Saturday, June 9, 2012

Decoupage Tole Tray Table and Workshop!

 An old fashioned tole tray table~in rare fashion I did not take a before picture~
but the condition of the table top was plain black paint with a dozen chips.
 I sanded down the chipped paint and then painted the
 entire top with Duck Egg Chalk Paint™.
Decoupage is in the forefront of my mind lately,
 and I applied a hydrangea, cut out from a print 
I bought from an Etsy seller. I used modpodge, but I have 
to say I don't like the shine...maybe they make a
 matte mod podge? Anyone have the answer? 
After I applied the center image I did a French Linen Chalk Paint™ 
wash on the outer edge, and then free handed 
a Paloma Chalk Paint™ border following the scallop.
 Lastly I did the same wash on the center flat area of the table
 leaving the inner border plain Duck Egg, and finished off with 
another Paloma border stripe. It looks fresh and pretty and ready 
to set up between two chairs or in front of a sofa~you could do 
this with just an old rusted out Tole tray and then put it on your 
ottoman as a makeshift coffee table. Lovely.
 It looks prettier in person than here...but here it is...going to wax it on Tuesday~
 The other project I have going is a set of garden chairs that were rather forlorn~
 The chair will be covered in this linen table cloth~
its a perfect match to the hot pink frames.
Mod vintage style for sure!
It used to be perfect chippy shabby~but I wanted to 
do something fun and fresh but with a vintage twist.
 Hung up on chairs lately~chair-aholic....
 I have plans for this set of chairs too...
they are top rate heavy old chairs!
 At todays end Colin and I set up for my first
 Annie Sloan™ Introductory Paint Workshop!! I have
 7 ladies coming tomorrow and am totally pumped about it! 
They will be learning most of the things that I learned
 at the Boston World Tour stop that Annie just finished~
look closely at the copper item on the table...
 One new thing I am going to show the girls is how to do a wet distress~
and I will be using a square of the faux tin tile that you find 
at Lowes or Home Depot....painted up with Duck Egg and 
wet distressed, it looks like a verdigris~all that is left is the 
clear and dark wax and this technique is going to be a favorite!
 Colin captured me setting up the table....
 And I returned the favor as he set out
 water bottles at each place setting~
I had a great day of sales at the shop~
and met a blog reader of mine, Melissa! So fun!
Anyone interested in a workshop in the Boston area can call
 the store and ask for more details!
Have a great Saturday night, and go Celtics!!! Beat the Heat!!



  1. Amy:

    They *do* make a matte Modge Podge - that's my preference as well.

    I love the tole tray. I have a set of excruciatingly ugly TV trays that I've been thinking about making over. Thanks for some inspiration!


  2. Ditto what Pamela said, Amy. I also use the matte version. Love the tray. The colors are great.

  3. Hi Amy,
    I love, love, love the tray. You make everything so pretty and special with your detailing.
    I love the sweet chairs too and the tablecloth fabric is perfect.


  4. Glad to hear you had a good sales day, Amy!
    Your class sounds like fun.
    Enjoy yourself!!

  5. Yes, I also prefer the matte. Oddly enough, I just came here from Pinterest where I was looking at decoupage projects!

  6. Oh that little class looks so fun. I wish I lived closer!

  7. The tray turned out great! As did your almost finished chair. Have fun at your class:)

  8. Amy, all the best of luck with your workshop. I wish I lived closer, I would certainly attend! (From one chair-a-holic to another, lol!)

  9. Ahhhhhhhhh! It all looks so fun, i'm sooooooo mad i'm not there! I'm a sucker for chairs too, and you have some good ones! I love me some garden chairs, and the pink is totally fun!


  10. Oh, your first workshop at the store. How exciting! I hope everything goes well and you have lots of fun.

  11. I love the little iron chairs painted pink and that tablecloth will be perfect on them. So excited for your big day tomorrow. You'll have to tell me all about it.

  12. You are such a mover and shaker, I seriously cannot keep track of all you do! Love how amazing the store looks, and everything is sooo pretty! Love that you had a workshop already and love how you set up for it..lucky guests!

  13. there anything that you CAN'T do, Amy....?? lol! You are amazing, girl! I adore that sweet pink chair. It's going to look amazing with that floral linen! Oh how I wish I could be at your workshop! Hope you all have a great time!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  14. Amy i went to the annie workshop in Tennessee and met annie had my pic made w/her the flourish item shown on ur table wasn't a part of her workshop sure wish i could come to urs we also did not learn the wet distress method hope u explain and show us how to do that

  15. HI susan, Well that was my own idea to add the tin tile piece...but we did learn wet distressing and it is one of my favorite things to do with the Chalk Paint™. I will share more on that later~

  16. THanks Pamela and Kathy about the mod podge info....

  17. Brenda, I started pinning on decoupage projects too! I recently discoverd a site called and their section is called Spark...kind of like pinterest but it shows the how to of making what ever it is you might want to learn about.

  18. I love the tray. I took classes back in the 80's for tole painting. It was so popular then. The shop is looking beautiful. I hope to be able to take one of your classes soon. I was just talking to my sister who has a booth in an antique store to use the pressed tin from Lowes on one of her pieces that is missing a bottom drawer.
    Gook Luck tomorrow! Have fun!

  19. What fun you're going to have tomorrow -- especially with Betsy in the class!!!!

  20. Amy, I luff everthing. You are a wonder, the energizer bunny.
    Great direction too;not beating that dead horse again. The class looks like fun for those with moving appendages!

  21. Morning Amy,

    So excited for know what they say...
    "You never forget your first time!"

    Your table looks wonderful. Just be yourself and have fun.

    I will be thinking of you today.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  22. Oh Amy...I I do not have to say to "have fun" as I know you all with "over the moon and beyond the sun" fun with Betsy, the fabulous....

    Love how you transformed the tray and so love the linen cloth that you will be using on the chair...the pattern and colors are, as you said, perfect!

    Have a great "first workshop" and hope you can work between the laughter!

  23. Modge Podge makes a matte that is what I use when I use it.

    The tray turned out great.


  24. Amy,
    So glad you had a great sales day :-)
    That tray looks so pretty.What a pretty color too.

  25. I love that you painted that chair pink, and I love that table cloth for a covering! The class was a lot of fun! Betsy is quite the character, very entertaining, never a dull moment!

  26. Amy

    I love how you have created dimension on the table top I also tried decoupage with chalk paint but because I had watered the paint down it lifted the paper up :( epic fail. I wish I lived closer I would sit in your shop all day and drink tea of course. Keep up the talented work.


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