Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walking down Summer Street~

 This is the view on Summer Street now~
 With the new sign hanging up and all the windows lettered~
 Its as pretty as I had hoped it would be!
 Who wouldn't want to go in this shop?
 After the window lettering went up, we needed to 
adjust the draperies as they blocked out the lettering.
Here it is with the new projecting sign, 
and you can see that the ivory
 swags block out the lettering to some degree~
 So up the ladder I went and after 
a few stabs at something different, 
Colin and I decided to take down the fabric~
Colin thought the chandeliers would look nice in each of the windows~
and I agreed...they were lost hanging in the back of the shop.
 So up they went~Colin hung them at just the right height.
 Its delicious and frenchy and very cottagey!
We are very happy at Maison Decor, the sales are doing really well, 
and it is a pleasure just walking through these doors!
 The customers love the shop, and so do we! 
I hope you will get a chance to visit someday and 
we can talk about decorating and all 
that good stuff! I never get tired of that~



  1. Amy,
    WOW what a beautiful window display!Love that sign too.Very inviting.Wish I could come maybe someday.

  2. Love the chandeliers in the window! But they looked pretty darn good just sitting on the pink sofa too. It has finally all come together, hasn't it? What a pretty spot to spend your day. I'm so glad you have good food across the street too. I'm hoping you are the start of a big change in that neighborhood. Wouldn't it be great if other pretty little establishments would pop up around you?

  3. love your new signage!
    Super cute street appeal

  4. Your new sign looks great! I know you are happy to have it all done. So glad to hear that your business is off to a good start too.

  5. It is just beautiful and those chandeliers are over the top beautiful

    I know it's a joy to open the doors each day

  6. It all looks great, Amy! OMG, I'm already thinking ahead to how you might decorate for Christmas!

  7. VICTORIA MAGAZINE...are you watching whats going on here? I see a Victoria magazine spread in your future Amy! Spellbinding what you have done with your shop in such a very short time...you are one talented dynamo!

  8. Amy- I love your store. You did soo much work in a short amount of time, and it looks beautiful. Also, your store front is so pretty and inviting, I'd love to go in, but, alas, I live in California! But I get to visit anytime I want to on your blog.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Paula Lusk

  9. Oh, I wish I could be there to see it. Whatever would you do without that clever boy of yours?

  10. It looks so pretty, I bet alot of women are so happy you opened your store, I know if I lived around there I'd be one happy person! Maybe someday...my husband has a sister, nieces and nephews who live in Vermont. We visited Boston the last time we were there, would love to visit someday:)

  11. Amy! Gaaaaaahhhh! It looks fabulous! I mean really, do you get much more charming than that!!!! I LOVE the chandys in the windows. The swags were blocking your signage... and it's way to well done to distract from visually. Colin and you are quite a pair, sounds like that boy has a "good eye"!


  12. It looks fabulous! I love the chandies in the window...

  13. Amy- It is absolutely beautiful. GREAT job! xo Diana

  14. Gorgeous - I would definitely want to shop there! Wish I was closer! I have some outdoor metal chairs with some rusting, and the paint is getting "chalky" - literally, rubs off on clothes. How do you address rust? And are the chalk paints ok for outdoors? Can you seal it somehow? I am going to look for the book you recommended as well.

  15. Positively gorgeous! Wish I wasn't so far away. I'd shop there in a heartbeat! For now, I'll have to be content with "virtual shopping" :-)

    Excellent work Amy!

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  17. Love the street view of your store. I am still amazed you changed that couch from green to pink with one coat. Can't wait to hear how it wears! I am pleased you will be carrying the milk paint too. Can't wait to see what you do with that!

  18. Oh Amy i am so proud of you! look what you have accomplished your dream of having a pretty frenchy cottage shop has come true through your hard work and vision and everything looks wonderful and way to go Colin the chandys look amazing in the window!
    Love the street views Amy,for those of us who live too far away to visit these virtual pictures are a really good fix...i think you should make a little video walking up the street and going in the door of Maison Decor and post it on Youtube ;)
    Have a great day x

  19. Perfect! Love the chandys and the adorable sign. I think your shop is divine……….Well done, so wish I could visit.

    The French Hutch

  20. Now, if I was a "stranger" to your shop and blog and I was just walking down that street, I would definitely walk in your shop because it is so beautiful and inviting from the outside, that you just know it would be gorgeous on the inside!!... Colin is such an asset to your shop...such great ideas he has!...You must be so very proud of him!....I am so happy for you that your shop is becoming so successful and that you are "happy" going to work (if you want to call it work) everyday!!....

  21. Your shop is beautiful!! congratulations! Wish you were closer I would be a regular!!

  22. Amy your store front looks GORGEOUS!!! I would shop there all the time if I lived closer!

  23. I love it Amy!! If I was driving by, I would stop in for sure!! Great job! Love the pink!
    Enjoy the rest of your week

  24. Amy, congratulations! You followed your dream, putting in the sweat and toil to make it all come true. I've followed since the beginning and I must say that I am very impressed and happy for you.

    You couldn't have done it without Colin. What a blessing he is to his mother.

  25. I second the Victoria Magazine! The shop is amazing as well as you and your son, Colin!

  26. Amy, I love the signage. It make the store! Love the chandys in the window too. AND the pink sofa. So many changes since I have been gone. They all look so good. I am glad your store is doing so well, and hope it is fulfilling for you.

  27. Look how far you've come in such a short period of time, Amy!!! A true labor of love.
    It all looks wonderful!
    Do you think you can start playing the part of shop owner, and hostess....and finally stop working so hard?
    I know there will always be things to do...but hopefully you can relax a little bit now.

  28. Love reading your blog... it is a dream to open up my own shop. Thanks for the inspiration.

  29. It looks gorgeous, Amy! And so inviting!


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