Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Hallway

Our hallway from the front door to the kitchen
got some green and pink doors on the coat closet.
A bit of gingerbread in this little spot.
It is very cheerful.
You probably think it is weird,
but it is only paint~have some fun!
This was a spur of the moment decision,
painting the doors green. 
I wanted to paint my back hall door green
but remembered that Dillon jumps on it when the mailman comes
and it would get all scratched up in short order.
After I did the closet doors I decided it needed a dash of pink.
Makes for a happy hallway anyway.
Command central faces the happy doors.
Keys, calendars, chalkboard for quick reminders and a clock
are gathered together on the wall.
Along with a few signs I had at our old lake house,
which we sold last fall.
There is no LAKE out this front door. :-(
 Farmhouse style, this window mirror gives this space a little depth. 
This hallway leads to the kitchen which connects our dining room. 
This looks from the dining room into the kitchen. 
(That is the door way down there I wanted to paint.)
Here is my Boos butcher block island I adore.
It is the workhorse of our kitchen.
A parade of pink and green hooked rugs takes you back to the front door.
Next to the front door is our leash for walking Dillon.
Tobey doesn't need a leash because he always sticks around.
I moved my artwork over here~
the gift I got from Cindy the artist, and the new Canvas Print I ordered.
My NH friend Judy gave me that linen pillow.
Pink and Green.
Good for spring and summertime.
We use the binoculars for spotting hawks.
Back in the mostly white living room Dillon lounges on my ruffles.
While I am running around taking pics for the blog, 
 Tobey follows me wherever I go, but not Dillon.
He knows I am blogging.
Tobey gets all nervous wondering what the heck is going on.
I just had to take this picture even though this is about the hallway.
He is one laid back dog.
I guess he is loving the ruffles too.


  1. I have to say that Dillon looks quite handsome lying on the sofa. He's a BIG boy! Loved seeing more of your home. When are you painting your kitchen white? I know that is coming.

  2. Dillon is so gorgeous and so lucky to have a good home like yours...I must say the ruffles on your sofa and his size is a lesson is opposites that is just too funny!!! Your home is gorgeous and I visit but don't comment often!!! I love "real" homes instead of the "magazine" variety!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend!!!

  3. Your home is so pretty! love all your pretty things that brighten up your entryway! and your dogs are just adorable:)

  4. Love your home Amy! So bright and cheerful! Dillon is darling!~Hugs, Patti

  5. Love your doggies and your painted doors! They would look lovely with big glass knobs! (The doors, not the dogs!)

  6. Oh I love it. The doors are wonderful and I love the pink and green. It fits your home perfectly. Hugs, Marty

  7. Happy hallway and I love the bench by the door and the hanging baskets. So French looking. Love the bird rug and your cute dogs.

  8. I love the bench with two pillows,very cute. Your dogs are so cute!! what type is the little one..looks like a lhasa apso, maybe or not I have one lhasa apso named toby

  9. Hi Amy!
    Your babies are as pretty as your home. I just love it when you show your gorgeous home. I'm in love with everything in it! I also like the doors painted green with the pink edging. It's not strange at all, it's perfect. I'm also in love with the pretty hall bench at your back door.


  10. I love seeing glimpses of your home. The green and pink doors really do make it a happy space. I was about to ask the same question as Nita. I just bet you're going to paint or ruffle up that kitchen somehow.
    Dillon is so cute! How sweet!

  11. Very pretty and so springy!!;) Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Your home is beautiful! I like the pink touch you've added to your closet doors. It ties in with the pink touches throughout your home. Your pink and white striped bowl is fun! I love that! What sweet dogs and a great photo of Dillon sleeping among the white ruffles.

  13. What beautiful pictures of your home and your puppies. I love that you have included them:o) The ruffles on your couch are yummy! I have just found your blog but I will definitely be back!
    Cheers, Carrie

  14. Such a beautiful home. Love the entryway.


  15. Good Grief Amy! You're on a roll... You've done like a million things around there! I love the green doors with the whimsical touch of pink, and it's so fun seeing the whole area, with the doors and the hall and the rugs all together....and omg your sofa looks so great with the ruffles and the pillows... That photo of Dillon would make a great painting too! Just look at the colors with the pink on his nose and ears. I love how he's so over the blogging.


  16. Your hall area is just gorgeous, not surprised. I love the pics of Tobey in the hall and Dillon lounging on the sofa... what a regal looking guy. You have some specials boys, for sure.


  17. I love your home it is very beautiful!
    Love the hooked rugs!!
    My favourite are your dogs!! Dillon is just a doll!!

  18. I think the colour you added is lovely. And I love your arched mirror. Just gorgeous!

  19. Oh, I needed this today! My new home with blank walls walls has me frozen! I love the vignettes of personality and the rugs are to die for! Thanks you so much for your inspiration!

  20. Everything about your home just looks SO pretty! The green doors look very cheerful, too!

  21. Everything looks so beautiful, Amy! Love it all! Especially the ruffles!

  22. Other than removing your shoes, how do you keep all the light colored rugs clean? What about the dogs feet?

  23. I just love how light and airy your house is Amy...the pink on the doors is a unique touch...

    Take care,

  24. Your abobe is fabulous and I have the same mirror in my kichen as a faux window.

    Leeann x

  25. Your doors look pretty! Shaunna at Perfectly Imperfect recently painted her pantry door a distressed turquoise and I LOVE it. Seeing your doors makes me want to paint a door too. But first, I need to decide on a color and you know how easy that is. lol! Everything is looking very lovely, Amy!

  26. Your house makes me happy. I just smile when I click on your posts! I adore that striped pink and white bowl. Wherever did you get it?

  27. Thank you amy for your beautiful visit!!
    I could so see you decorating a shepherds hut/ would have it so cottage garden chic.
    See you and all your inspiring beauty soon !

  28. Tobey is quite the cutie! I love the touches of pink and green and your hall/mirrored bench is to die for! Is that an antique? Everything is just gorgeous!


  29. I can't keep up with all your new posts! I'm going to nickname you "Ruffles", I love them all! I especially love your bedspread! Your hallway looks great and super springy! Hopefully the warm weather will be here soon!! xoxo

  30. I love your shots of pink in the room! Especially the pink striped bowl! Great job!

  31. What a great hallway, Amy! I love your furniture and the colors you've used here. I also love the layout. I know a lot of people just hang a few pictures and call it done, thinking its just a means to get to a destination and not part of the actual destination, but I always love to look at hallways as part of the rooms of the home, too.

  32. Love your style and sense of flair with the pink touches and the ruffles on the couch. (Of course that lovely dog would make any sofa look divine!)

    Love your blog and looking forward to following you for more!


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