Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Candy Boxes

The Quintessential Candy Box
I fell in love with  Nita's heart shaped candy box last Valentines.
Isn't it a confectioner's delight?
You can see how she made it by clicking on the link.
At the end, she tucked in a vintage valentine I had sent her.
I think it is the prettiest Valentine Candy Box I have ever seen~
so it inspired me to look for more and try my own hand at making one.
I am not a big crafter~more of a painting rooms,  wallpapering walls
 and sewing curtains and pillows kind of girl...but this was an exception.
Yesterday I found 2 at the store~but I still
 wanted to try and make my own special candy box.
These cute scalloped candy boxes were found at TJMaxx~
Its part of a valentine display spot in the house 
in honor of the Love Holiday.
To make my candy box, I used my shabby chic samples for the rosettes~
  I bought a small and a medium sized box
 of chocolates at the supermarket, 
but decided to try the small size first.
After cutting the squares into circles and making a pinwheel shape, 
 I formed little rosettes that I applied with hot glue to the back 
of the fabric and then glued them to the box like so~
one at a time, following the shape of the box.
 After all the rosettes were glued on, I wrapped the red
 box with a wide pink satin ribbon to cover the red 
and attached it with the hot glue.
Then I tied a pussycat bow and stuck it on the side.
 I looked in the button box to find a proper button to adorn the bow~
and found a mother of pearl button with a lilac center.
Happy Valentines Day to all~
 A homemade valentine for my sweetheart~
I set my little heart box on top of the pretty decoupage style boxes.
I love the aqua and yellow box that my box is sitting on~
(pssst~they were on clearance for only $2 and $3)
I put our sealed Valentines right here on this pink tray
Until February 14th~
Pretty peacock blue and pink
I'll keep looking for a real vintage candy box~
but until then, these will do just fine.
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  1. Love Nita's heart and your fabric rosette heart, Amy! I feel stupid, but what is a "pussycat bow"? It looks very pretty, so I'm sure it is something other than just tying a regular bow. I did a Whitman's box last year as my hubby's Valentine gift. It was an "I love you because . . ." box and I typed up in a pretty font all the reasons why I love him. I put it out this year as part of my little bit of Valentine's decorating.

    1. A pussycat bow is the type that is a large soft floppy bow, usually seen on women's blouses at the is just tied regular, but it is out of soft ribbon or fabric.

  2. Darling Valentine's box and bow! Just as beautiful as the vintage inspiration one! Have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

  3. Those are so pretty Amy.....I would love to get one of those!! Guess I'll have to do the crating though.....a Valentine to myself!

  4. Those boxes are gorgeous! I love the pretty touches you have added.


  5. Love your shabby chic colors
    I may have to try this its
    Too Cute!!

  6. Very pretty! You did a good job making those flowers out of fabric scraps. Looks like you're all ready for the big day!

  7. Hi Amy,
    Your little Valentine box and vingette looks so sweet.



  8. These boxes are so sweet. Love the feel they lend to your decor.

  9. That is so pretty. We have never celebrated Valentines day here.
    My MR DH says it's another Hallmark

  10. Love your Valentine box. I'm a "paint and wallpaper a room" kind of gal, too. I'm now following you on LF!

  11. It's precious... Good job! I don't do many crafts either, because of time and other distractions, but that looks so fun, and now you have a little valentines heirloom!


  12. What a great idea...O.K I have to do this little project as well...Thanks...I invite you to check out my new blog as well...

  13. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us.

  14. Amy your valentine candy box really turned out beautifully. I found a bunch of vintage valentine candy boxes on ebay. However like you I want to make my own. I was going to wait until Valentines day or after to get a couple of those gorgeous large fancy valentines hearts filled with chocolates. I also found another beautiful box done over at Bella Vistas blog in pink. I have just fallen in love with these and I want to make them. I have never done fabric roses like you did and I appreciate the tutorial. I'm going to try it. If it turns out as beautiful as yours I will be thrilled.


  15. I heart your beautiful heart box!..Definitely going to try and make those fabric roses..The heart box is definitely "the frosting on the cake" atop the cute TJ Maxx boxes..what a great find and buy! Is that button box an old tin box from Avon years ago..It looks a lot like the one I have...

  16. Hi Amy,
    Love the shabby chic fabric roses on your candy box!
    Beautiful fabric the bow too!
    I have just joined you as a new follower! Thank you for your visit!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    All the Best,

  17. Hi Amy
    I made a box years ago and put a slot on the top to insert love notes. I put it out on the table in the beginning of the month and put some cards next to it with a pen. We would write down the little things we loved about each other in the family on the cards and read them on valentines day! They were so funny and heart warming. Of course we had to force my son to do it! The kids are in college now and we read them and miss their little faces!
    Small Stuff!

    1. Leave it to my good friend Sue to do something special like that!! I love this idea Sue!! So sweet, and you get to keep them forever inside that little box. Send me a pic....

  18. Great boxes and I love the bow. Clever idea.

  19. Love them all. And you're not going to believe this but I have the exact same button tin (from Avon right?)!!!

  20. Theses boxes are so beautiful ! Now, after beeing good at sewing, wallpapering and painting you're good at crafting too ! I love your box and the rosettes.
    If you love rosettes you should see Tania's e-boutique Grange De Charme, she has lots and lots of beautiful rosettes she makes from fabric. She's French but she speaks english.
    Have a nice day Amy !


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