Monday, March 14, 2011

Tin Ceilings

I am obsessing on tin ceilings and how they create instant drama.
Tin ceilings say "old".
Waiting for a delivery from my eBay wallpaper favorite site,
 is a wallpaper that imitates this ceiling.
It is called French Cloverleaf Tin Ceiling.
I have never wallpapered a ceiling before, 
so my powder room seemed like a doable project.
I'll find out soon enough.
This tin ceiling has bigger squares and it is more simple than I prefer.
The style I will be looking to capture is more ornate with a "prettier" look.
My powder room has the washer and dryer in it, which aggravates me to no end. It seems as if there is always a pile that finds its way there, even after I have washed, dryed, and folded 5 loads.
If my laundry room could look like this gardeny wash room with potting shed flair, I would be happy.
But it will not end up looking like this.
So I will be working on my 
frenchy vintage laundry room bath
to share with you all soon~
BTW, all of my images came from Pinterst....
have you been there? 


  1. I wallpapered a ceiling in my powder room once and it turned out divine. Everyone loved it. The powder room was under the stairs so with the slopes and small space, it just seemed to make sense to go all the way up. What you have planned sounds charming. Can't wait to see it! And yes, I love Pinterest. Still trying to figure out the easiest way to download my own photos. It seems slow. Have you tried downloading?

  2. Thanks so much for sharing about the wallpaper that looks like a tin ceiling!;) I cant wait to see how your room turns out~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  3. I love seeing detail on a ceiling! Great ideas.
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. I love tin ceilings and have wanted one in my kitchen forever but have not done it. I love that laundry room that is also a garden potting room too. I'd love to have a beautiful set of washer and dryers like that. One of my best friends has a set like it and I like to just go to her house and stare at it. Maybe one of these days..I'll do a makeover of my laundry closet. Difficult to make it look good since it's completely full of the stacked unit.

    Can't wait to see what you do!

  5. I did that on a section of my kitchen ceiling and I love it, the trick is to do it in small sections. A long piece is too heavy and will want to fall down.

  6. I love the tin ceilings!
    My old house had this paper on the dining room ceiling and I loved it!
    I love these beautiful images!

  7. Hi Amy,
    I would love to have wallpapered ceilings! I cannot wait to see yours along with the new french laundry/powder room redo. I just know it will be lovely once you give it your special magic treatment.

    I have missed a few of your posts so I'm going to scroll on down and catch up.


  8. Amy, I love tin ceilings, too. I wanted on added to the kitchen, but hubby wouldn't tackle that one. I can't wait to see your wallpapered ceiling.

  9. Hi Amy,
    I love tin ceilings too but don't have any.I do love your garden look laundry room inspiration pic.

    I also love the french wallpaper in your cabinet and the stencil.The beautiful bouquet caught my eye for sure too!


  10. Amy I have wallpapered several ceilings!
    NOT easy!!!! but be patient it is well worth it and a lot cheaper then real tin!
    Have a few very patient helpers and line up chairs to walk across {way easier then up and down a ladder!}
    I wish we lived closer I'd come and help!
    We have 2 ceilings in our new house wallpapered and I want to do the kitchen once we get to renovating that room!

    Good Luck girl,
    I can't wait to see it done! {are you going to paint it?}

    Smiles, Dolly

  11. I think the faux tin ceiling will be lovely, I can't wait to see it up. I'm curious how the wallpaper will hold up with the moisture from a bath, if it works for you I might have to try it. My bathroom is very FC. Mary

  12. Hi Amy! Love the look of tin ceilings too! I have a piece of embossed wallpaper tacked above my living room ceiling for the last 2 weeks debating if I am going to add this element into my living room. I can't wait to see yours. I too love Pinterest...I am there, we will have to find each other. :) Have a wonderful day!


  13. Amy!!!! I feel so bad I just don't get by here enough, and I can see I need to :)
    Every bit of what you inspire I am in love with :)
    I have to thank you for your beautiful comment you left me :)

    I now have to go back and catch up on all that I have missed out on over here.

    see you soon dear one!!

  14. Good to know I'm not the only one obsessing over tin ceilings! Can't wait to see the results! Traci

  15. Hi Amy,

    I have no clue how I found your blog but I am on a current quest to DIY a cabinet and needed vintage wallpaper. I was going to email you on a whim and ask where you find such great things and bam! -y ou had already written about your fav vintage wallpaper person! Thank you so much! I plan to do some shopping!

  16. I can't wait to see how it turns out Amy! I think it is a great idea!~Hugs,Patti

  17. I love those bathroom images! I can't wait to see how your ceiling turns out!


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