Friday, February 24, 2012

Creative Juices

 Its been almost a week and I haven't picked up my camera. My creative brain was cruising right along when I had to switch gears and start the taxes. I get all the numbers for my husbands business, my business and our personal taxes ready for our accountant.  It is a big undertaking~and sucks the life right out of me.  At the same time my dad came up from Florida to stay with me for a week for some serious dental work and I was helping him coordinate his flurry of appointments, visits in town to Boston Tufts Dental, and keeping my fingers crossed that all would go well.  We had school vacation week too, which meant our visitation with our 10 year old meant more than drop off and pick up at school and helping with homework in the afternoon~instead he was in the middle of  hockey finals. His team, The Charlestown Townies,  kept winning and winning and that meant more games to attend and more dinners prepared early, and the dogs needing to wait for us to get home well past their feeding has been a hectic week around here.
I realized I had been enjoying a fairytale existence~and with that came tremendous creativity and output!
This week confirmed for me that there is no way I could be a blogger with a full time mommy job or a 9-5 job.  So to all of you who are able to do it and keep up a decent blog~hats off!  
 But the dust is settling~and Dad is headed back to Florida this morning.
I picked up my camera and snapped these tulips 
by the kitchen window next to the pots and pans drying on the drainboard.
 Come on girl, move those pots and pans~go for the pretty shot.
 Get your creative spark back....
 Its in there somewhere~
I noticed outside that my little tulip buds are coming up early.
 It shouldn't be til April that we see this. I feel like these little tulips sprouts.
The barren winter garden, 
where you can see the little sprouts coming up.
 The crocuses are on their way up too.
Such a grey day today~
 Hubby was just coming in from his midnight to 8am shift~
I love it when he gets home. 
I am snapping away this morning. Getting my mojo jump started.
 Today might be a two post day if I get my project completed!
 And then I saw this adorable drawing on the chalkboard in the hallway! 
 Look at how happy he looks~and how proud he is to be on the team~
its his first year playing, and it has been so rewarding for him and for us.
 So last night we had a dinner date~
My sister Ellen met us after work with Dad 
at a local restaurant to say goodbye to our Dad.
Its time for me to get back to blogging~
and let me tell you, I am ready!



  1. Amy, I love that vase!!!! I've been scouring thrift shops for something like it and NOTHIN'!

    Beutiful pictures too, thanks!


  2. Boy, you have been busy. How nice to have your dad visit. If I want to see mine I have to go to him. He won't drive here from Florida or fly plus he is taking care of my step mom. Love the tulips and I still need to buy some. Haven't even seen them at the grocery store I go to.

  3. I hear ya on the real life schedule. I don't know how these younger moms do it. When I had both of my girls at home it was nonstop. Getting older I know that I crave "quiet" just to be able to put a sentence together. Glad you're back, missed seeing you!

  4. Glad to hear that you're back in the groove now. I know life can sometimes get in the way of blogging! Ha! Sometimes it's good to take time out like that though. Your husband coming home in the morning from work reminds me of mine doing the same thing. My husband works a full 24 hr shift and then is home for 2 days. The cycle continues like that. I never know if he's going to come home sleepy from an exhausting night of calls or rested.

  5. I am really taken with the pretty blue base that your tulips are in. It's striking with the light from the window and the pretty colors of the tulips!

  6. Oh how I love tulips! This is wonderful and very personal and I'm with ya on the the mojo thing! Case in-point, the award! Like I said, I am still trying to figure out how to do this and I'm making one mistake after another - and trying to juggle work and family! Yikes - this is supposed to be fun and stress-free!


  7. I love these more personal posts that give us a window into everyday life of our favorite bloggers! Yay for your sons exciting! LOVE your tulips especially in that gorgeous silver container. So pretty!! I feel spring is slowly making its way here though I cannot forget the April we got snow:) Its been one crazy winter!! Loved this post.....with the ebbs and flows of life, I find there are times that blogging has to take a back seat to other things, and times where we are unstoppable. No worries...your fans are here waiting!

  8. Well, that's life for you! It always seems there is so much going on at one time and then you have nothing but time on your hands. It's nice that you got to spend time with family, though, Amy ~ even if your Dad was going through dental work. I always put any projects aside when I have time to spend with my family. They'll be there when I'm ready to get back to them!

  9. So glad you got past the taxes what a releif! Your post is lovely, the photos of your tulips are perfect! XO Christie

  10. Love the photos, Amy. You've been busy. How nice to spend time with your dad. Taxes, not so much. Family is what charges me. If I spend too much time on work, my creativity takes a dive, because guilt sinks in. It's a constant balancing act.

  11. That tulip vase is lovely! I am with you--hats off to woman who can work and take care of a home and kids --much less blog! I feel like there isn't enough hours in the day, I can't imagine how it would be if I was working. Not that a house and kids isn't work--because it is. I just can't imagine doing it all--you know, bringing home the bacon and frying it in the pan---:)

  12. Your tulips are so beautiful! Glad to hear you had a great time with your dad :o)Have a great weekend!

  13. Sounds like you are in a good, happy emotional spot and ready to dive back into blog life! I hope your Dad enjoyed his stay. I know that you will miss him. Love the last picture of you with your Dad and sister. Nice to see some of your lovely photos here this morning- xo Diana

  14. Enjoyed catching up on your blog today. I'm with you on the time thing. There's no way I could work a job, etc and blog. I can hardly keep up with it now.
    Always great to see what creativity is sparking at your place!

  15. It's good to take a break every now and again...not that you were just sitting around! Enjoy your Dad every minute you can....mine is gone and I wish i had been able to spend more time with him! it was nice to hear a slice of your life!

  16. I loved seeing the tulips photo next to your pots and pans and then a few beauty shots. You mojo's coming back!

  17. It is so wonderful to see a post of your loved ones and the everyday happenings of family life....makes everything so real and in perspective. Enjoy your mom lives in Florida too and I try and get down there to see her as often as possible. I used to be 30 minutes from her, now I am a 10 hour drive from her...

    Your photography is impeccable..the flowers are beautiful...Have a beautiful weekend!

  18. Amy,
    You have been busy! I love that you got to see your Dad, eventhough he had to go to dental appointments throughout the visit. Cute picture of you, your Dad and sister.


  19. So good to have you back! Sounds like the little man is doing well congrats to him. I hear you about blogging it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it going, don't know how these other ladies do it. Those Tulips will be blooming before you know it!

  20. You have really been busy...crazy busy and it sounds like you had little time for yourself. So get back into that creative groove, girl!

    Love your tulips and that vase is stunning!

    Happy Weekend!


  21. I agree...yeuch on tax time :-(

    I love your tulip photos even with the pots and pans! Sooo pretty! We've purchased tulips twice in the last several weeks...a reminder spring's on her way! ;-)

  22. Wow Amy busy,busy,i hear you life can suck the girl out of you....your dad looks a sweet heart,so glad you are past the taxes!
    Your tulips look stunning and loving the chalkboard picture,very sweet!

  23. You said it sister...hard to live the fairytale when you are doing the 9 to 5 or the 4 to 12:30am as I often do. I'm much happier doing whatever I want to do. Hope I can one day again. Love the tulips in the silver. I bought a new silver thing for myself tonight. I'll show soon.


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