... And the lights were dim.....OY!

  16. yep i'm feelin that magical hankypanky between gold and turquoise. actually gilded anything right now even though i have so little. i have painted no less than 6 frames with liquid gold leaf recently!

    smiles to you, inspiring mama.


  17. Love the mirror !
    I have a question for you . I have a corner TV cabinet that has a wood top and doors , but the sides are laminate . Will the chalk paint hold on the laminate ? I so want to paint it !

  18. Those EXACT candelabrum are on my local Craigslist! I JUST saw them! How crazy is that?
    I love, love LOVE the turquoise and really did a beautiful job!




    Not exactly the same.


  20. LOL! I looked again and they ARE the same! My head is spinning!


  21. Hi Amy, Happy New Years

    Since you wrote about turquoise I wanted to share the post I just posted that uses many turquoise digital creations I made. Please check it out and comment.

    Thanks, Katharine

  22. Amy the mirrors look beautiful! The coincidence of the candlesticks is amazing....sort of like our tole tray coincidence!

  23. I've been staring at turquoise and gold trumeaux on Pinterest lately and choosing designs I can build with my husband, then paint and gild. Thanks for the inspiration! This is gorgeous!


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