Thursday, June 7, 2012

French Poem Wall Stencil~

I decided to use the French Poem stencil I purchased from
 Royal Design Studio over the mirrors
behind my shop cash station~here is how I did it.
I have never done a big stencil like this, and I decided to just give it a go~
and I will say it is not that hard to do~don't be a perfectionist!!
If you see a paint blob seep through after you peel off your stencil, 
take a damp cloth and erase it...other than two of those, I had no issues.
 I laid out some craft paper to protect the floors from 
over spray as the best way to handle
a large stencil like this is to use repositionable Tacky Spray. 
 This stencil is a two part stencil
and each stencil is over 3 feet.
 You can get this spray at your local craft store and 
it worked great to hold the stencil in place.
 I also used a few pieces of blue tape as the pieces needed 
to be lined up and the tape acted as a second pair of hands
 when I was up the ladder with this big wiggling piece of plastic.
 Here is the blank wall behind the cash station~although I don't
 have much cash as everyone uses credit cards!
I wanted to use a taupey color to repeat the colors of the draperies
on display and the french linen paint color on the cabinet.
I also wanted the colors to fade in and out so I used two colors,
a mix of French Linen and Old White as the main color. You can use one 
color or add a couple of colors as you create the right combo for your room.
 I squirted them both in a small paint tray and rolled my
 foam roller through it, and made sure I off loaded
most of it before I began stenciling.
 I wanted areas to fade in and out like an old love letter~
 After the first piece is stenciled you follow the marks 
on the second stencil so it is a continuous sentence.
 Just roll away~this way and that~see how 
the paint on the roller is light and dark?
 I kind of hate heights, so I was glad I 
could hold onto the wall as I worked it~
 I would have to work around the lovely EXIT sign 
and my security motion detector~
so I saved those for last, fearing I might bend the stencil 
beyond repair~but in the end
you can kind of curl it so it doesn't crease 
and fit the stencil in the odd gaps.
 The finished wall~I like it! Its soft and subtle and kind of cool~
 The longer view~even more subtle, 
but much nicer than a blank wall.
I plan to use the stencil again on a table top 
or the back of the church pew bench.
Springtime in Paris~that is the name of the poem~
just right for Maison Decor!
You can find this in our shop for purchase
or go online to
And a postscript about my pretty chair~
I have decided to keep them~! I think that I must test
out how the chalk paint wears before I feel comfortable selling them~
and this way I can give updates on how it wears.
I will have one waxed and the other au natural
and shall see what the verdict is!
Then I can speak with authority! forward.....
Post Script: We have been using these chairs for over a year now
 in our home on a daily basis and there is not one bit of wear! 
I highly recommend this method!

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