Saturday, February 18, 2012

Piano Corner gets a tune up

 This corner of the living room has been a challenge~
it is where the piano sits and its never felt quite right.
I love how the mirror turned out~
I wallpapered it with leftover aqua damask paper that I used in 
the dining room and then I hung up a collection of things on the wall~
 An oil painting, a watercolor, a needlepoint, an old botanical~
 A floral lamp in an urn shape was found at the thrift shop
Of course the shade was purchased new
 after I measured the lamp to get the right size.
You will often pay more for a shade than a lamp this way,
but you will have a one of kind light fixture.
I plan to add some trim to the shade to customize it.
After looking at the corner I decided to try the long bench 
with the aqua linen skirt at the piano~
it really looks nice. The white was quite stark and the aqua
brings out the colors in the mirror and the chair. 
 The camera washed out the color, it is a little darker than this shows.
 You might notice a watermark in the corner of some of the photos. I haven't tried using them before and don't know how to put a pretty one on yet, but I decided to figure it out after I got an email from a blog buddy telling me that my living room was being featured on someone else's blog without a mention.  It was the leading image~so I kindly asked for credit but had to think perhaps its time for watermarking.
So here is the piano corner mostly finished~
How did I do Betsy Speert?
The topiaries look very green~should I ditch them?
Maybe I'll stick the galvanized bucket 
with the pink flowers back on the center of the piano?
I asked Betsy for advice at  her Oy Vey! Q&A party.
I sent her a really old photo of the piano area.
Below is how it has been looking since last month.
The Before~ 
before I papered the mirror and hung 
all the artwork and switched out the bench
 and played with the lamp....
I am thinking it looks a lot better with these changes....
Its all in the details I guess~



  1. Love the changes to this corner. Great idea to wallpaper the mirror.

  2. It looks really nice Amy! You really pulled it all together and made a cohesive grouping. You have such beautiful things! I think the topiaries are fine ~ a little greenery is always nice!

  3. LOVE that mirror. I actually like the topiaries. They balance out the dark wood of the piano so that the piano isn't the only thing in the corner that isn't a soft color, if that makes sense. Would love to see what Ms. Oy Vey has to say, though. She's such a hoot! Your home is beautiful.

  4. That all looks so nice Amy! I just noticed the small bit of sheer drape near the stairs too! I like that bit of softening!

  5. I really like the topiarys. The corner looks so nice. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  6. Amy - very nice... I am sure you are happy you finally got it done! Thanks for sharing and have a smashing Saturday.

  7. Oy Vay! The mirror, it is extreme and beautiful. Quite the nice little corner.

  8. I think the addition of color behind the piano grounds the space. I much prefer the gallery of art, and the wallpapered mirror. Curious to see what Betsy has to say.

  9. I saw your image on that persons blog and noticed there was no name associated with it, but assumed she asked you for permission first. I really like your changes to that corner! That was such a good idea to wallpaper the frame around that mirror too. I wouldn't have thought of that. Love the bench in front of the piano too.

  10. Your image made it all the way to Pinterest and was doing pretty well over there as well. But when I clicked it, it hotlinked back to that other person's blog. I watch Pinterest as well, so it was a surprise to see your photo. I assumed that it was with your approval, but you know what they say about assuming... Just to let you know you need to check out one more place.

  11. Beautiful, Amy. It looks like our Tantine Paulette's home in Paris.

  12. Love those flower prints. Your lamp is beautiful.

  13. Amy, Your piano is gorgeous! Love the linen skirt - it adds so much softness. The green in the topiaries adds freshness. I'm a big fan of mirrors and yours is perfect there!

    Thank you so much stopping by and your kind comments!


  14. Amy how excellent! I love your new look the mirror, the skirted bench!
    So Beautiful.

    Art by Karena

  15. I think it's absolutely perfect. I wouldn't change one thing about it. The whole thing is beautifully balanced, the colors are great... love the blue in the mirror frame, it looks beautiful with the dark on the piano and chair, and the round frame on the wall... the gallery wall is completely right, and i really like the topiaries, they don't look too green in the photo... I'm sure Betsy will give you a thumbs up on this one!


  16. I love this corner, Amy. The bench looks so pretty and I love the wall gallery, it's very soft and feminine. Perfect for your room!


  17. El rincón ha quedado precioso, todo el conjunto es muy armonioso . Me encantan los pianos y me traen muy buenos recuerdos de cuando era niña.....

  18. I love how the mirror turned out, Amy! That lamp was a great find.

  19. Gorgeous Amy! Love the mirror and bench paired with the pretty!

  20. Hi Amy,
    Whenever I see that you have a new post up I almost trip and fall trying to get here! I love your piano corner. I have been trying to do a wall similar to yours in my bedroom. I have four pieces up so far and I'm looking for just the right one. They are all framed in the dark or natural frame colors which is a first for me.
    I love the bench in front of the piano. It's really pretty and if Betsy doesn't like it, who cares! LOL!


  21. Hi Amy,
    I think the piano area looks so inviting. The skirt around the bench is breathtaking. I now know what to do to our bench to soften up the look! I can't believe the transformation of the mirror frame. It was a bit stark and is now so soft and pleasing to the space.
    You really did a wonderful job.

  22. Your piano area looks the aqua slipcovered bench too! Fabulous.....

  23. OK, here's what I think.....
    Love the wallpaper on the mirror.
    Love the topiaries, the green is a nice pop of color in the corner. Love the color of the linen slipcover.
    Love that you hung something OTHER than mirrors on a wall in your living room.
    What if you made another aqua linen slipcover in the same style as this one for the other piano bench???
    The scale of the other might make it easier for you to pull the bench up when you play your concertos. I mean, you are such an accomplished pianist, and I know you have all that money from adsense, so buying more fabric shouldn't be a problem!!!!
    The room is looking GREAT.

  24. Oh I love the mirror it looks so pretty with the wallpaper on it. I am sure it brings in the color of the dining room into the living room. Nice touch! The corner is looking very nice.
    Its really hard to follow Betsys comments....:(

  25. I love how it looks - especially the longer bench. So, I just bought a piano and have to say I love yours! What kind is it? Year?

    1. Well the piano was a gift and it was her mothers, I think it is about 80 years old. IT was made in New York by a company called Janssen. I think it is a very pretty piano with the double legs and the millwork details.

  26. Beautiful Amy. I love the way you wall papered the mirror. It adds such a nice touch of color. Everything you do is always gorgeous. And this corner is no exception. Lovely, simply lovely.


  27. Amy your musical corner looks so grand :)
    Reall a soulful feel to its space.
    Beautiful Sunday to you.

  28. The corner looks absolutely fabulous, Amy! That mirror is AMAZING! It turned out perfectly. And I love your piano skirt too!

  29. I like evertything (the artwork arrangement on the wall is particularly nice) but the skirted bench. The bench is much too large and a skirt just doesn't look right with a piano. Can you take the skirt off and post a pic?

  30. Hi Amy,
    I like all the changes you made. I don't think the topiary's are to green. I also notice how nice your painted white railings look in the background. If you get the watermark thing figured out, it would be great if you did a post about it.

  31. Amy,

    I think you've got it right! Just perfect. Love the way you've done the mirror. It is all in the details!

  32. What a beautiful corner. Love the linen slipcover for the bench and the mirror fabulous!!

  33. Aboslutely gorgeous. I love the vase turned into a lamp. Beautiful.

  34. Amy, I love the look of the "piano bench"...It adds such beautiful softness to the area...Wallpapered the mirror frame?...what a great looks fantastic! The piano area looks great...

  35. Love the changes you made.The lamp and artwork fit much better in that corner.LOVE the wood look mixed with painted pieces.

  36. ıts very very nice ı like your home have a nice day:)

  37. It looks great Amy. I love the mirror and how it plays off the bench fabric...

  38. Amy, the piano corner is much improved! :D There are so many pretty things to see near your piano. Nice job!


  39. I like this much better! I do see what you mean about the green being too green, but everything else looks great, I love that lamp!

  40. Oh Wow Amy,
    It looks like a picture from a book,stunning!
    I love the topiaries and the lamp and the mirror makeover is gorgeous it really pops out now from the wall.

  41. Amy, I think it looks great. I love the fresh pop of green the topiaries add. And the mirror is stunning! Great spot for it!

  42. Amy,
    I love what you have done here. How clever with the mirror. I am enamored of that bench with the aqua linen skirt. It is divine!

    Have a great day

  43. Amy,
    I really love the art grouping you did in this corner. The whole area looks so lovely and inviting. Way to think outside the box!

  44. It looks fabulous!! I SO love it! The wallpaper on the mirror is a perfect touch!! It's beautiful!

    Lou Cinda

  45. You are so good at decorating, you are really in your element !
    I love your new piano corner, very beautiful.
    I'm always so late looking at your posts, but I look at all of them !


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