Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dreaming of a Pink Sofa~and the workshop I had today

 The other night I dreamt that my sofa was to be pink~
often that is when I find these dreamy ideas are the right ones.
Do you ever dream up ideas that seem to be so right
you can't believe you couldn't think of them when awake?
Well the green sofa turned into Antoinette Pink
and it certainly fits the store better~
 I was here bright and early setting up for my Drab to Fab workshop~
 Paint samples are set out so the ladies can decide
what color they want to paint their drab pieces!
 Here they are finishing up~a happy crew.
One poor lady called in sick and
will come for the July workshop instead.
 I have the workshops on Sunday when I am closed...
and I hang this sign in the door.
 Sue worked on her hubby's childhood rocker in Paris Grey~

 Debbie did a graphic transfer on a small vanity bench. 
I wished I took more in the middle of it all photos, 
but I was too busy being a teacher, and not
 a good blogger~so here are the finished pieces.
 Sues's vintage child rocker in Paris Grey~
 Jackie's jewelry box in Antoinette all shabbied up!
A mod little Antibes table decoupaged with fishies by Kate~
And Debbies vanity and bench in Coco~
If you are in my area and want to try a workshop, 
check the shop link on the blog for details.
I'll be doing a "Ladies Night at the Auction" soon!
 Would you like to go to learn how to bid at an auction,
 what to look for, when to bid and when to keep your
 paddle in your lap, and ultimately and go home with a treasure?
 Lots of fun "workshops" will be coming soon~
and they aren't all about painting.
While my workshop was great,
 my big fun of the day is happening right this very moment! 
I'll share that soon!!



  1. Hi Amy,
    If I lived nearby you can bet that I would be there for your fun workshop. The ladies all did a great job on their projects.

    I love the sofa in the pink....much prettier for your shop.


  2. Love,love, love the pink sofa. It's the perfect shade! Your workshop looks fun too...wish I lived close.

  3. Hi Amy...

    You know, I had wondered why you didn't do that sofa in Pink the first time I saw it! LOL!! looks so nice. I'm glad you paid attention to that dream. Great job.

    Jan ♥

  4. That sofa is amazing and will be gorgeous no matter what color it ends up being!

  5. I agree that the sofa looks better in pink. You have such soft feminine colors in your shop and it fits right in now. Looks like you had another successful workshop. I bet it was fun. Can't wait to hear what you're doing today!

  6. I really love the sofa in pink instead of the green! It sooooo romantic!

  7. Yes, it does look like it fits more with your store now, I love the pink and what a great dream you had!
    Wish I lived alot closer I'd certainly be there at one or all of your workshops!

  8. Amy,
    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your sofa pink :-)
    What a fun class.They all did a great job!

  9. Yes, that sofa needed to be fits much better with your things. Lots of different are becoming the local Martha Stewart. How fun!

  10. Oh, Amy! LUV LUV LUV that sofa in pink!!!! Just perfect! So sweet and feminine and French! How I wish that your shop was in MI, girl. I'd be at every one of your workshops! :) Keep up the great work!

    xoxo laurie

  11. LOVE the sofa!!!!!! How did you change it so fast????You're just amazing!!!! I'd be at all your workshops too if I lived closer!!!((((((((Amy))))))) Love,Deb Knight

  12. Pink indeed...PERFECT!

    Looks like you are having so much fun in your workshops Amy. Looking forward to hearing about the big secret?????

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  13. Oh please do paint the sofa pink! I too think it'd be a prettier color for your store.

  14. Amy - just had a thought. Looking at your pink sofa shot, and thinking about your previous post with the problems with being able to see the window art/lettering against the curtain swags (when you look in from the street view).

    What if you left the swags that hang down the outsides, but you connected the ones in the middle (connected crown to crown with one swag - one that dips a little bit but doesn't hang down into the lettering)?

    Just an idle thought from a lurker. :-)

  15. I love your sofa!!! (don't think I would let anyone paint so close to it though!) If I was in your area I would love to attend a workshop - I have my cousin's baby rocker. I think my favorite painted project is the vanity table and bench - just beautiful!

  16. OMG! Look at that sofa! It is beautiful in Antoinette, Amy. That was definitely meant to be. I have to tell you I don't really care for that Antibes green myself. I sometimes think you get some great ideas or solutions when you are falling asleep because your mind is clearer; not thinking about as much as during the day as you are trying to get things done. I love the variety of pieces that people did! I'm trying Coco next and just tried Provence yesterday on a frame.

  17. Amy....I LOVE the change you made to the sofa...a beautiful soft look....don't you just love those dreams with "epiphanies" ?! Looks like the lovely ladies had a great time and came home with gorgeous transformations..I love that concept of your workshop!
    I noticed that they are all wearing the same aprons...are they your aprons?...and do you sell them?....

  18. I love the couch I like the softness.

    Everyone looks like they had a great time.


  19. Love pink sofa, it looked good before, but now it is gorgeous!!! Does this wear well? Rub off, did you wax the paint?

  20. Oh the sofa pink!
    I'm so happy that your workshops are taking off, Amy!
    Are you getting any rest?

  21. Oooh, I love the pink couch. Looks perfect! The workshop looked like so much fun. Love all the different projects. Your auction workshop sounds like fun. x

  22. Pink is one of my favorite colors - do I agree with the pink decision!

    Looks like you had a great class. Congrats! Would love to come and take a class with you. Love your idea of the Auction class. Brilliant!


  23. amy-the sofa looks fabulous & the class looks like a lot of fun! some great projects. best of luck with your gorgeous new shop! :) chris

  24. Oh Yeah... much better pink. It totally goes with the shop colors better, much softer... plus... i really like that sofa, i think it's cool as anything. I have to say i'm curious how the whole painting the upholstery thing is working, because i have a couple of chairs i'd like to try it on...
    Looks like you rule on the Annie Sloan workshops, loved seeing the ladies projects...


  25. This looks like so much fun! I especially love Debbie's little bench!

    Have a lovely day!


  26. I am so jealous of your workshops--they look like so much fun! I am not a fan of green--but I love the couch pink. It looks perfect now. The pink covered the green beautifully! Did it take several coats?

  27. I wish I lived closer so I could go to a workshop. I've never used Annie Sloan Paint before. The class looks amazing!


  28. Oh I love that pink sofa so much more in your shop! Definitely fits you and the shop better.

    I almost choked on my coffee at the dream part you just wrote. "...often that is when I find these dreamy ideas are the right ones. Do you ever dream up ideas that seem to be so right you can't believe you couldn't think of them when awake?"

    I swear, I just typed nearly the same thing in a post that I'm typing about my fabric line right now! I had a little dream last night too. So the answer to your question is YES!

    The Sunday workshops look like so much fun.


  29. Ashley, on of my followers on The Muse, has a blog called 'ideas at midnight'. i guess we're not the only ones Amy.

    love the sofa pink and GREAT workshop!

  30. I would drive the 200 miles for a workshop if you can guarantee that Betsy Speert would be there to provide a running commentary.

  31. I dream of ideas too. Then I wake up and think can I do this for real. I was doing this when I was napping today. I'm giving my husband a birthday party Mid July and I'm making paper runners and thinking about how I was decorating them..etc.

    I like the pink couch much better than the green. That green needs to be used on something different. I liked the table that was painted that green.

    Anyways, I'm glad things continue to go well for you and your shop.


  32. Looks like they all had fun! Love the sofa in Antoinette!


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