Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pretty Store Signage~windows are done!

 Finally! My store has signage~and I was very happy
with how it came out!
Its feminine and pretty and to the point~
 My sign designer, Dave Larson, has been doing
 this for decades and he didn't disappoint.
Here he is putting on the Amy Chalmers Designs sign~
I had to take down the chandy and move the draperies.
 So while Dave was busy at the windows I was busy myself~
I had a big day of Chalk Paint™ sales and then I 
had a few minutes to play with the camera...
I noticed how perfectly the pink chandy went 
with the Antoinette and Versailles table.
Certainly has that Shabby Chic look that I love~ 
 I picked up a few things at Sally Barker's antique shop Counting Sheep.
(Besides more Chalk Paint™)
I found this perfect Shabby Chic wastebasket ~
And a pair of wonderful hold backs~!
These huge drapery hold backs are going to 
make a statement...then I got out some of my color samples
some wallpaper that was going in the antique desk....
and it all looked so pretty together.
 And finally I got to pop a can of Florence! 
Wowsers~that is some color!
I picture it with gold and dark wax and maybe some Coco...
When Dave was done with the windows I had him
take out the projecting sign so I could see how it looked. 
I picked out the color to match Henrietta~
 Its going to overhang the sidewalk like this from
 a huge French iron spear like bracket.
 Here is the bracket~really handsome!
 Hubby will hang it up for me soon.
 Until then, I am so pleased with the window signs...
the only downside is that the 
window treatments make the signage kind of disappear~
so that might call for a new design in the drapery department.
 Wherever the ivory panel crosses behind the white lettering 
it disappears~not so much when you are walking right by,
 but from across the street like I am here, it is noticeable.
But I'll figure it out...enjoying them too much right now to care!
 Dave Larson designed my business card too~and that is 
the same logo design we used in one of the windows.
 So pretty!!!
I'll share the big Maison Decor sign as soon as it gets up!! 



  1. You're right, it's so feminine and elegant too. Oh Amy, this must have been such a big day to see your shop sign in your shop window. You must be one happy and proud shop owner right now! I'm proud for you.

  2. I love the design you choose for your windows--it looks fantastic! The windows add a lot. That new paint color is BRIGHT. I have seen a few people use it--can't wait to see what you do:)

  3. Can you move the crowns to the right and left of the sign? It is too wonderful to not see in its entirety! Looks fabulous. Now what is the closest airport to your store?

  4. Wow, Amy, the signage looks so good. He did a fabulous job.

  5. P.S. I can picture those windows with black curtains ... Oohlala! so frenchy and elegant.

  6. That looks so pretty, Amy! I love the design you chose for both sides. Your big sign is going to look great when it's up. I love the bracket.

  7. Oh wow, it all looks wonderful! It makes it so official now, doesn't it? You're in business, lady!!

  8. Amy your window signs look FABULOUS!! Too pretty to be cut off by the panels. Love the wood sign too!

  9. Your window signs look fantastic! So professional and feminine. I do think you might need to change your curtains so that the letters don't disappear though. Maybe you could just drape them on each side of the window instead of across it. Love your business cards too. It's nice that they match your sign.

  10. charming and quaint, amy! you go!


  11. Verrrry pretty! I think I know what I'd do with the window's I can't wait to see if I'm close to what you design with them ;-) Even hiding the signage, the windows look terrific!

  12. Love the signs on the windows and I can't wait to see the big sign hanging from it's bracket. Where did you find that bracket? Now you really are official...with your signs and all. Sounds like you've really been busy.

  13. Amy it looks beautiful,i am so happy for you,i love the 'cottage style' part it just makes you want to come in and explore.
    That pink chandy is divine and wow yes it does go really well with the Antoinette and Versailles table.
    I can imagine 'Florence' with gold gilt too,all french looking,it is a fabulous colour,can't wait to see what you makeover with it.

  14. Gorgeous!!! So classy!!! So much eye candy, I'll bet women have a hard time passing by without stopping in...wait, that's what you are going for...wish you were closer!!! donna :)

  15. Look at you..must rockin and rolllin over there! Love everything I am seeing....all sooo beautiful! Your vision come to life. I am constantly amazed, Amazing Amy!

  16. Fantastic looking sign and store windows! You're off and running to a successful business adventure!

  17. Amy,

    Wow this looks fantastic. He did a great job.


  18. looking fantastic. nice job dave. and nice of the headless dave to hold your sign out front. crack me up.

  19. You are just rocking that store, Amy! You are going to be so successful at this, it'll make your head spin! lol! LUV your new signs and that chandy is delicious, girl! Hey, how about just having your curtains hang down straight to the sides of the window so you can see the window signage and straight into your shoppe? Just a thought.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  20. AMY! I LOVE your window decal/signs... they just couldn't possibly be any better than they are, omg... And your wooden shop sign is fabulous too... It's so amazing how having the windows done, just adds that total finishing touch that makes the shop completely irresistible... i don't see how anyone could walk by and not come in there...


  21. It's all coming together very nicely. Beautifully done!

  22. Love this piece and the wallpaper really makes it special. Love the color you chose to paint it. We really need to talk. I was going to call you this afternoon but now I am on my way somewhere....hopefully one day soon.

  23. The signage looks great, you must be so excited! you definitely need to do something different with the window treatments though :(


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