Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My first Annie Sloan™ Workshop!

I hosted my first painting workshop at Maison Decor! 
The class was Introductory Techniques for Chalk Paint™ decorative paint 
created by the one and only~Annie Sloan!
That's me looking over Betsy Speert's shoulder 
and making sure she is doing things
properly....if you know Betsy then you know
 I had to keep an eye on her!
She writes Betsy Speert's Blog which is loaded 
with first rate decorating information and a heavy dose of humor.
Although I was busy teaching I was lucky to have my son Colin
assisting with the needful and taking a few photos as well~
 The workshop was set up with each attendant getting a selection 
of  wood moldings to paint with different
techniques, as well as a piece of the plastic faux tin tile used 
for ceilings and back splashes.  A folder held a 
summary of each technique for future reference. 
 The workshop was really fun, it lasted 4 hours and the ladies
 were quite absorbed in making their sample boards.
 We took a lunch break~I never 
took any pics of the buffet station,
 but I think Betsy Speert might have~
many of the paint techniques have two or more steps,
 so the lunch break is the perfect time for  the base coats to dry.
 Back at it again~look at my busy beavers!! 
 I had 4 Annie Sloan™ virgins and 3 with Chalk Paint™ experience!
 It was a first for Betsy and if she said it once she said it a million times,
 "I think my board is the BEST!!!!" yada yada yada..
.luckily most of the girls have seen glimpses of Betsy's humor 
on my blog, with the exception of poor Marilyn at the other end of the table....
You can see a sample next to Judy in the floral shirt...its the tin tile~
How cool is this?  
Create a verdigris look with Duck Egg blue 
to those metallic ceiling tiles and make it your own~
also gorgeous in Old White.
Paint it on, dry and then rub some off...
finish with waxes to create more patina and to seal.
I will be having my next class on June 24th~
bring a small piece of furniture to the class
and you will get proper instruction on paint and wax 
application, as well as learn some decorative techniques.
Call the store for more details or click on my store link.
 Terry is holding a paint brush loaded with Emperor's Silk~
a shocking candy apple red! We were going to use dark wax 
directly onto the red to create a leather look, which seemed 
to be a favorite with the class. Bridget, seated to my left, 
is the owner of Rustique, the shop in New Hampshire 
where I buy a lot of my home furnishings with that frenchy flavor!
 She also writes a blog called the Rehab Boutique!
 At the end of the class many students buy Chalk Paint™ supplies~
Betsy bought oodles of the paint and waxes~I was so happy 
she likes the paint and wants to use it in her furniture restorations!  
She has high standards~and this being the first time she 
experienced the joys of Chalk Paint™~well,  apparently it won her over!! 
That and my wonderful teaching skills of course! 
Colin posed dutifully~he likes Betsy a lot!~
 I grabbed a quick blurry shot of them too...
 At the end of the day I felt wonderfully tired~
kind of like Mr. Dillon here.  
I had the next day off and planned to luxuriate in my down time....
 And here I am the next day...yes this is what my lovely
 dining room looks like lately...a pile of papers, bills, my laptop...
its command central when I am not at 50 Summer Street!
Betsy called me to tell me she thought I did a great job at the workshop.
I really appreciate her support with my store and her friendship has been one of
the many blessings from my blog~thanks again Betsy!! 
My day off Monday included checking in on my Facebook, 
while checking my iPhone messages, while wolfing down 
a sandwich, so I could get out to the yard and do
 some gardening...its called REAL LIFE,
 its not perfect~but its Grand!



  1. Oh Amy...it looks like everyone had a grand time...would have loved to be a fly on the wall for Betsy's comments all day. she is such a hoot!

    I feel your dining room pain...you should see mine...at least I think it is still there...hard to tell with all the paint cans..brushes and CHALK PAINT™ stuff!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    PS...looking forward to reading Betsy's take on the day ;->

  2. It made me laugh when i read that you had to keep an eye on Betsy,oh how i wish i could have been there as i bet a lot of your readers do too!
    I LOVE the tole light above Betsy's head in the picture where she is taking a picture of Colin,he is so good looking and always smiling.
    Amy i love your wire bench in your dining room,looks such a perfect place to sit and blog,text and snack.

  3. It looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun! Wish I lived closer, just to visit your store.

  4. Amy, you're just growing in leaps and bounds now! I'm ever so happy for you!

  5. Looks like so much fun and yet work, too. You are getting so dang thin, girl.

  6. Oooooh! Your workshop looked so fun. Congratulations on your new venture, a shop of your own, it is looking quite fabulous!!!

    ~ Violet

  7. Amy- Congrats on your new shop, it looks like a place I would like to sit and read. You have worked your tushy off, and it shows, with all of your beautiful things. Blessings Paula

  8. I so wish I could have been there, it looks like so much fun, I love the tin ceiling tiles with the duck egg blue! Your son is fantasic for being there by your side!

  9. What joy you have in what you do ... and share! Thanks so much for taking us on this journey with you.

  10. Amy.....didn't you hear the news? perfect is highly over-rated.


    LOVE that you held your first class. I'm really enjoying seeing your journey unfold. Shop is looking fantastic!

  11. Hey!!!!
    I don't think you mentioned me enough!!!!!
    p.s. Your "homemade" chicken salad was delicious!

  12. Great post! I totally laughed at Betsy's antics, and ummmm, i noticed her comment too, smile.
    Looks like you did a wonderful job with the workshop, and the shop looks so pretty. I really love the soft lavender on the walls...
    it's fun seeing you at your dining table up to your elbows in all kinds of things! and... As usual, Dillon has the sweetest face in the world...


  13. How fun! The shop looks amazing and love the positive, beautiful energy just radiating off the page.....fabulous Amy! You should be really really proud.

  14. That class looks like so much fun--and lunch too! What a great fun day.

  15. What a fun class, wish I lived near you. I love Annie Sloan chalk paint. Sorry it's taken me awhile to get back to you about the Paris stamped cups on the birdcage. It's a Stazon black ink but on the porcelain it will wash off in time unless you put a sealer on it. I didn't and will probably stamp again. Have a great week.


  16. What fun, Amy!!! I want to go to your next class! I'll pack my piece of furniture and will be the first one at your door. lol! Hopefully the local dealer here in West MI (an hour's drive away) will be having a class this summer that I can go to.

    It was fun seeing you at home, too. :) What a beautiful place to do some work!

    xoxo laurie

  17. Your life looks just like mine...Congrats on your workshop. Chalk paint is awesome.

  18. And part of your Monday off was trying to facitate a meeting with my sister. I wish I could take one of your classes - they look informative and fun. Again - thank you sooo much for your willingness to help hook me up with some of that lovely chalk paint.
    Keep up the good work and I will continue to look to you (and Betsy) for inspiration.
    Debbie G.

  19. It has just been a short time ago that you moved into store and began the reno and now your very first workshop was held....You have worked wonders in that time and the shop looks gorgeous...I knew you all would have such grand time at the workshop...I love the metal tiles...so I will definitely have to experiment with that....So great that Betsy helped kick of your first workshop...how wonderful that the two of you have become such great friends..!!

  20. Amy, what a fun class! Looks like the ladies had a great time - how can you not with chalk paint, right? I LOVE the painted tin. I think you may have given me an idea for my bathroom.

  21. Hi Amy - looks like you had a success on your hands! Congratulations!! One of these days I will get to your store. Let me know when you do an advanced class...I am well versed in ASCP - but I would love to do some advanced techniques.

    I am going to be teaching some faux finishing classes at my home studio. I will be limiting the class to 2 people, so it will be a very personalized class. I'll start off with a Faux Fininishing 101 (a 4 hour class) and then a Part 2 - another 4 hour class. Students will learn how to do really professional finishes (correct ways to glaze/antique a wall) - marbling, strie, linen and parchment, leather plus colorwashing and color blending.

    Let me know what you think of this.

    Thanks for commenting on my latest project!


    PS - Betsy is such a character! Would love to get to know her!

  22. Would have loved to be there and play with you guys, and meet Betsy! She's a riot!

    Your shop looks like it's chockfull of wonderful treasures. You did so much in so little time!

  23. What a fun day with some wonderful ladies! I haven't worked with the chalk paint in a few months, you are making me miss it :) So glad to catch up with you, I'm on my way to look back at what I have missed :)

  24. You did a great job teaching the class, you're a natural! Betsy made the day very entertaining as well!

  25. Looks like it was a big success!!!! Plus it looks like it was great fun. Wish I'd been there.

  26. Thanks to you Amy I have discovered the wonderful Annie Sloan chalk paint. Thank you! your class looks fun I wish Manchester wasn't so far away.

  27. Hi Amy~~ It looks like a fun time had by all. YOu are obviously enjoying your shop and I am so happy for you. BTW~ Doing the diet...working well. Thanks for all the info. I may need to send you an email and ask a couple of questions:)
    Have a wonderful night

  28. Your store looks beautiful Anne! :)

    Dillon reminds me of our dog Albert, sleeping all day! haha


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