Friday, February 24, 2012

Creative Juices

 Its been almost a week and I haven't picked up my camera. My creative brain was cruising right along when I had to switch gears and start the taxes. I get all the numbers for my husbands business, my business and our personal taxes ready for our accountant.  It is a big undertaking~and sucks the life right out of me.  At the same time my dad came up from Florida to stay with me for a week for some serious dental work and I was helping him coordinate his flurry of appointments, visits in town to Boston Tufts Dental, and keeping my fingers crossed that all would go well.  We had school vacation week too, which meant our visitation with our 10 year old meant more than drop off and pick up at school and helping with homework in the afternoon~instead he was in the middle of  hockey finals. His team, The Charlestown Townies,  kept winning and winning and that meant more games to attend and more dinners prepared early, and the dogs needing to wait for us to get home well past their feeding has been a hectic week around here.
I realized I had been enjoying a fairytale existence~and with that came tremendous creativity and output!
This week confirmed for me that there is no way I could be a blogger with a full time mommy job or a 9-5 job.  So to all of you who are able to do it and keep up a decent blog~hats off!  
 But the dust is settling~and Dad is headed back to Florida this morning.
I picked up my camera and snapped these tulips 
by the kitchen window next to the pots and pans drying on the drainboard.
 Come on girl, move those pots and pans~go for the pretty shot.
 Get your creative spark back....
 Its in there somewhere~
I noticed outside that my little tulip buds are coming up early.
 It shouldn't be til April that we see this. I feel like these little tulips sprouts.
The barren winter garden, 
where you can see the little sprouts coming up.
 The crocuses are on their way up too.
Such a grey day today~
 Hubby was just coming in from his midnight to 8am shift~
I love it when he gets home. 
I am snapping away this morning. Getting my mojo jump started.
 Today might be a two post day if I get my project completed!
 And then I saw this adorable drawing on the chalkboard in the hallway! 
 Look at how happy he looks~and how proud he is to be on the team~
its his first year playing, and it has been so rewarding for him and for us.
 So last night we had a dinner date~
My sister Ellen met us after work with Dad 
at a local restaurant to say goodbye to our Dad.
Its time for me to get back to blogging~
and let me tell you, I am ready!


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