Monday, February 13, 2012

Annie Sloan Gypsy Table

Feeling Like a Gypsy
My fat frenchy table got painted with
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in four colors~
 Duck Egg, Antoinette, Country Grey, and Old White
I did a lot of distressing and used clear wax,
 as well as some dark wax (added sparingly)
to get this look.  Always remember,
 things may look worse before they look better~
when you are creating a unique piece like this, don't be afraid, keep painting!
 This table had so many decorative elements to play with~
I understand it may not be for everyone...
but if you have a bohemian side or a little bit of gypsy 
waiting to come out, then this table might inspire you.
I was inspired by this Annie Sloan Antoinette 
and Aubusson painted cabinet by Junk Drawer Diva.
I saw it on Facebook and fell in love~of course 
this cabinet has so many funky elements, 
but I have to give kudos to the Junk Drawer Diva for 
her bravery and imagination! I LOVE it!
 So I tried my own version on a smaller scale. 
 My Gypsy Table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint~
Duck Egg and Antoinette with 
Country Grey and a touch of Old White.
I also added a band of Duck Egg around the coffee table
that was mostly Annie Sloan Country Grey. 



  1. Just the colors!

  2. I love how that turned out. Great mix of colors and love the inspiration picture.

  3. You are wearing that paintbrush out, Amy!! ;-D

    Love it! You did a wonderful job and it looks great near your coffee table with the band of blue!


  4. Love how that turned out! The varied colors work so well together...good choices!

  5. OMG - OMG - OMG!!! Amazing! I'm a big fan of this transformation. I really love the color combination Amy. What a fantastic piece. You have inspired me!

  6. this is perfect, just wonderful with your colors!

  7. So romantic! Just in time for Valentine's Day!
    I am taking photos of my windows today. "See" you soon!


  8. Great inspiration, and your table turned out beautifully. I like the mix.

  9. I love your table Amy. You really gave it that bohemian, gypsy look. Which, by the way, I think you have a lot of that in your personality. Love it.


  10. I really love how it turned out! That's such a pretty paint combination. It reminds me of the one my sister put on the hutch in her master bathroom.

  11. That looks really pretty, I give you a lot of credit for going for it, I would have been so scared, but the end result is so pretty.

  12. I must have a LOT of gypsy in me because I absolutely LOVE IT! You did an amazing job. Okay...back to Disney World now.... xo Diana

  13. I think it looks great, Amy! I think having a piece like this adds a bit of whimsy to a room, too. And why not have fun with it? It's just paint, right? That is a great cabinet, too.

  14. And there she goes again!!!!! Amy I think you either need to get busy and write a book on all these projects or start your own show on HGTV called "Amazing Amy's daily project"......what do you think!

    1. I love the idea~if I can do it in my PJs, then I am in!!

  15. Oh pretty Amy! I liked it when you had it two colors before... but i can't remember the colors now... just that it was gorgeous then too!


  16. Amy this table is gorgeous and I love that you used a four color palette!

    Art by Karena

  17. That is so pretty--I always love your color choices!

  18. Hi As always I've enjoyed my visit...I love your slip cover...When I open your blog there is a voice that says "you have won" Do you know what this means??? Blessings Lori

  19. Fabulous! This is truly amazing and lovely!

  20. This little table looks great now! I am so impressed!
    You have inspired me. I have a very similar table in my garage that needs to be painted and sent to the shop, and now, I think I know what to do with it! Thanks Amy!

  21. Amy,you are truly a work of art yourself.....aaaand youre like the energizer bunny. you just keep going and going and going and......:) happy valentines day, sue

  22. Oooh, I love the combination of colors- your side table looks wonderful. Have a great Valentine's Day. :)

  23. Amy..I absolutely love your table in those colors. You have convinced me that I have to get some of that chalk paint. Everything you've painted I have just loved. Gorgeous!
    Thankyou for posting a comment on my blog. It meant alot as I so admire you and your blog.
    Also I am so embarrassed! I gave you the wrong Bella for the candy box. Here is the correct one. This should take you right there.


  24. El colorido es ideal, la mesita ha quedado preciosa. Feliz día. Besos
    Ah! tu blog me encanta.

  25. Looks great Amy,
    I am waiting for my local store to get the Antoinette in. It should be in 2 weeks. Can't wait to paint something with it.

  26. Hey Amy,

    Your side table is gorgeous!!!! I have been a longtime fan of Kathy Ayers for a while now. She is creating some of the most beautiful 'Gypsy' pieces.

    I love that style and you did a wonderful job of capturing a soft bohemian look.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  27. I love this table so much it is gorgeous. I am trying her chalk pain for the first time.

  28. I love the colors of the table...You have such a talent for choosing the right combination of colors!..I am so happy to see such a resurgence of these particular pieces..

  29. Love it, I think it's going to be the next new thing! You have inspired me to try something new! I love that cabinet too!

  30. Love the mix of colors - you've inspired me to do something with a cabinet I have in need of change.

  31. Love your style! Gorgeous pieces! Happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @


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