Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cottage French Washroom

 This is my heavenly washroom.
Powder blue and cream cabinets with glaze and crackle
 and fancy molding and a heck of a ceiling.
 A tromp l'oeil tin ceiling wallpaper gives this little 
laundry bath room a big dose of style.
I bought this online at D.Marie Wallpapers on eBay.
It has a clover or quatrefoil and lattice design.
 It was pre-pasted and I did it in sections and then fit it together. 
 The grid lines hide the joints and it ended up being really easy!
A vintage looking baby chandelier in iron and crystal
 from Lowes gives it added glamour at a great price ($65)!
I cut a pine shelf to fit behind the washer and dryer
 to hold garden accessories for the potting shed look I wanted.
Combination laundry and bathrooms are usually not that "pretty".
I wanted "pretty" as this is our first floor bathroom used by guests.
.My window treatment is a Mombasa mosquito tent I cut to pieces on impulse after 
the pair of cream matelasse panels I created were too stiff and formal for the space.
White wood blinds are underneath for privacy.
The styrofoam molding on top of the cabinets was
 added to mimic a Habersham cabinet style I fell in love with.
It instantly transformed this room.
The sink vanity got the same paint treatment,
 and someday I plan to add a marble countertop with bronze fixtures.
                           I replaced the wall light fixture with a simple bronze farmhouse number, and
added an ornate mirror and a simple bronze robe hook for a hand towel.
A small shelf  holds some eye candy.
Behind the door are hooks for hanging clothes that need to air dry.
So my french cottage garden style washroom is now a reality!
What would a project be without a few before pictures...
 Maple cabinets without the completed molding have been like this for 5 years!
I am officially on record as preferring painted cabinets.
There was an 8" gap behind the washer/dryer that I planned to hide with a shelf.
Basic, boring and blah.
Look at those horrible light fixtures. Ugh.
I added a cutesy valance and it looked even worse.
Interestingly, I never painted the walls~they weren't the problem.
So...I painted the cabs first with Elmers glue to make them crackle,
then  "cream in my coffee" Valspar signature paint, 
loved how it looked...
then I glazed them with Valspar antique glaze,
and hated them..... 
 So I added the pale blue paint on the raised panels.
Then I fell madly in love with them!
I am no painter, if I can do this, anyone can.
I just remember Miss Mustard Seed saying:
" at some point in the project it always looks horrid before it looks good".
Now the molding is about to get painted and the shelf 
will hide the cutout for water access and the gap.
Then came the new  lights, the ceiling treatment, and the wispy curtain...
Ten thousand times nicer!
I couldn't be happier with my washroom.
It feels like it belongs in our home now.
The best part is,
Mr. Maison Decor loves it as much as I do!
+ smiling +

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  1. It turned out so beautiful Amy!;) I LOVE it~ Hugs,Rachel

    Frenach Farmhouse 425

  2. Hi There, It looks amazing... I put anouther picture on my blog of sadi's room...It really is an old armoire..

    Thank you so much

  3. It looks fabulous, the blue on the cabinets really makes it pop! The ceiling adds a luxe look.
    Now it wil be a treat to do laundry.

  4. Oh wow hard to believe that awesome ceiling is made out of wallpaper... Wonderful! I'd have to hire you to help me with wallpapering our guess room... haven't done it yet! ;)


  5. Absolutely amazing Amy!!! It looks GORGEOUS!! I love it- your wallpaper ceiling is diving as is the crown moulding!! :)

  6. Beautiful! I'd be doing laundry everyday:)

  7. Wow, it truly looks amazing and beautiful! Congrats!

  8. That's a fabulous transformation! Love the ceiling and the molding. But I have to say, using easy and ceiling wallpaper in the same sentence just doesn't seem right to me. I cannot imagine working overhead with wallpaper being anything but a nightmare!

  9. And yes, I love it. Didn't know you already had it posted. The wallpaper on the ceiling is my favorite part! So pretty!!

  10. Hanging the wallpaper was not hard at all. It really was easy because I cut it into 30" lengths at the grid marks. You cannot see the joints because of the pattern. I was dreading it, until I decided upon this "method"! Just make sure you size your wall or ceiling before you paper, then the paper slides around easily into place.

  11. It's BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the ceiling and the molding! I love it all. You must be so delighted with how it all came together. The wispy curtains are are such a nice airy touch. I really like the way the dark curtain rod picks up the dark on the little chandy. It's crazy pretty now!


  12. Oh Amy...I LOVE IT! The ceiling just makes it wonderful! Clever idea and seems so easy to do! Of course, my neck is always bothering me so maybe not, but in theory it seems a perfect way to make a faux tin ceiling. I love the mombasa mosquito net for window treatment!~Hugs, Patti

  13. I LOVE your washroom!! I used some smaller scale ceiling textured wallpaper in a bedroom and my breakfast nook and love it but THIS is gorgeous!!

    I panicked the first time I used it as I was using long sheets clear across the width of the room. Can you tell how small of sections you used? Duh- why hadn't I thought of that! I might just have to try and find some of the for the front guest room I am working on now!!

    This is just beautiful! would you mind me sharing a picture or 2 and link on my blog?

    bee blessed

  14. Amy!!!! It looks so awesome! I love it, what a transformation! Love the cabinets, the ceiling, all of it!

  15. It turned out wonderful! LOVE that ceiling wallpaper!!

  16. Very lovely Amy!! I too prefer painted cabinets over wood!

  17. I can't believe what a great deal the chandelier was! And mosquito netting?? Genius.

  18. I love how it turned out. I really love the ceiling. And I especially like the curtains. That molding transformed the cabinets. A great makeover!

  19. Amy, Just so beautiful. Ethereal! I love the ceiling! This is such an inspiration! My washroom could use a good coat of paint and a dose of style!
    Thanks for inspiring me!

  20. It's just wonderful! I love the cabinet color. I too have dated cabinets that color and am dying to take a paintbrush to them, but so far not everyone in the family agrees on the painted look. Maybe someday. Everything in your space is just perfect though.

  21. Amy, OM Goodness! This washroom is absolutely fabulous!! The ceiling and moulding make this room. I love the paint treatment on the cabinets too. Beautiful!
    ps: I hope you will share this at my party starting Wednesday night.

  22. The transformation is A-Mazing!!! The colors, lighting, ceiling, and especially the moulding.....oh la la!!!!

  23. FABULOUS!!!!!!....You must have had a great time hanging the wallpaper on the ceiling...lol...it is all so beautiful!!!
    xo Mariaelena

  24. Truly beautiful! Love it.
    Happy spring.


  25. I found you on Kim's blog and I am so glad I did!
    I am your newest follower! LOvely blog!


  26. Amy,

    It turned out beautifully! LOVING that ceiling! Must visit your wallpaper source.


  27. That really is beautiful! The ceiling looks amazing and I love the soft blue you painted your cabinets. A gorgeous makeover.

  28. Incredible transformation. I love the ceiling and the blue panels!!! Did you do a wash over the blue paint? ~~sherry~~

  29. Wow!! Totally fabulous!! Love the blue panels...it's just amazing!!!

  30. Awe - what a sweet ceiling! loving what you are doing in this room! xoox, Tracie

  31. WOW! I'm coming to YOUR house to do my laundry haha! It looks amazing! Great job! Love the ceiling and thanks for the info on the little chandelier - I've been looking for one that size and what a great price that one is! :)

  32. Great bathroom. I am in the middle of doing my guest bathroom. I have a washer and dryer in there too, although they are hidden behind doors. It looks a mess right now as I've taken down a border print and the ugly wood and glass medicine cabinet. Thinking about getting rid of the doors to the laundry area and putting up curtains instead. Nervous!!

  33. what a transformation, you did incredible work!

  34. Interesting how all parts come together giving it an inviting old-world feel. Love the blue..what shade is it?

  35. Hi elmwood! The blue color is Ben Moore heaven on earth, lightened up with a bit of water....

  36. The ceiling and cabinets are fantastic! Well done, Amy!

  37. So bathrooms can be sweet! Great job.

  38. How did I miss this ? It looks wonderful ! Love it !

  39. Amy, the cream and blue are just the perfect touch. That is exactly what I was talking about even though I couldn't find exactly the right pictures. The ceiling is fabulous too and I agree, the floaty curtains are perfect. This should make doing laundry a little more pleasurable!

  40. I absolutely love it! Everything! Tell me more about the Elmer's Glue for crackling. :)

  41. Oh my goodness. What a huge difference! That ceiling "tile" paper was the best. I really thought it was the real thing til you said it was wallpaper. Brilliant! Susan

  42. Amy, that ceiling is amazing. I can't believe that is wallpaper. Great job on the whole transformation. Thanks for joining WUW.

  43. Amy,
    WOW....this makeover is sooooo PRETTY...love all your ideas!!!


  44. Hi Amy! I love it! Oh, this is just the most romantic looking wash room I've ever seen! Love the soft colors and everything you've done. The little chandy just puts the finishing touch on it.
    Great job.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  45. What an AMAZING transformation... you knocked this one out of the park. I absolutely love the finish you did on the cabinetry and moulding. And how fabulous is that ceiling wallpaper?!! Everything works beautifully together. Well done, sister. :)

  46. Wow...so happy I stopped by...this looks beautiful!

  47. Hi Amy...

    My friend, your bath/laundry turned out frenchy FABULOUS!!! I love all the details that you added...the new french blue cabinets...that gorgeous moulding...and the wallpapered ceiling is beautiful! A stunning and extrodinary transformation, my friend! I just love the soft feel of your new room...you did GOOD!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  48. Your laundry is stunning! The Lowe's light fixture looks very high end - not like Lowes at all.

  49. Love it! Amazing how 'off' the sink & counter look with the new paint job & decor. I'll get to mine someday....low on the priority list right now as we have the whole house to do! Nice to find your site! Enjoy!

  50. I love to see the transformations. Thanks so much for sharing. What a wonderful job!

  51. I have been impressed with your talent since I first "met" you but now I am officially Super Impressed! This is the most beautiful laundry/powder bath combo I've ever seen! Love your attention to detail. The crown molding, the ceiling, the paint treatment and the airy curtains! Oh, and can't forget that precious chandelier! 65$? Where can I put one?

  52. Dear Amy,

    What a lovely room! Well done and I would love doing laundry if that were mine.

    Loved the before and after shots.

    Janet xox

  53. Hi Amy, I can't believe I missed this post!! Your laundry/washroom makeover is just amazing! I love it all.. and I love the colours you picked. Thanks for sharing where you purchased the wallpaper from, I absoludtely love it.. I am thinking where I could use some.. lol! That moulding just added to the look and can't believe it's made from styrofoam. What a pretty space you have created and looking forward to your 'mancave' makeover! take care, Maryann

  54. Wow! What a transformation! You did a great job!!

  55. Love the transformation! It all came together with your fantastic eye and way with design.

  56. Love it! Where do you find styrofoam molding? Everything turned out gorgeous!

  57. LOVE it.. Its very French Country to me.. and now I would love to do the ceiling wallpaper !!

  58. Wow! I just found your blog and am really impressed with what you did with your washroom. And i am glad you said that sometimes projects look worse before they look better. I just painted my girls' bed and had a few moments of "omg what have I done?" But they turned out well in the end.'


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