Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Staircase

I love Brooke Giannetti's staircase.
This image is magical~with the mora clock 
and a huge french clock face 
hanging on the landing, to the pretty little 
crystal and iron sconce and the caned back settee~
However one thing I never really took note of was that the staircase
itself was painted in white.  From the Newel post to the 
banister and all of the railings this staircase has cottage appeal.
I discovered this after I finished painting my staircase all white.
Could it be part of the tremendous appeal in the image above?
 My staircase got the same treatment as Brooke's~
 From the moment the first brush stroke covered the 
standard oak newel post and rails, I was feeling giddy!  
 This is one thing I have wanted to do for a long time.  
So while hubs went off to a hockey tourney
 I luxuriated in painting the staircase!
 Oh~it feels so much better in my tiny entrance space now.  
The power of paint is never to be underestimated. 
 This house has a staircase that practically kissed the front door 
and one that sits in the living room.
The old oak color didn't relate to a thing and was a big negative.
 Now all painted white, it has cottage appeal that feels just right.
 Yes, you can paint over oak~
just give it a good two coats and a light sanding.
You can have your cottage stairway too~
I love how it looks~
I wish I had the space to turn my stairway into a covergirl like Brookes!
I'll be working on adding a little french cottage style~
but in the meantime it looks really pretty, plain and white.

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  1. ah, the power of white - love it! Esther

  2. Beautiful results from a simple change--love it!

  3. So pretty Amy! I love how a little bit of paint has the power to transform!

  4. Awesome! I was wondering when you were going to take the plunge. Love!

  5. I am always leary to paint over wood, but happy results everytime I do. My oldest antiques get to keep their wood finish. Lori

  6. Greetings,

    I love what you have done to your staircase...looks gorgeous!


  7. Oh Amy,
    YES! your staircase looks fabulous and i LOVE that pink heart on the door,so beautiful!
    I think i should paint my like that and age wax it don't you?
    Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration,love your blog xxx

  8. lol should have said i should paint my CLOCK like that xxx

  9. It's perfect! Love your whole home anyway:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Amy, I love them painted. I have contemplated painting my rail either white or dark. Like you I hate the oak color. Mine will be a lot of work so I keep putting it off.

  11. It looks great! Brooke's home is full of inspiration. Great choice!

    Ricki Jill

  12. Amy...what a smart move! I love it, its as though a gush of warm spring air swept through your adds so much lightness to the entrance. GREAT MOVE!

  13. Kim, I like the look of black rails too~but in my tiny space the white was really the best option.

  14. Shabbily by the Sea~I think your clock face would be great all shabbied up! Make sure you share afterwards!

  15. What a dramatic difference for painting a small area. It looks so light and airy and opens up the space. You visually moved the staircase back! Love it!

  16. Amy... - simply gorgeous... what a difference a coat of paint can make! This changes the whole feel for the surrounding rooms, doesn't it? Thank you so much for sharing... well done (Post and project) Have a wonderful Wednesday

  17. I love it, Amy! It looks so great white! Until we moved, I was trying to talk my hubby into white with a dark walnut step and white risers. No stairs in the new place, so we don't have that argument to deal with!

  18. Love how it turned out! That does look alot better and flows better with the rest of your house. I painted mine a few years ago when I painted my interior doors brown. I love having that orangey oak color gone! Wish my steps didn't have some of it on there too.

  19. Gorgeous!!!! have a nice day, hugs, Flavia

  20. The white looks so much better with your decor Amy. I see you used Valspar. Great choice.

  21. So much better! Creates such a nice white light effect!

  22. I want to repaint my whole house now! and i've only just finished painting it...

    Gorgeous, gorgeous inspiration photo and your staircase looks just as great!

  23. LOVE it. I think it shows off the wood of the steps better this way. And it brightens your entrance. just lovely. and I love the inspiration too.

  24. Hey!
    My staircase is ALL white!
    The ballustrade!
    The steps!
    The risers!
    Looking good girl!

  25. this is fabulous, amy! i just convinced one of my clients to paint her orangey-oak banister white, so i will definitely send her a link to this post! great job :)

  26. I love it also, looks great
    I use a primer and one coat of white paint I am trying to get my steps done all white

  27. It looks beautiful Amy! Love white painted staircases!

  28. I love it painted white, Amy! You go girl! My hubs would absolutely die if I painted our staircase...he loves his wood!


  29. Hi Amy ~ you have NO idea what this post means to me today! I have been contemplating painting my ugly oak staircase in our home for years because it no longer fits in, but I've never known how to go about it and didn't know if paint would actually stick to the oak finish. My oak looks identical to yours. Would you mind shooting me an email and letting me know how much sanding you did beforehand and what type of paint you used as in water based or oil based. I'd sure appreciate it! I know what I'm doing this weekend! Thanks Amy!

  30. Molto molto bella la tua la cosa più bella è vedere come riusciamo a trasformare senza buttare via nulla...complimenti!!!
    Un caro saluto Marina

  31. Hallo Amy !

    WOW!!!!! Wunderschün!!Przepieknie!!!
    Moze ija przemaluje swoje schody...
    Milego wieczoru zycze.

  32. That looks great! I'm pinning this so I can show my husband to try to get him on board. Our staircase is in a similar situation.

  33. Your staircase came out awesome! I've been wanting to do this for a while now and you've given me just the push I needed.

  34. Your staircase looks beautiful in all white! Fabulous job :o)

  35. Perfectly beautiful!!
    barbara jean

  36. Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Better! I love it all it goes with the rest of your home.

  37. I'm a real sucker for white! Love, love, love your railings.

  38. Excellent job - looks fantastic! Funny I should see this post today as I am doing a little painting myself - kitchen ceiling and cabinets. I have the same oak in my home and we are re-painting in white. It really freshens things up. Seeing your stair case makes me want to do that too!

    Enjoy your evening -


  39. Love love love the white. It all looks so beautiful. I've got to look in my romantic homes magazine again. Another great post!


  40. Amy, you are amazing! I don't think I would have noticed the white in the photo, but you are totally right - it makes a world of difference. i am so anti-oak right now (in my own home) and want to whip out the paint, but my husband would kill me (and the cottage look wouldn't work with my other things). But this is SO perfect for your home....I adore it!!

  41. Love the painted staircase. Not a huge fan of oak so the painted stair rail was a really good move.

  42. Oh looks wonderful!!!!

  43. It looks great- I have the same oak posts and white spindles, hadn't thought of painting the posts- hmmm....

  44. joy @ Comfort and JoyFebruary 9, 2012 at 3:29 PM

    Amy, I did the same to my oak stair railing. First, a coat of KILZ to kill the color, then one coat of semi gloss and one coat of high gloss white with a light sanding between coats. The new look extended the visual appearance of my room by blending the white railing into the rear white paneled wall. I love the results!

  45. I'm a little jealous that you have a staircase. There's something about stairs that makes a place seem larger to me. Love the new color. :)

    Philippine properties

  46. Hi Amy,
    I painted my ugly oak railings a couple of years ago. Luckily I took before and after photos. I hope to do a post about it on my new blog. Hopefully sometime next week.
    Your railings look great.

  47. I did the same thing with my oak staircase and never regreted it for a second. I love it! Thank heavens my husband lets me do what I want because many of our friends said that their husband would kill them if they painted over the "beautiful wood"!

  48. I did the same thing this fall, Amy and have loved it! Actually, now that I think about it I remember taking before shots but don't think I have ever taken and afters. I love how yours turned out! It is so refreshing, isn't it?

  49. I did the same thing this fall, Amy and have loved it! Actually, now that I think about it I remember taking before shots but don't think I have ever taken and afters. I love how yours turned out! It is so refreshing, isn't it?

  50. It looks perfect Amy!! Love it in white!

    happy week,

    p.s. very nice about Leslie!!


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