Thursday, February 2, 2012

FYI: Betsy Speert decorated for a Super Bowl champ!

Me and Tom Brady~
 Matt Light #72 protects Tom Brady #12
Have you heard of the Six Degrees of Separation?
It is a concept that any two people on earth can be connected
through introductions in a chain by way of a friend of a friend. 
 I realized I have an even closer connection than 6 degrees with Tom Brady~
it is totally amazing~so pay close attention!
This coming Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday~Tom Brady
 and a few of the members of the New England Patriots,
 including Matt Light, will be playing in their fifth superbowl! 
 Being a local decorator and a big New England Patriots fan
 I was well aware that one of the Patriots, 
Matt Light, had his condo decorated by none other 
than my favorite designer Betsy Speert!
 Betsy Speert is a designer who was also based
 outside of Boston and one whose work I adored 
after seeing it in magazines over the years. 
 I never thought I would ever talk to her or even 
get a chance to meet her and then through the magic of blogland, 
one day Betsy contacted me after finding I had written 
about her on my blog.  At first I thought it was a prank...but  nope, 
 she emailed me her number and told me to call her...
next thing I knew I was her top blogging advisor and confidant!
  So keep following....
Then a little while back Betsy ended up doing a high profile makeover
 on Matt Light and was one of a team of people that was going 
to give him the works~from hair to clothing to his house!

This is a graphic of all the experts making over Matt Light,
 and Betsy is in the left corner.  Cool, huh?  
Of course Betsy doesn't watch football and 
didn't even know who Matt was....what a waste!   
Anyway I saw this makeover on local television 
and remember saying to hubs, 
"oh!! There is Betsy Speert, that designer I like!!"
Fast forward a couple of years, and 
now I would just speed dial her and tell her,
 "hey Bets, you are on  channel 5 right now!"
Betsy Speert and Amy Chalmers
Here we are, the day we met~blogging side by my dining room!
Now to the six degrees of separation theory:
1.Tom Brady
2. Matt Light
3. Betsy Speert
4.Amy Chalmers
So actually I am connected to Tom Brady by 4 degrees of separation!! 
 And in theory it is possible we could meet. 
 Like Matt could have a superbowl celebration party after
 the big win and he would invite his decorator Betsy and her guest (me!)
 and of course Tom would be there..woo hoo! 
 (I always say Dream Big~or go home.)
Amy Chalmers 
(not to be confused with Giselle)
connected by 4 degrees to~
Tom Brady

Now for following along with all of this nonsense
I am here to say that I would have won Betsy's giveaway
of a very nice software package for creating scrapbook style stuff,
but Betsy called me and told me the others who
entered weren't I should have won outright!! 
People, you have to follow a blog to win a prize from it!
So when Betsy called we both agreed it
 might look staged, even though I really did win and 
totally deserve it....
I selflessly suggested she give it another week 
and I would mention it on my blog....
 right after I talked about my 6 degrees of separation
 which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't met Betsy!
So go HERE to enter the scrap book software giveaway
and see the cool applications you can use it for~just be a follower this time.
This Sunday I will be hooting and hollering
and wearing team colors cheering on the Pats.
Hoping our New England Patriots will be following in the footsteps
 of the Boston Bruins and bringing one more championship home!



  1. That's really an interesting concept about being connected like that. I don't watch football and don't keep up with the players, but I just have to say he cleaned up well! I'm assuming that is the same guy (before and after). Wow!! Maybe I WILL watch the game afterall. Ha!

  2. Oops! I see my mistake. The first guy is Matt Light. I was talking about Tom Brady. Ok.... I think I've got it now!

  3. Fun, fun! Btw, did you start using WLW?

  4. Love that Amy~~ My son is a huge Patriots fan so we are praying that they win. I think I will show him your post. He is only 11, but will like it . He likes anything Tom Brady and Patriots. I say "Go Pats"!!!
    Enjoy your Super Bowl Weekend:)


  5. you're killing me. so I just want to mention my 5 degrees of separation from Tom Brady (ok, one more than you).

    1. tom brady
    2. matt light
    3. betsy speert
    4. amy chalmers
    5. pamela bates

    Thanks for helping with my separation anxiety Amy. You rock. And of course, if Betsy can bring two guest to the celebration, remember, I already have an in.

  6. You're such a trip... I have never willingly watched football, but you have to like me anyway, ok? Either way that last guy,Tom Brady phew, I sure don't mind lookin at him! And i love the 6 degrees of separation thing... that kind of stuff is cool. It's totally fun how you ended up meeting Betsy!, and she's a trip too, i love reading her blog, in fact i'm off to see what she's up to now!


  7. Great post! I like how that 6 degrees of separation works or in your case 4 degrees. Pretty cool. I am a follower of Betsy's ever since you mentioned her. She is crazy funny!

  8. Go PATS! I live in MA!!


  9. What a great post today. I totally believe that we are all connected and it has happened to me time and again. How wonderful that you are friends with Betsy. I am following her since I found her through you!

    Hope you have a good upcoming weekend. xoDiana

  10. Oh, I think I am exhausted LOL! How cool you are on a first name bases with Bets. Hum I am trying to think of some famous person I can blog about! Good luck to the Pats!


  11. I'm four degrees too! His wife eats at acreaturant here sometimes, and I know the owner. bit I don't think I'll ever be invited of he has a party there. Bummer. Go Patriots!

  12. Hi Giselle,
    This was such a fun post...i think i get it ;) not sure how you know my friend Amy though lol?
    wow the 6 degrees of separation really makes you think though,pretty cool.

  13. Great post!!
    I'll be cheering for the Pats here in Canton!!

  14. Morning Amy,

    Fun post...I love Betsy...yes, unabashed love!

    janet xox

  15. So cute Amy- Tom would totally want you, but then you would be torn between him and hubs ? What then ?

  16. I am not a football fan. I dont know a thing about it, but i will be thinking about you all.

  17. I really like Betsy....your BFF! She posted a tufted ceiling the other day that was so fabulous. Do you know where she is decorating on the Cape? My family has a house up there where we go every summer!



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