Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How far does a sample size of Chalk Paint® go? and other cool stuff...

How far does a sample go?
 I get asked this question alot...people want to know how
 big a piece they can paint with a sample size of 
Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan.  
This small chest took an entire sample~and that is two coats of coverage.
Its about 24" x 12" x 16" in size.
I painted it in Emile, a purple color and it looked like this below~

 Cute but I wanted to make it a bit more of a grown up purple~
 So I  did a Graphite wash~
 Washing is like making a glaze out of Chalk Paint® and water.
 I just use a very wet brush and dip into the paint~
 Then rag it off~
 And it finally looks how I want it to look~a smokey purple.
Colin snapped me in action...anyday of the week you can 
walk into Maison Decor and see me working on something...
we love having this huge table set up so our projects are on
 display as well as its a great spot to pull out samples and mix up
 custom colors for my customers right on the spot. 
Today the table looks just like artful rearranging was done! ha!
But you can see the variety of cool samples done with dark waxes and special techniques
as well as a big sketch pad where I will mix up a color Johnny on the Spot!
Our Malden location has developed into more of an Art Studio. 
 Painting is our number one priority!  We love inspiring our 
customers to try new things based on what they will see in our shop~
and at the Boston location you will see Justin doing the same thing.
  He does so much custom paint work now because people have 
walked through the doors and watched him working on a piece.
Justin broke out some Antibes and created this very funky piece~
we both want to use some of the bolder colors to show the range
 of Annie Sloan and her wonderful Chalk Paint® palette. 
Both of our colorful pieces in Emile and Antibes are priced under $150~
fun pieces that will add loads of personality to a space. 
What a great little bar table this would make~glasses underneath 
with bottles on a tray on the top!  Or just a great hall table in your 
city condo with a place to toss your keys 
when you walk through the door at night.
Of course you will always find antique pieces with classic style
 in our Boston store too~like this vintage pair of Black and gold stencil back splats 
with fantastic cane seating in great shape. 
 I would flank the Antibes table with this pair for 
a dashing combo of funky and traditional. 
Anyway, back to my original topic~
expect to finish one chair or one small end table with a sample size.
We stock every color in sample sizes so if you want 
to experiment this might be your best option. 
Hope to see you someday soon in one of our shops~
We will be happy to help you find the
 right color for your next project!


  1. Great pieces Amy!! I'm going to do a piece in my daughters room using Antibes to add a fun pop of color.

  2. Thanks for this! I had been curious about how far the sample went! Once it warms up a bit we will venture to one of your shops!

    I adore the purple....and I am a sucker for the traditional chairs!

  3. Love the green piece and the paint does go a very long way.

  4. I always wanted to know that !!!!!!! Thank you for sharing : )

  5. Lovely pieces, Amy! I love the smokey look you created with Emile. x

  6. I love the smokey purple color! Looks like both your shops are doing well- that's great!

  7. I'm really loving that lavender color for some reason right now... and i have bought sample sizes of Annie Sloan and they go a long way, especially with mixing. You guys are turning into quite the pros with painting techniques! It's nice to get all these great lessons and free advice sitting at home in my chair at the computer!


  8. Really lovely pieces Amy! I love your creativity! It is good to know how far a sample jar goes!

    Art by Karena

  9. Amy -- what a great post. As I love every color, the sample pots are where I'm starting. Have a chair calling for Greek Blue right now.

  10. Good to know! I have several pieces I want to paint but haven't worked up the nerve yet to order any paint because it seems like a small investment when you don't know how it will really turn out...

  11. I love the samples and you can do a lot with them I think! Love the smokey purple!

  12. Amy, I am so glad that you posted this! I have been wondering how far one of the samples would go, and now... thanks to you I do! I like the idea of order the sample to try out colors that I know I wont be using a lot of. Again, thanks so much for this info. I will be ordering my paints from you for now on.

  13. I love using the sample jars for those small pieces..especially the really bright colors to accent in the room....I love that green table that Justin did...he did a great job!...your shop looks wonderful!!

  14. I like all your work.

    Best regards,



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