Friday, January 18, 2013

My living room

 Its been awhile since I posted on my living room~
I have a new old coffee table now. 
Kind of like a tea table I guess~its tall
and its handpainted and very old and I love it!
 All kinds of little scenes and floral bits are
 painted freely around the top and the legs~
 The main color is blue, and its got that feminine french style that I love.
 Betsy Speert told me to put myneedlepoint stool underneath 
it as there was too much of a blank space there and she was so right!
 So this country table is my newest favorite thing~
 I don't add much anymore to the house as I am so
 busy with the store, so this little addition
 just made me all excited about the room again.
 This Paris Grey Mora reproduction was just finished and I told a customer I would 
photograph it so she could make a decision~
I decided to bring it home and show how it looks
in a fairly neutral setting~
 So here is the Paris Grey clock on my wall~
compare it to the pale Louis Blue one below.
 Hope that helps her make up her mind a little easier~
 Dillon is recovering from a torn ACL and he had serious surgery
 is now on the mend.  He loves to sit in front of the fireplace
 to warm himself. He is a darling and we
 have been nervous wrecks about him!
My living room with the new old table. Nice, huh?
PS~My walls are painted 
Benjamin Moore color #1515 Natural Elements
but its made up in the Valspar Signature paint formula from Lowes.



  1. Amy,
    What is the color and brand of the paint on the living room walls?

  2. I love that table. I love the formality of a tea height table for a coffee table. I like the grey clock in the room too. Dillon looks fantastic. I hope he is starting to feel better. Are you having a hard time keeping him still?

  3. Walls are Ben Moore color #1515 but made up in Valspar Signature formula.

  4. Oh so nice to see this room again,i love it Amy and always enjoy seeing what you have painted or changed round in here,the table is beautiful and looks so good in your room.
    I really wish we could get Benjamin Moore here in the UK i have seen some lovely shades via blogging.
    Dillon is in the best place with his Mom looking after him and the fire warming him as he sleeps x

  5. I love the tea table, too!

    And as Amy knows, I asked her advice on wall color and I too went with "Natural Elements". I had mine done in Behr's Primer Plus at Home Depot and it is just a great color.

    I really *do* love that tea table!


  6. Gorgeous room, love the stool!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  7. Thank you Amy for sharing the paint information! It is very helpful!

  8. Great table Amy! Your room looks so inviting. You're so smart how did you know we would want to know the room color? ;) Thanks

  9. The table looks gorgeous in your living room. Of course, I like the set of blue furniture anyways. lol

  10. LOVE the old-new table, Amy! Isn't it amazing how one piece of furniture can change the feeling in a room?
    Everything looks lovely!

  11. Very pretty Amy! I love the new old coffee table too. Have a great weekend.


  12. Your room is so beautiful and peaceful Amy, love that tea table. I think I need one of those clocks!

  13. Love the table, and Betsey is right; the stool is perfect paired with the table. Hope Dillon has a speedy recovery.

  14. Love the table, know wonder you fell in love with it.

  15. I love the serenity of your living room. I especially love that clock. Still wanting one, but I am having trouble finding the right space;))
    Have a great weekend
    ~ Cheryl

  16. I always love posts of your home..such a pretty place. Good to see Dillion doing well!

  17. Great table, Amy! It's so nice to see your living room again, too. : )

  18. Beautiful, lovely and serene living room. I'd love to spend time in it and lkisten to music while relaxing. I love the pretty coffee table.

  19. I am in LOVE with your hand painted table! I just love your style.

    Wishing you a great weekend ahead,

  20. Hi Amy,
    I adore your new 'coffee table' and I love that it is refreshingly not the traditional height. I also see one of your mora clocks in the near future in my new home. One will look amazing in my new office/craft room.
    Love the living room, thanks for sharing!!

  21. Amy, your living room is gorgeous! I love, love, love your new tea table. It looks beautiful with everything!

  22. Hi Amy, I LOVE LOVE your tea/coffee table. The colours and patina are just perfect! I could see that in my lounge room (when its' done). I really like the curtain valances you have (if that's what they're called) I think it just adds that little something to the them. take care, Maryann

  23. How pretty is that tea table? And of course Smarty Pants Betsy came up with the darling stool under the table idea. Makes me want to pull up the dollies and play tea!

  24. That tea table is soooo gorgeous Amy!! It reminds me of that adorable bed of yours I missed out on *sniffle sniffle* Your living room looks wonderful too *winks* Vanna

  25. P.S. That Betsy is not only smart....She's a smarty pants! Lol!

  26. Oh, that teatable is such a wonderful addtion, no wonder it makes you happy.

  27. Congratulations!! Your living room is heavenly!!! Love it!!!

  28. Amy, loving your new old table. So beautiful. Also loving both the mora clocks in grey and blue. It would be a hard decision to chose between them. So sorry to hear Dillon had a torn ACL - wish him a speedy recovery. x

  29. Love the new table..beautiful! I love the way the room has come together after you have carefully curated all your wonderful finds with much love! It shows and its wonderful.

  30. The whole room looks fabulous! And I love your wall color... thanks for sharing the name. We're about to embark on a new rental house project and this is the color I'm looking for.

    Happy to hear your dog is on the mend... our dog broke her leg back in November and it's been a LONG process for healing... both the bone and the sore the cast caused. Lots of time spent in front of OUR fire!


    PS I've really enjoyed watching the progression of your shops too! Wish I lived closer.

  31. Love it! I love looking at your blog and living vicariously through you with your calm paint colors... my husband would never go for it so I have to enjoy yours. :)

  32. It's so fun to see your living room again, i feel like i'm coming home just looking at it. That table, that table... so french and bohemian and wonderful! Oh my goodness. Cool suggestion by Betsy, i totally see what she meant, but wouldn't have even noticed the the footstool unless you said something. Torn ACL is a pretty big deal, phew... glad he's doing ok, that's a big, expensive surgery... and i'm with him, i want to sit by the fire and warm these old bones too!


  33. LOVE the new table Amy...everything looks beautiful. Hope your fur baby is on the mend quickly!

  34. Beautiful Amy! Yes that needle point stool looks perfect under that sweet table!So glad Dillon is feeling better too <3

  35. Amy,

    I love the way you have pulled so many elements together to make this cozy room....the paint, the linens/fabrics, the carpet, the furniture, and especially all of the little touches that make a house a home.

    Dillon looks peaceful in this room :)


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