Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabulous Wallpapered Cabinet

 My French Provincial China Cabinet got a new look.
I papered the interior with a french classical motif wallpaper.
that I purchased on Ebay at D.Marie Interiors after much drooling.
 I did the entire interior from the ceiling to the bottom shelf
 and all the supporting brackets as well.
It was much like doing a giant decoupage project.
The original color of the entire cabinet was this mustardy yellow color.
 I had painted the outside of the cabinet pale blue,
 but never bothered doing the interior. 
History note: a billion years ago I had purchased this cabinet 
 to hold all my sweaters and jeans when I lived in a small duplex.
I tacked it up with painter tape to see how I was going
 to position the repeat of the pattern~yes, looking good!!
and then it was off to the races. 
Note that the door frames are yellow and will need to be painted.
 I finished the papering that evening and the next day I
 would paint the interior door frames to match the outside.
 For now I was basking in the glow of this gorgeous wallpaper.
 Leaning against the wall is the glass insert and the wire mesh screen. 
After painting the interior frames blue, I decided to eliminate the screening.
 The screen made it harder to see inside the cabinet.
This old picture with the yellow interior shows how grey
 the screen makes the cabinet and how the interior becomes shaded.
I painted the frame with BM white dove, 
then did a second coat with BM heaven on earth, a powder blue. 
I added a small amount of water to my brush so it
would be somewhat transparent, not a thick coat of opaque paint.
Then I tested out a few pieces of china...yummy!
This wallpaper is a matte finish, which I was happy about. 
When you order anything online it is hard to tell 
what it is exactly that you are buying. 
This couldn't have been more perfect,
 in color and finish, so I lucked out!
 Look how these patterns mix together~just like I had hoped.
 I papered the bottom shelf and painted the magnetic door catches. 
Wallpapering a cabinet interior is like making a puzzle. 
I never used a razor blade like I would when I paper a room. 
 Instead I cut each piece of wallpaper with scissors,
 activated the paste and then fit them into place.
I remembered Miss Mustard Seed saying that at some point in all of her 
projects, it looks scary or bad, before it all comes together.
I was glad I remembered her saying that as I was papering the support shelves.
The old pink wine glasses pick up the pinks in the wallpaper~luscious.
The cabinet is loaded with all of my things and the plates are all stacked in piles.
I chose not to lean plates against the back so I could better see the wallpaper pattern.
The scrolled frenchy door handles look great with this pattern.
This fabulous french china cabinet got a face lift!
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