Thursday, June 7, 2012

French Poem Wall Stencil~

I decided to use the French Poem stencil I purchased from
 Royal Design Studio over the mirrors
behind my shop cash station~here is how I did it.
I have never done a big stencil like this, and I decided to just give it a go~
and I will say it is not that hard to do~don't be a perfectionist!!
If you see a paint blob seep through after you peel off your stencil, 
take a damp cloth and erase it...other than two of those, I had no issues.
 I laid out some craft paper to protect the floors from 
over spray as the best way to handle
a large stencil like this is to use repositionable Tacky Spray. 
 This stencil is a two part stencil
and each stencil is over 3 feet.
 You can get this spray at your local craft store and 
it worked great to hold the stencil in place.
 I also used a few pieces of blue tape as the pieces needed 
to be lined up and the tape acted as a second pair of hands
 when I was up the ladder with this big wiggling piece of plastic.
 Here is the blank wall behind the cash station~although I don't
 have much cash as everyone uses credit cards!
I wanted to use a taupey color to repeat the colors of the draperies
on display and the french linen paint color on the cabinet.
I also wanted the colors to fade in and out so I used two colors,
a mix of French Linen and Old White as the main color. You can use one 
color or add a couple of colors as you create the right combo for your room.
 I squirted them both in a small paint tray and rolled my
 foam roller through it, and made sure I off loaded
most of it before I began stenciling.
 I wanted areas to fade in and out like an old love letter~
 After the first piece is stenciled you follow the marks 
on the second stencil so it is a continuous sentence.
 Just roll away~this way and that~see how 
the paint on the roller is light and dark?
 I kind of hate heights, so I was glad I 
could hold onto the wall as I worked it~
 I would have to work around the lovely EXIT sign 
and my security motion detector~
so I saved those for last, fearing I might bend the stencil 
beyond repair~but in the end
you can kind of curl it so it doesn't crease 
and fit the stencil in the odd gaps.
 The finished wall~I like it! Its soft and subtle and kind of cool~
 The longer view~even more subtle, 
but much nicer than a blank wall.
I plan to use the stencil again on a table top 
or the back of the church pew bench.
Springtime in Paris~that is the name of the poem~
just right for Maison Decor!
You can find this in our shop for purchase
or go online to
And a postscript about my pretty chair~
I have decided to keep them~! I think that I must test
out how the chalk paint wears before I feel comfortable selling them~
and this way I can give updates on how it wears.
I will have one waxed and the other au natural
and shall see what the verdict is!
Then I can speak with authority! forward.....
Post Script: We have been using these chairs for over a year now
 in our home on a daily basis and there is not one bit of wear! 
I highly recommend this method!


  1. That is GORGEOUS! You make it look SO EASY to do... I have just the places this would look wonderful...
    Thank you so much,
    Have a fun weeks end,

  2. ust great I love it!! I pirchase stencils from them too.


  3. Love how it turned out Amy! yes, subtle and vintage frenchy. And those chairs, don't blame you for hanging on to them awhile, they look perfect in your shop!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the french wall stencils! Where in the world did you get them, i HAVE to do that! I'm curious about how the chairs wear too, because i have a couple i'd love to paint!


  5. Ti seguo sempre e trovo eccezionale ciò che fai! Questo stencil è favoloso, ma anche la sedia del post precednte! Sei davvero brava!!!

  6. so now your shop looks like my bathroom! do you remember i used that french poem stencil on a wall in my bath! i love it. and it's perfect in the shop!



  7. Love, love, love the stencil!! Good job!

    I had wondered about the painted they'd wear. Glad you're going to "test" them and let us know!

    Jan ♥

  8. Hi Amy,
    Perfect! I am eager to hear about the chairs too :-)

  9. It looks great, Amy! I do adore those chairs. Glad you're keeping them.

  10. I love this idea. I am wary of using stencils so I may borrow this idea for my office wall and use copy paper and free hand it. Love how it turned out.

  11. I love how that stenciled wall turned out! You'll probably get alot of people asking about it. Are you going to sell those stencils too? You should!

  12. Oh I love the stencil! It looks so nice on the high wall. I also love the chair, missed the previous post. Can't wait to hear how they wear.

  13. The wall looks fabulous. I love it-especially the faded quality to it. You did a great job.

    I think it is smart to keep those chairs and test out the wear-ability of them.

    Everything is looking good, Ames! xo Diaana

  14. I've never seen a word stencil so big, Amy! I'm like you, I'd have been hanging onto that wall. It turned out great and I like how you added two colors. I think it makes for a nice touch in that area, too.

  15. Amy, I love that stencil and the way you made it look like it is old and fading away in spots. Good idea on the chairs.

  16. Hi Amy, I think the wall looks great and adds a lot of interest.. so much better than a plain wall. I am curious too about the chairs so I think you are doing the right thing by giving them a test run! Looking good Amy.. take care, Maryann

  17. You are soooooo amazing, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The shop looks incredible. I cannot believe still how much you have done in such a short time..superwoman!

  18. Amy I absolutely love how that came out!!
    Thank you for the awesome tutorial!!

  19. Looks so great Amy!!!!

    I am going to have to pick up that stencil.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  20. I really loved this post--being in the stenciling mod like I am and all. I think it looks fantastic! I love the colors you mixed for the words. I would enjoy a stencil like that. I am going to have to look for something. You did a great job. I am glad you are keeping the chairs because I am very interested to hear how they wear. I think that makes you a great shop owner--you want to make sure what you sell is the best quality.

  21. There you go again, Amy.....Just jumping right in and trying something new with no fear at all! You are awesome! :) Love the way your brain works, girlie --- not to mention how fabulous that wall looks! You have truly created the essence of France in your store. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  22. AMY iknew it would look great b/c everything you do looks great, ur ALL THAT !!!!!

  23. Okay, after only about 3 hrs sleep last night, my eyes weren't focusing too well and I thought the post was about French porn and was surprised you were taking the store on a whole new unexpected direction! Once I realized I was mistaken, I thoroughly enjoyed the post (as always). Love the stencil on the wall, especially with the variations in color. Got to wondering if you can stencil onto the chair using silver rub n buff...

  24. Oh wow!!! That looks fabulous!

  25. I love the poem stencil. Between being afraid of heights and too afraid of messing up I couldn't do it. I'd want to hold more than just the wall. lol

    I think keeping the chairs is a good idea, for now. You can see how they handle time and they will look cute in the store.

    Everything is looking so good!!!

  26. I have been looking for this kind of stencil for ages and think it qwould make the best option for a number of projects I have in mind. it has turned out lovely Amy.

  27. Oh I really like the look!! Great job. Your choice of colors are very nice. That took kind of a dead zone and made it an attractive subtle accent.


  28. I love this, Amy! It looks beautiful on the wall.

  29. What a wonderful idea, Amy!
    It's beautiful!

  30. Hi Amy! Don't you just love that stencil. I love what you did with your wall - goregous!

    I have the stencil as well. I did a partial wall (going up the staircase) in a Designer Showhouse last year - I only did the first sentence (no room for the entire poem)...but I added Melanie's Florentine Corners (one on one side and then reversed on the other...sort of like floral quotation marks). I did it in all sepia tones - came out so beautiful. I am also thinking of doing more with this stencil - on floorcloths and other things...hopefully to sell them.

    Please take a peek at my latest project on my blog - I transformed a stainless steel commercial range hood in a lovely home - did an antiqued copper/bronze base and I added one of Melanie's Modellos - it came out great, if I must say so myself!



  31. Wow Amy, I love what you did! I definitely want to try this out.

  32. that is fantastic...turned out wonderful and I applaud you for doing such intricate work on a ladder!
    I love the entire look...I can't imagine how terrific it must look "in person"....

  33. amy, i missed this post but saw this wall behind picture of your son and betsy. LOVE this wall!!!

  34. Your shop looks amazing Amy! Thanks for much for the great post on my French Poem stencil, Springtime in Paris. Tres jolie!


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