Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bedding in the Living Room

 Living in Boston, the winters can feel long .
I needed a little pick me up~
so a bed sham in a spring time floral 
courtesy of the Target Shabby Chic line
found its way onto the sofa.
 It was quite pleasing~I've washed it many times 
and it is nice and soft, and it seems the ruffle color
 is now looking different than the main fabric~
but I can't remember if it always had this blueish grey
 contrast color~but I liked how it
 looked with the wall color and the mirror color.
 Its pretty enough to stand alone without the 
ruffled coverlet that is usually on my sofa.
 The other bedding I just bought recently to use 
as slipcover material for my brown arm chair 
or perhaps make two big sofa shams was the 
Target Shabby Chic solid grey embroidered sheet set.

 This is the scalloped embroidered edge that runs along the flat sheet
 and the pillow sham~its very well done.
Just look for this pretty label at Target in the bedding department
 if you are looking for a little shabby~
the more you wash it the softer it gets. 
This line gets a thumbs up from me~
 The blue hydrangea duvet sets were all on clearance, 
so they will be discontinued and only found on ebay soon.
Just letting you know you can get them for a song~
I paid full price, and I love it.
And as far as the pretty grey sheet goes, it might get cut up into
 a slipcover for the brown chair so it will be ready for spring~
Have you started your spring thinking yet? 
Speaking of pretty grey things~
the vintage grey chandy in my Etsy shop sold 
and it will be on its way to a new home in Australia!
I have some exciting new treasures to
add to the shop and will be doing that this week.



  1. I've bought bedding from that line for my oldest daughters room. Pretty pillow and the colors go perfect in your room!

  2. Beautiful Amy,
    So fresh looking and i love the pattern...i have been covering a lampshade today for a standard lamp i made over and it is covered in pink roses,its bright and a bit English floral,i can't wait to finish it tomorrow.
    Can't wait to see your chair slipcover,
    Love to you x

  3. I love that pillow...Wish we had a target here in Canada...Your couch looks and feels very springish...Blessings Lori

  4. That floral pillow sham looks perfect in your living room on that sofa. I agree with you about the quality. Her stuff does get softer as you wash it. I've had to wash my pillow shams a few times, already. I'm ready for her to start carrying some new patterns. Maybe with Spring coming up, there will be something new.

  5. I love the ruffled sheets. I have a set of them for all our beds now and use them all the time. They are wonderful! Love your pillow- xo Diana

  6. That is so pretty, Amy, and I love the sheets, too! I was going to buy some shams online from Target but it wound up being almost twice as much with shipping, so I will have to just get myself to the store.

  7. Gorgeous! I love that shabby chic set.


  8. I think it looks great, Amy. The colors are beautiful. I use bed pillows on my sofa too. Very comfy.

  9. Hi Amy,
    I love the shabby chic line of linens. They are so pretty.. I'm in love with the floral pillow sham and it looks perfect on the sofa. Those sheets are going to make wonderful slip covers.

    Congrats on selling the chandy.


  10. I love that pillow--the colors are so pretty. I love the simple shabby chic line at Target--I love even more that it comes into our Goodwills all the time brand new. My daughter and I always snatch it all up! Today 'Simply me' posted a beautiful duet cover in similar colors to your pillow. I love it too! I love your decorating. You inspire me.

  11. I have a duvet cover just like that and I love it!


  12. That pillow on the sofa looks like something you'd just want to grab up and smush to your chest and snuggle into. And, i see you already have plans for the chair for the spring. Girl, you never stop creating pretty!
    Thanks for the tip about the Shabby Chic line, i'll be making a run to Target tomorrow, on my lunch break!


  13. I am not surprised one bit that the adorable chandy is on its way to its new home!! Everything looks so charming!

  14. I have Simply Shabby CHic in three of the four bedrooms in our home. LOVE that line, and it looks fantastic in your living room!

  15. Very pretty and I love the colors.

  16. Very fresh and pretty! I know how you feel about needing a pick-me-up. Our Seattle winters are so dark and rainy..blah! I have a similar pattern (Shabby Chic) in two of our bedrooms. It never wears out! I've also purchased the Target brand and it wears very well.


  17. I love those colors for spring! Everything looks so fresh. Great buys!

  18. That pillow is perfect on your sofa...Isn't it wonderful that Target is offering such beautiful things?...Gotta love their new lines...

  19. Hi Amy!
    Love this pillow! I am so thrilled Target has this line. I have to tell you.... you must GO BACX! They have a white (and also a dusty rose pink) fleece double layer blanket in this line that has satin edges. I am here to tell you... BUY IT!
    It is beyond fabulous. It is so super soft, washes like a dream, and when you have it on your lap or on your bed... it is THE best thing evaa!!!

    I wish I could buy one for every single person I know. They would be happy forever!

    Yes, it's THAT good! :)


  20. I adore the flowery pillows! I'm a huge fan of flowers on cotton bedding. And I think this is fit for the sofa on my condo too. :)

    condo Philippines

  21. I love the Shabby Chic linens, too!
    The sham looks perfect on your sofa, Amy. Congrats on the sale of your chandy.

  22. How beautiful Amy!! What a great idea! I will have to get myself to Target ASAP!!

    Lou Cinda

  23. Check out my post today! I nominated you for an award ;)


  24. Very pretty! Can't wait to get to Target.

  25. Looks great on your sofa - reminds me of Simply Me's blog where her entire living room is filled with bedding

  26. Hi Amy,
    I love that pattern in the Simply Shabby Chic line. Whenever I travel to the USA I always have to go to Target and look for things from Rachel Ashwell. Finally Target is coming to Canada YAY! I can't wait.


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