Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pink and Green Lilly Table and more~

 A pretty frenchy table got a paint job in Antoinette and 
Versailles Chalk Paint™. These pieces are so fun to paint 
because they have so many details, and they come
 out so great when you highlight them~
 The before in a basic white paint job~
 Looks kind of funky~but just you wait!! I painted the doors 
and the drawer Versailles and the rest of it in 
Antoinette with a bit of Coco for accents~
 Then I drybrushed the Versailles with the 
Antoinette for a soft fairy tale look~
 Waiting for a new owner to come take her home~
just $55 takes her away~!
 I also worked on my chandelier that I bought at auction...
it was missing a few ceramic chandelier rose drops.  
You can find just about anything you need 
online now! I found these in pink on Etsy.
 Made for chandeliers, with little holes, these are
 vintage chandelier parts I bought from a woman in England~
I paid $40 for 6 roses, but to me it is worth 
it to have the chandy complete! 
 Each chandelier bobeche is hand decorated with pink and blue roses 
so when I found the pink drops to mix in with the blue drops I was very happy!

 Sorry for the flash~it makes it look a bit harsh, but I 
wanted to make sure you could see how wonderful the roses look 
hanging daintily from the old chandelier..I have a new online store
 that I am getting my Maison Decor retail store items loaded into, 
and you can find it on my sidebar when you click the pic of the Mora clock.  
I will announce it formally later on...but is looking pretty good already...
the last attempt at an online store was not so successful, 
as the company I  used was hard for me to figure out.
 My client's hope chest is all done and is curing...
and will be picked up at Sunday's workshop. It looks so pretty
 and I have many compliments on the piece. The second workshop
 is a sell out too! Happy to say~I will be instructing 7 women again 
on how to paint and wax a piece they bring from home. 
More classes as added will be found under the store link 
also located at the top of my sidebar.
 I hit an auction Saturday and scored this gorgeous heavy silver plate tray...
I thought it was coming to the store...
but somehow it ended up in my dining room!!!
 The blue opaline looks might pretty on it....
Another project I worked on during my Sunday/Monday 
off was some minature plants and tiny fairy style arbors...
I have a couple I worked on and will show you later on~
I hope you are all tapping into your creative sides and
 painting, sewing, cooking, planting or something!!!! 



  1. Fifty Five dollars for that adorable little side table!!! Somebody is going to get an amazing deal!! There is so much going on here, i don't even know where to start... You have an online store?, will you continue with Etsy? The hope chest is beautiful, and the chandy's. And, i just love the little fairy planter... i would go nuts in your shop!


  2. Amy you can never have enough Antoinette treasures in your home. This is incredibly beautiful especially with the Versailles in the mix. Where do you find such beautiful reclaimed furniture? I think I will be taking a trip to my local charity warehouse. Watch this space Antoinette will be back!! :)

  3. Amy such lovely pieces and the colors are so soft and subtle on the cabinet. Adore! the chandeliers!! I am so excited about all the great things happening in your shop!

    Art by Karena
    Artists Series 2012

  4. Amy the chest is GORGEOUS!!! I bet someones going to snap that up fast! The store is looking so gorgeous, I still cannot get over the transformation in such a very short time, amazing Amy!!
    LOVE your silver tray, you know me and my penchant for silver, never can get enough. Thanks for sharing.....so much pretty here!

  5. What great makeovers! I know you are having so much fun with your own shop! Make sure you get enough rest!!Then again, you need to keep working!! balance...balance!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  6. Amy that chest is beautiful and $55??? seriously your prices are so great!...the chandy looks fabulous with its pink and blue roses hanging and woah! the tiny fairy planter is pretty!
    The silver tray looks stunning with your opaline and it so belongs in your beautiful house.
    ps my mum LOVED the house and is going to put in an offer :) x

  7. Great stuff, Amy! I love that little side table and that is a very good price. I'm sure it will be snapped up quickly. Love the plant with the little gazebo/arbor. The tray looks great with your blue glasses.

  8. Amy, I love that little table. It is so sweet. I love the Antoinette and the Versaille together. I haven't used the Versaille yet, but is looks so pretty paired with the pink. I also love the hope chest. It is gorgeous!

  9. Looks like you're staying very busy these days. Love all your pics from the store. I especially love that little plant in the last pic!

  10. Lots of pretty stuff here. So glad to hear your next seminar is a sell out. What I really love is that plant with the miniature gazebo on it. That is darling! I would have kept that silver tray too.

  11. I would love to take a class. You have a successful thing going there, Amy. I'm wondering how you keep from taking more home than that pretty silver platter? I would be afraid I would take too much home and it wouldn't come back! I would love to watch you in action.

  12. That little side table is really cute--good job on the colors. The price is great!

  13. Hi Amy,
    I am with Cindy. I would go nuts in your store too! Your customer is getting a fabulous deal on that pretty little table. I love the colors and the technique that you used.

    Your shop is looking fabulous. You are on a roll for sure.


  14. 55 bucks.................you're crazy!!! but I like you that way. :)

  15. Wow- What a great piece! What a good price for it, too! Someone will whisk that baby away before your paint brush is dry. If I lived closer it would be Me! xo Diana

  16. I would love to stroll through your store, if I lived closer. Great colors, and price on the table.

  17. My daughter would love the dresser...they are her sorority's colors! Too cute.

  18. I love this table it is fantastic and the chandeliers just awesome. It is a good thing I am not close or I would be broke from going to your store. Love it!!


  19. Oooh, Antoinette and Versailles make a lovely combo! I recently bought some Versailles and I'm dying to use it. Such a soft, lovely colour. And I personally think that $55 is not expensive enough. Lady, it would be a bargain at twice the price!

    I love how you manage to restore that chandelier. Gorgeous!

    I think keeping some of the inventory for myself would be one of the dangers of owning my own store, lol!

    And lastly, I love that last pic! Beautiful urn.

  20. Absolutely stunning Amy! I've been too busy to come over in a while, and I am AMAZED at how much you've accomplished. Not that I didn't think you could - you are a wonder woman!


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