Friday, March 4, 2011

Sunshine and pom poms

 Happy to report the sun is brightly shining in Boston this morning.
Hubby's excavator waits patiently outside for spring. 
Imagine a french door right where that window is...
that is my spring time plan anyway.
And I'm still waiting for my frenchy wallpaper to do my cabinet interior.
I did pick up a paint brush and paint my first painting since 5th grade.....
Getting through this long winter seems harder this year.

I've got gardens and trellises on the brain.
I whipped up a little curtain for the powder room in my shabby chic fabric.

Edged it all in happy little cotton balls....pom pom fringe to be exact!
A sweet rosette
This is a glimpse of another makeover project. Paint and beadboard are involved and I'll be sharing that as soon as I finish it.
On another note Blogger has been acting very weird with running lots of blog posts with signatures instead of images, or no images at all on blog rolls....have you noticed? It is driving me crazy and I wish Blogger would fix this issue. I love looking at the little thumbnails on my sidebar and instead there is only text for the most part. 
For now, I am enjoying the sunshine and waiting for spring and the mailman!
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  1. I have noticed the lack of the thumbs and it's very annoying! I need the eye candy too!
    Love the curtain, the poms are a perfect touch!

  2. Your curtain is so pretty! I love that fabric. The pom poms are perfect. I'm so ready for Spring too.

  3. I'm a sucker for ball fringe. Happy spring!

  4. Very pretty, Amy! You pull off floral beautifully, my dear! Thanks for linking to my party.

  5. That curly iron bench at the table is precious and I love your new valance with the fluffy pom-poms.

  6. Hi Amy~ Love that delightful bench at your table and YES~ A French door will be perfect!! We are going to be replacing the french door that was damaged by the pergola in the next couple days- I am looking forward to having some sunshine and light streaming in again! Your new little pom-pom curtain is so sweet too- I highlighted your tablecloth curtains from last week at the party this week- they are darling! :)

  7. Oh- and yes- I have noticed the thumbnail issue- I thought everyone was deciding to use their signatures for some reason instead of a picture!! I have seen other bloggers chatting about it too- Debra at Common Ground just did a post and got a bunch of feedback about why people think it is happening- but apparently it isn't fixed yet- yours shows up as a signature on my blog roll too. Hope everything is back to normal soon!

  8. Your so talented Amy! I love the little pom-poms. And I'm glad your sun is finally shinning through ;)
    And yes, weird with the blogger issue... I noticed it too- missed looking at a lot of posts because I look for the photos!

  9. The curtain is awesome!!! I know the french doors are going to look can just tell!!!! Hope you keep inspired to paint!!!

  10. love it,turned out beautiful. I found you at My Romantic Home, I have a party on Wednesday and would love it you would participate.

    Thanks Tammy

  11. Hello Amy,
    I came from Kathy @ A Delightsome Life. She showed your blog and I am enthralled with your new curtains. This pom pom fringe is too cute. Reminds me when Laury Ashley startet her business in Germany ages before. I collected her catalogues. Alas the company changed a lot and decided to close the Frankfurt branch. But I love this romantic style. And with your french door it will look gorgeous.
    I realized that the sidebar links miss some photos but didn't know that it is by mistake. I think they will fix it somedays.
    Amy, I am going to be a new follower. I enjoyed my romantic trip to your blog very much.
    Greetings, Johanna

  12. Great minds think alike - with the pom pom posts! Love your new curtain for your powder room. It is beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the french door!

  13. Love the pom poms on the curtains. French doors will be fantastic. I wish I could put some in off my front bedroom ...but no...not allowed in my historic neighborhood...but it would be so great to walk right out to my front patio. Can't wait to see the new thing you are working on.

  14. Love the pompom fringe! The French door plan sounds divine. Best wishes for a less-stress renovation...I don't think stress-free is possible!

  15. A french door will be perfect in place of the window! Adorable window treatment! I love pom-pom fringe!

  16. So you just Whipped together that Fabulous valance! It's beautiful! And, you painted? Cool! How was the painting experience?
    and,.. i wondered why your little blog thumbnail thingy wasn't showing photos, i haven't had the same problem that i know of...


  17. Dearest Amy,

    Kathy guided us all over here and now I'm following you. You've been very industrious creating such lovely window treatment. Hope the sun is out soon for you as well and we all can embrace the spring. It seems to take longer each year...

    Have a great weekend and lots of love,


  18. Hello...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is just lovely...these window treatments are incredible. Ball fringe is really fun isn't it? I can't wait to get a minute to explore your blog. Hopefully this weekend. Have a good one! ~Ann

  19. Wow the pom pom curtains are beautiful! I bet you are excited about the french doors! And I am curious about the other project with bead board you will be revealing?? I have to say I love your drawings my ranch home is just so plain on the outside......... maybe this summer I can get the pool patio area cute enough for a picture! You are very very talented!

  20. OMG I am having the same problem with blogger too and I thought it was just my blog!!! It's driving me crazy because I can't tell if someone has posted something new!!
    I love your curtain with the pom poms lovely!!

    The french doors will be beautiful there!

    Happy Friday!

    Pamela ox

  21. I love pom pom trim, almost as much as I love polka dots :) Those pillows are just so pretty in that soft lovely floral and I love how you've tied your sheers - I don't like how I've tied mine, I might have to try your method! My sheers are temporary but I need to 'like' them while they're here!

    I'm having a hard time getting through this winter too - it's just seeming so harsh even in the last few days - frigid and harsh. I'll take rain even at this point, that brittle ice is getting on my nerves! But we're supposed to have a 40's day tomorrow and 50's Sunday so I'm excited about that :)

  22. Oh girl, I love how you just "whipped it up." That made me chuckle. You make it sound so easy. sigh.. I guess you just don't have any idea how challenging something like that would be for someone like me. If I lived by you, I'd just come over one day and say, "hey, let's whip me up some curtains!" lol This really is gorgeous. The pom poms and rosette take it to a whole new level. The french door will be lovely there!

  23. What absolutely gorgeous pics! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I am a follower now.

  24. I love the pom poms on the curtains!
    SO cute!!!

  25. hi Amy!
    love that first photo with your excavator out the window... too funny and I can so relate! what a perfect place for a french door. we added several to the farmhouse and I'm so glad we did- we love them!


    p.s. sorry about the donated frame:(

  26. Hi Amy, A french door will be wonderful looking out to your garden. The new valance you made is beautiful and I love the fabric. Take care.

  27. Check your RSS feeds button at the top of your screen. I was having the same problem with the blog views and adjusted that setting and now it's just fine. Love your curtain! Beautiful.

  28. Super sweet!! I wish I could just "whip-up" one of those!


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