Friday, February 3, 2012

A Valentines Brunch for Two

 A valentines brunch for two. 
The table is set after being inspired by Eddie Ross' version
 of a fabulous table he set with the very same opaline goblets.
The tall tapers Eddie used look identical in color to the opaline goblets.
I'll be on the hunt for some, they look so fun!
I loved how he mixed in lots of pink, 
purple and orange to create a bohemian mood.
 My table is set with pale pink and the same robin's egg blue,
creating a more romantic instead of festive setting.
My opaline stash is stuffed inside the french desk~
 A paper valentine bunting drapes across the mirror

 My Nana's stemware sits next to the opaline goblet~
I only have two, one in green and one in pink.
 This ruffly blue vase is perfect for a valentine bouquet~
thanks to two of my readers
 that told me that the tulip is one cut flower that keeps growing
 and so that is why they flop over~
so I gave them a trim and was able to reuse them.
 I made the pink toile place mats long ago and 
have washed the green background right out of them.
I just might re-enact Eddie's table with the hot pinks and oranges~
for my birthday dinner!
Did I ever tell you about the time I got to 
meet Eddie Ross and his partner Jaithan Kochar?
I practically jumped over a sofa to meet him
 at a packed party in the NYC Design Center for the e-mag RUE's launch.
They couldn't have been nicer and more genuine, 
We traded stories about hunting for treasures
 at flea markets and the Salvation Army.
Anyway, it was really fun....
Meanwhile back here at Maison Decor
I am hoping to reveal the living room makeover on Monday~
its a special project with BlogHer called Monday Makeovers!
The mantle area got a winter update~
wondering what you all will think as it is a lot different!
Until I see you again~
"Far from thee be every care~"



  1. Very pretty Amy, and elegant! I love the pinks with the blue...even the reds work, I love it all :)

  2. oooooh Amy this is just beautiful,love your table setting so much,very pretty and very romantic.
    I remember you did a post on meeting Eddie Ross,love his table setting!
    I have a small collection of blue opaline,milk glass and can't wait to use it in our cottage,yours looks amazing with your chandelier and wall lights and your Nana's stemware is dreamy,your home looks really very beautiful.
    ps i never knew that about tulips and that vase is gorgeous.

  3. Amy this table setting is so beautiful.
    Love the blues and the pinks.
    Your stool with all the ruffles is to die for.
    Drop by by if you get a chance and enter my giveaway.

  4. Couldn't be a more romantic or prettier setting for a Valentine's brunch. Your Valentine is quite lucky!
    Oh yes, I've been meaning to tell you how much I love your new header. Chic and professional looking!

  5. I love pink and robins egg blue together, so fresh and romantic. You are always doing something special! OX Christie
    P.S. of coarse you can sit on my new red chair anytime!

  6. Hi Amy~~ You know I LOVE all that pretty blue.

    Happy Weekend and Go Pats!!!

  7. Your dining room is so charming! What a spot for a brunch - perfect. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Hi Amy,
    I'm over here for my daily dose of prettiness and you never disappoint. I love your table setting and that pretty opaline glass is perfect for your lovley dining room.

    I hope you don't that I made a reference to your pretty vanity table on my current post.


  9. The blue is exquisite. I love it beautiful....I can dream while I feed the horde leftovers so I can keep painting furniture in the garage....sigh...

  10. Beautiful table setting. I still can't get over that wallpaper in the back of that room. It is truly quite elegant, and perfect for the room.

  11. Your table setting looks so pretty! It looks just like something out of Shabby Chic's latest book. I love your little valentine banner too. It goes perfectly with your dining room style.

  12. Amy the blue looks so beautiful in your home. Love the pop of color it gives, just enough. Perfect for a birthday dinner or a romantic Valentines feast for two:)

  13. Love the pink and blue combination...just beeautiful!!! Your whole dining room is stunning :o)

  14. Amy, your table for two is just lovely! And I really love the color combo in your inspiration photos from Eddie's table.

  15. I'm a big fan of pink and blue. Your table setting is beautiful!


  16. What a great looking table, Amy. I love it and don't you just LOVE those opaline goblets? I had one piece of hobnail that color and gave it to my neighbor that collected colored milkglass.

    I can't wait to see your mantle. I can't imagine that it will be less than awesome~ xo Diana

  17. I Love this color combo-- you'll see the next time you come to my blog and see the new header :)

  18. Love the blue! Gorgeous color combination. I have lots of white in my home. So many options! The blue really pops! Lovely and so romantic.


  19. Geeesh Amy, your house looks like something from a magazine, everything is so beautiful. I love your pink toile placemats... and i'm still loving the bench slipcovered, that was a good one, so Pamela Pierce, and her style is to die for,. one of my absolute favorites. Those sconces by the mirror... ok, let's just say it, they're completely amazing! I have a similar mirror, that i am promptly going to paint just like yours tomorrow!


  20. Lovely, as always. And if I know Eddie (and I do and he & Jaithan are a delight!), the tapers are Creative Candles. I'm thinking either Royal or Sky Blue. They're great candles -- which you can order online:

  21. Your whole table setting is so pretty but that ruffled vase is just gorgeous! It looks so perfect with your chandelier-you are making me a real fan of this opaline. Now I want some too!

  22. That looks so beautiful. That color looks incredible in your room.

  23. HEY!!!
    You didn't mention that I was the brilliant person that sent you the link to that info! I am suuuch a good friend!

  24. Beautiful Amy and
    Who knew blue could be so romantic
    perfect for Valentines day ~sigh~

  25. wow amy, you NEVER cease to amaze me. that is simply put.....absolutely beautiful. whered you get the blue candles! could you please let me know. id really preciate it. thanks, sue

  26. I love the pink and blue, I'm so glad we've moved beyond just red for Valentines! Although red does look really pretty with that blue! Those wall sconces are to die for, where did you find those beauties?

  27. Love those pops of turquoise. It's so pretty. I hope you are doing well. I've been so busy that I haven't had time to catch up on my favorite blogs. In a few weeks I get a whole week off!! I can't wait to do blogging catch up then. xoxo, Cristi

  28. Very dainty and romantic table for two. I do look the robin blue goblets and vase. Funny, I met Eddie and Jaithan in NYC at Gracious Home and had my photo taken with them! I even won a goodie bag of items from the store!You are so spot on about them..They were so gracious and cute, too!

  29. Amy, what a beautiful table setting. I especially love the image with the opaline goblet and your Nana's pink stemware with your china tea ware. Looking forward to the living room reveal!


  30. Love all the blue opaline stemware with your chandi's and sconces. That little vase is to die for! What a find that was! Such a cute valentine brunch. I'm working on a valentine table too. Here it is 3am and I just got home an hour ago. I'd love to see all this vamped up for your birthday dinner. I think a valentine birthday is so fabulous...a great day for a birthday. My birthday is two days before 4th of July so I used to get red white and blue birthdays sometimes. My Mom has this fabulous jello recipe that is red white and blue. She used to make it for me every year. Everyone at work would joke at how sad it was that I got jello for my birthday but they never had this special's fantastic. But Mom has sworn off ever cooking I guess I'll never have it again unless I make it.

    I'm going to try very hard to get my valentine stuff done. I've had the supplies for weeks...just so hard to find the time.

  31. Amy I adore your opaline collection and of course your decor!! I cannot wait to see your latest unveiling.

    Eddie and Jaithan Are so special and yes genuine. I was fortunate to be in a workshop with them here in Kansas City at Creative Candles!

    Please do come and join my Valentine Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  32. Your soft and beautiful table is the perfect reinterpretation for Valentine's Day and a wonderful complements to the romantic atmosphere you are so gifted at creating.


  33. Amy,

    I love, love your blue accents and the tulips look so pretty in the blue vase.
    BTW, your super bowl feast sounds great!


  34. This is such an elegant and romantic setting. Not only that it is so peaceful. Love it!


  35. This blue glass is so beautiful! I love love that vase!!!
    I still cannot get over that chandy! Too die for!

  36. Awe, from the very first picture, I was in love with the blue.
    Your Valentine table looks fab.
    I would have loved seeing you jump that couch to see Eddie. lol
    Have a wonderful week,

  37. Just beautiful, i love all the opal pieces with the new chandy and scones. Ive really come to luv ur style, and ur dining room is one of my favorites to look at...Ive been alittle of a lurker lately, lol...Thank u so much for stopping by, im honored to have u follow, OMG(in my best valley girl voice)and look forward to many more visits to ur beautiful home..........Bonnie

  38. I love love your blog you have one of my favorites....I go to it everytime WOW you are very talented...Hope you can check out my new blog sometime...still working on a header....Need help... Blessings Lori

  39. The blue is so pretty as is the table!!
    I love the new blog design too. Hope you are doing well :)

  40. So gorgeous! I love the neutrals with the white, and the pops of color add so much charm!! Beautiful! =)


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