Monday, June 4, 2012

Betsy Speert revamps Maison Decor~Part One

 This is the big country hutch I had at home 
and finally was motivated to bring it
to the shop after Betsy Speert's visit.  
She blogged about it here. 
She is coming again today (!!) and we will work
on styling the shop some more, so I really wanted 
to get this big display piece in place
as it is the focal point of the shop~it really announces
"Annie Sloan™ Chalk Paint™ Decorative Paints 
are sold on the premises.
 Hubby, Scott, Dillon, Colin and I moved this big thing over 
on Sunday morning and then we needed to relocate the other 
cabinets and storage pieces as the domino effect came into play.
I had to take down the drapery panel display and that is one of the 
things Betsy will work on with me today.
The other thing we did on Sunday is help my customer load his pickup truck 
with the painted bedroom set I finished in Old White Chalk Paint™. 
 The furniture belongs to the guy in the white hat~
trying to figure out best way to load it...
 First piece~
 Hubby really comes in handy, I have to say! The big thing I learned about this, 
was that when the furniture arrived at the client's home, 
it had dirty fingerprint smudges on now I will be
 wrapping pieces in shrink wrap and handing people gloves
 when they come to pick up their pieces. The fingerprints came
out with a buffing, but the wax needs to really cure, 
and it takes two weeks for a full cure. 
Since I was blogging about the day, hubby had me shoot this shot
of him showing Scott and Dillon how to wax!
Colin wanted me to shoot his Addidas shoes in colors that 
seemed appropriate for a paint shop~I bought them for him and he
 has never worn them (too goofy I guess)
but he surprised me and put them on this morning!
 Oh~I also went to auction Saturday morning specifically 
for these 4 french chairs...yummy!!
Colin watched the shop for the morning hours so I could do this. 
Thank you Colin!
These chairs have a lot of pretty detail, and I will be painting them
to resemble some chairs I saw in Sharon Osbourne's 
dining room in House Beautiful~
they were amazing and I fell in love with them!!
When I get them done I will show the inspiration pic as well as my 
interpretation and results. Fingers crossed.
Now lets step back a couple of days and let me show
 you the whirlwind of progress that happened when my 
favorite designer and now friend, Betsy Speert, 
walked through the doors of 50 Summer Street.
 This was the moment she walked through the door~she announced 
to me that she needed to walk around and check out the store....
the process had begun!
 Betsy checked out stuff and told me to stop interrupting her while she was trying to think!!!
I couldn't help myself...I kept asking her stuff while she was doing her thing.
And I know how that feels~so I am not sure why I kept doing it..but I took my scolding
well, and watched her slowly create zones in the shop by grouping like objects together,
as well as simplifying certain over stuffed areas.
 We talked about vintage linens, and agreed that there is
 no home for the spotted or stained but beautiful linens in my shop....
we started making a pile of things that needed to be donated or destroyed~ lol!
 She loved my idea of wrapping the lampshade
 with the twig and moss garland~yippee!
 Crowns were assembled...I had them dotted about the store. 
Doilies were dispatched! And every dresser scarf was as well~
Betsy put my paint samples in a wooden tray~
and I brought over all of my paint brushes to add to the display~
I must have been asking her  "How do you do it??"
 And she was thinking, "I can't explain it...I just do it!"
After spurts Betsy steps back and assesses~
I really was thrilled with the improvements. 
She was a sweetheart~and she was so happy that I was so happy.
That is one thing about a real friend, they step up to the plate
when you need them! 
It was the best!! 
Having someone who is super experienced and talented 
just swoop in to help figure it out was a godsend. Its usually me doing this
for others...but it might be true when they say it is harder to do for yourself in design.
Colin and I had spent the morning relocating the furniture
to places we felt it worked better in anticipation of 
Betsy's arrival~but I have always felt a house doesn't become 
a home until it is accessorized properly.
And so the same for the shop, it didn't feel its best,
and it was really bothering me. I was so glad she came to help
and am so looking forward to our second session.
Here is one of the before and afters of areas~
I will do a few more tomorrow after today's visit!
I am sure Betsy is going to love the big hutch too~
That's all for now~have a good one everybody!



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  2. You must have had a blast with her there! It's very difficult to see your own things in a different way. Helps to have someone come in and look at it with a fresh "eye". Can't wait for tomorrows installment.

  3. The shop is really coming have lost weight my dear

  4. Amy, I have enjoyed every moment of your dream sharing! Sometimes it just takes the eye of someone else( who knows and loves you) to sort it all out in little ways. That is what a dear friend is for and what a blessing they are!
    Can't wait for your next post...xxoo Mar

  5. You guys must of had so much fun working together! Your shop looks great Amy!!

  6. OK Amy, I just read your post....
    Am putting on my shoes, grabbing my coffee, and coming back over for another day of FUN!
    For all of you guys that think she is getting this help for free.....
    (will work for food)

  7. What fun you two had. She has done a great job of putting thing together. I am sure you could have done it, too. Your brain is just fried right now.

  8. It is great to have someone else look at something with new eyes. It is obvious you are appreciating her help!

    I am loving those french chairs--oh so pretty! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  9. Love your changes so far! I agree that the hutch showcasing all of your paint like that is the perfect solution. Now, what are you going to do at home without it? I see another project coming on. Ha! I know Betsy is giving you a fresh set of eyes to work with and the results are proving to be positive. Enjoy your day working with her again!

  10. The AS paint in your hutch looks great as does the shop. You and Betsy together are an unbeatable combo. Can't wait to see more!

  11. Oh wow, I totally "see" it! Bringing the big cabinet in for the Annie Sloan paint was a fabulous idea, it really pops, and looks so symmetrical orderly and appealing there. I like the colors with the paint cans too. Betsy is awesome to come help you with all that... I know it's so fun for you, and you appreciate so much having her great eye help you see the shop in a different way. It's amazing how someone else can see what we don't!


  12. Love the big cabinet! The paints look amazing in it. Also really love the display for the brushes and the color samples in a tray.

  13. That big hutch looks amazing! Love it filled to the brim and the color is perfect....also like the other armoire filled with all the goodies, one of my favorite ways to see goods for sale displayed, the store looks fabulous Amy! You should be incredibly proud and how sweet for Betsy to stop seeing it all come together!

  14. That big hutch looks amazing! Love it filled to the brim and the color is perfect....also like the other armoire filled with all the goodies, one of my favorite ways to see goods for sale displayed, the store looks fabulous Amy! You should be incredibly proud and how sweet for Betsy to stop seeing it all come together!

  15. That big hutch looks amazing! Love it filled to the brim and the color is perfect....also like the other armoire filled with all the goodies, one of my favorite ways to see goods for sale displayed, the store looks fabulous Amy! You should be incredibly proud and how sweet for Betsy to stop seeing it all come together!

  16. Blogger was having a senior moment and posted my comment three times. Sorry!

  17. I love the changes you made to the store! how fun!

  18. Love, love it all!!!! I adore reading about your adventure, Amy!!! :-)

  19. I'm sorry the hutch left your office, Amy, but it does look like the perfect piece for the paint. I'll be looking forward to seeing what else Betsy tells you. I think it was a great idea to have her come in. Sometimes an objective eye is a big help!

  20. Hi Amy,
    Together you and Betsy have really pulled your shop together. I love how it looks and the big hutch really adds impact.
    It's wonderful having a big time designer friend that gives so freely of her advice and friendship. Of course, what's not to love about you!


  21. Amy....don't you dare throw out those stained linens!!!!!! I can turn those stepchildren into stunning couture aprons!!!!

    Your shop is so beautiful!!! will Betsy travel to Virginia ;->

    Hey Betsy!!!!!!!!!! We have steak tips in Ole Virginny too! it all.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  22. Hi Amy,
    I am out of the hospital but my brain is somewhere is the blogosphere.
    I love what betsy and you are doing and the direction of the shop.
    OH that silver and old gilt- getting a tad less shabby - woo hoo.
    Hope to chat soon. Congratulations.

  23. Oh I definitely love the big hutch. It's perfect for your shop and the paint. There's nothing like a trained, objective eye to see what we don't see anymore. Can't wait to see part 2!

  24. Awesome, Amy! How lucky you are to have such a talented friend so close. I agree, it is SO much harder to design and decorate for ourselves than some one else. I always appreciate a second set of eyes and an honest opinion. I've caught up on your other posts too. Her little tweaks look great and your chair? LOVE. How will the ASCP hold up on the leather? Will it crack (which I happen to think would be a cool effect on that chair anyhow). I know Annie said you could paint fabric with it but just curious about the harder leather now that you've been fully trained in the ways of chalk paint. :)

  25. Just read Betsy's comment...ha!


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