Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Ruffles

The piano bench got a pretty ruffled slipcover.
I used the leftover ruffled skirt from the twin quilt I used for the sofa slipcover.
The ruffled skirt was sewn onto some matelasse fabric 
I had purchased for the washroom curtains.
Since I didn't like them as curtains I put them to work 
with the ruffled skirt creating an inexpensive
piano seat slipcover with shabby chic style.
I had enough to make it as long as the floor,
 but I wanted to show some leg.
It is a flirty little number~and it looks great with the sofa.
I cut the quilt in half along the ruffles, 
so I still have a long row of a triple ruffle that I will be able to use.
Maybe a huge pillow will be in the works soon.
Ruffles are on my mind~I can't get enough!
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  1. The ruffles are fantastic- I love the little bench and a pillow would be amazing!

  2. I love the cascading ruffles! Your home is so dreamy! ~Merrilee

  3. It looks great "showing some leg" You want to come do my home next? :)

  4. So clever! So funny also because I have a linen cover on my piano bench with a ruffle as well..and I really like it! Well done...your home is beautiful. I will be back, always such fun discovering someone new! Please visit me too, at my newish blog about the building of our home and my passion for decor/design.

  5. Very "flirty"! Love it and your sofa too:) The more ruffles the better I say;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. That is so sweet, Amy. I wanted to thank you for stopping by Emily A Clark today and reading about my painted upholstery chair. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate it. I'm a newbie blogger, so that was awesome!

  7. Beautiful, Amy. The ruffled skirt and the runner on the piano look so well together. I am really loving your sofa, too. Yes, a pillow would be perfect!


  8. Stunning. Love the ruffles and the piano scarf as well. Your home is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. It looks so pretty Amy~ You are so creative and talented!;) Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  10. Gorgeous! I can't get enough of ruffles, either. I envy your talent! I keep thinking one of these days I'll teach myself to the meantime, it's fun to admire fabulous creations like yours!

  11. Looks great.
    I love ruffles too, but hate ironing them!


  12. I can just see your pretty little head looking around the house thinking, where can I put these ruffles? lol Love the piano bench cover! It's a ruffle heaven!

  13. That makes such a pretty piano bench. Your piano is gorgeous by the way. I've never seen one with such details.

  14. Wow, look at all those ruffles! I love it, Amy, especially the piano bench, but then again, I love the slipcover too!

  15. I'm a ruffle gal myself! Your bench cover is beautiful. I admire your talent and sewing skills. Your home is lovely.

  16. Love it! Love the ruffles on the sofa too! Oh I wish I knew how to sew and make pretty things like you!


  17. Hi Amy!
    A girl can never have too many ruffles!! I love the piano cover and it looks so sweet and pretty.
    I love the ruffled sofa too. You are really on a roll girl.


  18. Those quilts absolutely looks gorgeous! I'm loving those whites and ruffles!

  19. Gorgeous! I love a little leg showing!~Hugs, Patti

  20. I just love it and you did a beautiful job on both pieces. The ruffles are really charming!


  21. Sitting here tonite watching Tv covered up in a matelasse coverlet and I thought,"I should cut this up and make a slicover for my piano bench!" Then I happen upon your link @ Freckled Laundry! Your slipcover is perfect and I love your sofa! I'm inspired!

  22. Boy oh boy you sure are making great use out of that ruffled quilt!

  23. I love the matelasse with the ruffles! I can not get enough ruffles in my life, so this totally caught my eye on Freckled Laundry's link party. Just beautiful.

  24. Gorgeous! Your ruffles are just perfect!


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