Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tiny Topiary Garden Arbors and Interior Store Shots

 I like gardening and I love arbors and garden ornaments 
and all those kind of things~I have seen fairy gardens in blogland, 
but didn't realize there was a fairy garden industry out there~
 On Fathers Day I took Colin to visit his dad at a big Nursery
 in Wayland Mass, called Mahoneys. They had a section dedicated 
to fairy gardening! There were iron arbors and gazebos and
 tiny benches and chairs and wheelbarrows and garden tools~
all incredibly adorable and almost irresistible. 
 At the last auction I was lucky to get a heavy plaster planter 
that looks like a basket~once I saw the tiny fairy selection
 I decided to plant a fairy garden in the antique 
basket planter using Teeny Weenies.
 Teeny Weenies are the tiny plants like ferns and such that
 they sell to go with the fairy garden things.
Its really darling~this is it before I added the potting soil, 
but now it is outside all planted up with the wire arbor added in the middle.
 So that was really fun~thought I would share what I do on my day off...
 Strategically taking pics to avoid kitchen pileups~
you can add these arbors and gazebos to any planter for a fun touch.
 In the middle of the top row is a new coffeepot in 
my favorite purple transferware~I found it though
 a facebook connection of all places!! 
Someone asked me to like her shop...and when I went over,
 there was my reward!! Mar Bailey has a lot of things that 
I like in her shop~check out her link if you are interested!
 Look at how often they put gazebos and arbors
 in the paintings of the transferware~
its very romantic I think!
My teenie weenies all planted up~
and rare shots of my house these days...
 I do love topiaries for decorations~especially good fakes like this one!
 I took some of the teeny weenies and added them
 to the zinc conservatory I have in the store.
I hope they live!!
 Back to the ranch~ I took a pic of a faded delphinium...
it reached up into my opaline chandy and it looked so pretty I thought...
 I still love that wallpaper I found at Lowes...
I will be using some of it at the store in a desk soon.
 The Lilly table sold~didn't take long, you all were right!
 My brother Paul and his GF Deanna and her daughter Lilly 
came up from Texas for a visit~they come every summer and pop 
in to see us sisters in Boston and then head to Marthas Vineyard 
to live off the fat of the land at my parents~now THATS 
a summer vacation!! Deanna and Lilly said visiting my store 
was at the top of their list! Oh yeah baby! 
 Some interior shots~I was asked to send them to someone...
 Just don't feel like I have the touch for getting good shots lately in the store..
might have to call Betsy and borrow hers...she is on picmonkey making perfect!!
 Wings and pink chairs...

 These look a little overexposed...
Hey~tomorrow I am getting my sign!! 
I was supposed to get it today but the sign guy called me 
this morning and said he propped it up to take a pic to send to 
me and it fell off the counter onto the floor and got 
a huge scratch!! ARGH!! I feel like I have been waiting forever.
Well tomorrow I am getting another paint shipment,
and I should have the new Chalk Paint color Florence!
Until then~



  1. I love those little arbors and plants, Amy! I've got to find a local nursery that carries these things. I did a little fairy garden but it needs some more accessorizing. : )

  2. It all looks so fabulous Amy! We have those little garden fairy items out at the cottage too. They are adorable!

  3. Gosh I love those little arbors. I actually did know there was a whole fairy garden movement but thought you had to buy most of the stuff online. I've never seen those wire arbors...makes me want to make some. I love the little zinc greenhouse filled with the teenies. So great that that piece of furniture sold so fast.

  4. I have never heard of teenie weenies. HOW CUTE!!! I hope I can find them locally. I just came across fairy garden accessories a couple of weeks ago. I never knew either. I love your 'good fake' topiary in the shop! That's exactly what I've been looking for to put next to my kitchen window...that OR a real mini Meyer lemon tree. Love your shop shots even though you don't. Hope all is well, Amy!

  5. Those fairy gardens are getting so popular--I'm sure I will catch the bug soon too.

    Your shop is continuing to look great!

    I love seeing pictures of your home. The aqua accents are so pretty--I can never see too much of that chandelier!

  6. Love all the topiaries, and that blue is amazing!

  7. I think i'm in love with the fairy gardens and the teeny weenies... omg

    It's hard to take shop photos, because of the big window with the sun blaring in, so you can't really aim that way, and then there's just alot of stuff in a shop... i think some of those photos above look good though. The moira clock is always a show stealer and that curvy china cabinet is just incredible, i can't believe it's still there...


  8. You shop looks so great Amy
    wish I lived closer

  9. That will be so exciting, getting your shop sign! I love the chandy in your house. You seem to be in heaven in your shop. I knew that table would sell before you knew it.

  10. Amy I love those little arbors in the plants!

  11. Those teeny weenies are big stuff

  12. Love your little arbors and teeny weenies! How fun and magical they the wee folk might be about in the middle of the night! Your Maison Decor is looking like shopping perfection, with interesting vistas from any angle and treasures to behold.
    I can't tell you how excited I was to learn that you mentioned me, my Etsy shop, and my sweet teapot ( now yours!)Thank you, Amy, of the most generous heart! xxoo

  13. It all looks so perfect. Amy, I have to tell you that you are killing me slowly I want to be able to be there so badly. I would be buying eveything in sight.


  14. Those little arbors are so cute, Amy.
    I've not seen them around here.
    Your store looks wonderful!
    Hope your sign arrives tomorrow.

  15. Those little plants for the fairy gardens look so pretty and dainty. I love the little arbors you use with them. Your store pics turned out great. I know you can't wait to get your sign! that will be the icing on the cake.

  16. Love the little fairy plantings. So pretty. I'm not surprised you sold that gorgeous table so quickly. Was a beautiful piece and a bargain price!

  17. What a treat. So many pretty pictures. Love the wee arbors. So sweet!!

  18. Your shop is absolutely fabulous!
    I love the the zinc conservatory you planted in, and the little oval shaped basket! I honestly love everything in the pictures so I will stop listing them separately :))

    Amazing style!


  19. The fairy gardens have been very popular here for several years. One shop offers a workshop on how to make them. There's another class for you! Your shop looks lovely. I LOVE your new coffee/tea pot! Your kitchens beautiful.

  20. Those mini arbors are sooo sweet! Love your new teapot but what most impresses me Amy is how AMAZING your store its been there for many years! Iove the French rustic look you have created to perfection...I cannot wait to come up and visit one day!

  21. Lovely pics! So much eye candy! I love those mini-arbors!

    Your shop looks stunning. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to visit it. Some day may be!

    I'm glad you're doing so well.

  22. Love your fairy gardens! Those iron topiaries are the cutest. Do you carry those in your shop?
    Because I might just have to get one on those!

  23. Your store has such beautiful things! I bet it is tricky getting good pics with all of the the windows, natural light and general set up of space, however you have done a great job as the pics of your place have been very good. Can't wait to see the use of the metallic wallpaper on the desk and MOST of all your new sign!


  24. I didn't know there were such things as fairy gardens, I want to live in one! Congrats on selling that piece already, didn't take long at all! (Oh and I need to return your phone call!)


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