Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tulips and other good things

A grey day~its mild in the Northeast on this first day of February, 
with a haze of fog blanketing us.
This time of year is when I love fresh flowers most.
 A pitcher of pink tulips are so cheery~I can't tell you how much I love having them by the sink.
 They are starting to dip down after days of standing erect~but still so lovely.
 I wanted to discuss steel cut oatmeal....I thought I was buying the same McCanns oatmeal that they sell in a box~more of an instant variety.  But this oatmeal needs to be cooked a day ahead of time~argh.
Yesterday I wanted oatmeal and discovered this little I had something else.
 So this morning I decided to cook a batch up.  It looks like little seeds inside the can~I hope it tastes good tomorrow.  Even if it doesn't, I will be happy with the container to use when its empty~isn't it pretty?
 My cyclamen seem to be struggling to keep their flowers. I finally trimmed them all off after I saw tiny bugs flying around them (yuck).  I have some liquid fertilizer in the watering can and I won't give up on them just yet.  This big sink area makes a great spot to put a few potted plants.
That neat watering can is solid brass and was hub's grandmothers.
 The rest of the tulips are in the living room.  My latest designer book arrived!!! It was penned by my new best friend, now blogger, designer Betsy Speert!  I ordered it from Amazon for $3.99!!! Betsy told me I would love it, and she is right~I do love it.  I never bought it before because I didn't like the cover image.  So that leads one to believe the old adage of "don't judge a book by its cover".  
 This page shows a room she did for a Cape Cod show house. OMG~I still remember seeing this layout in a magazine! I loved the fabric on the ceiling and the hand painted vintage beds~Betsy knows how to nail down pretty, doesn't she? 
 For less than $7 I had this book delivered to my door~I know she isn't getting rich off of my purchase.  The prices for older books are bargains on Amazon and the convenience is second to none.
As I snapped this pic, I glanced at my sofa~what the heck?? I took Dillon out for a long walk last night and we circled hubby's excavator and Dillon must have brushed up against some grease.
 I hate when this happens....
But since we allow our dogs to sit up on the couch, I guess I can't complain.

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