Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink and Blue~do they go together?

Ah, yes pink and blue.....
 The question of pink and blue going together isn't really a question for me.
An old hooked rug I picked up at auction has coral pink and aqua blues in it.
I'm planning to paint my bathroom vanity in duck egg blue 
so I dragged the rug up to the bathroom
and threw it on the floor.
This bathroom makeover kind of stalled 
and I am ready to set about finishing the task.
I wondered about introducing the pink Antoinette color into the bathroom color
palette along with the the duck egg blue~
and as I was thinking about this pink and blue idea an 
old childhood memory popped into my head while  I showered.

When I was in second grade I was invited to color at 
my grandmother's neighbor's house, Lucy.
I loved to color~and I colored a page with a puppy dog 
and used powder blue and baby pink.
It was so pretty and when I finished it off I proudly showed 
it off to Lucy and her friend who remarked,
"Oh! Pink and Blue don't go together!!" and laughed knowingly.
 I was perplexed....what did she mean that pink and blue don't go together? 
I was trying to understand why she said that, when my picture was so pretty.  
 Well I couldn't understand it, and I was too embarrassed to ask why. 
 When she laughed at me, I didn't feel very good about my coloring~like it was a failure.
I don't have many crystal clear memories, but this one is clear. 
And it  popped into my head while I pondered adding Antoinette pink to the blue~
funny how that happens, isn't it? A vintage memory just comes to the surface and
 you can remember exactly how it felt that day.
 I thought to myself this morning that I was so 
glad that woman's comments didn't crush my creative spirit.
 I was glad I survived it even though it was a sting so strong I didn't forget it.
 And now my house is decorated with lots of pink and blue~
and that woman has probably been dead and buried for a while now.
Wonder if you get to read blogs that apply to you up in heaven orwherever you go.
 And then something strange happened.
 I checked my email this morning 
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was there.
My sister Susan's (almost) 2 year old twins had just colored
 their first pages out of a coloring book!
And it was a puppy!! 
And look at how much fun my god-daughter,
 Audris, had with her crayons!
 Seeing the puppy coloring book pages was a jolt~
Its so strange and wonderful when the universe sends you a message~
 "That was awful about the negative comment on your artwork
 when you were little~and pink and blue DO go together"
Yes they do.



  1. Isn't it amazing how something that someone said when we were kids can "haunt" us for life? I was always the chubby one in my early school years and I can remember being taunted and teased and how that made me feel then. I DO think the one thing that happened because of that is that I developed an empathy for others...a deep and abiding acceptance for everyone right where they are at.

    I love pink and blue together as long as it is not overdone. Look at that china! Look at the rug! Look at that fabric! You go for it, Amy! xo Diana

  2. Your story was very touching. It is amazing when life brings messages. But only those with an open mind can see and hear those messages. I am sure Lucy had many comments like that over the years. Some people just are that way.
    Can't wait to see how the bathroom turns out :-)

  3. Hi Amy,
    I agree with Diana,i was bullied at school too and i think it gives you a deeper understanding of how others could feel if the wrong thing is laughed at or the wrong words are spoken,it is all too easy to crush a person and some thrive on it often because of a deep down feeling of low self worth on their behalf or jealousy.
    I love pink and blue it goes beautifully together and your home is a testament to that...if i had been there when you were a little girl i would have told you "Amy don't worry you are going to have a beautiful pink and blue house when you grow up with one of the prettiest blogs on the internet where all your friends who love blue and pink will join you each time you write and make pretty pictures and tell you how beautiful they are" it's never too late to heal an old wound,
    Lots of love to you XxX

  4. Pink and blue look so pretty together but it made me chuckle as I recall a time when I was helping with a church teen youth group. This saying was said frequently:

    "Girls are pink and boys are blue but we don't wan't to see any purple" Get it??? Pink and blue when mixed together equals purple. However, when decorating mix away. LOL


  5. Lucy was color blind.

    I think your bath is going to look super. I LOVE your tub! It's going to look very serene. :)


  6. Chalk that up to a "non creative spirit"! you have a style that's serene, peaceful, and oh so beautiful. Glad you didn't listen to the negative. xo

  7. Brilliant -simply brilliant! Isn't it amazing how a few little words spoken to us (even if the speaker doesn't remember speaking them) can stick with us for a lifetime? Love the rug! and the images are perfect! It makes me happy to think that you remember a picture you colored when you were young... that is one of life's little pleasures. Thanks for sharing... have a wonderful day.

  8. Love all your pink and blue. I love the frame holding all the swatches. Great pictures and I loved to color, too.

  9. I've always contended that God put all kinds of colors together in nature and they are perfection. Imagine pink tree blossoms against a blue sky...can it get more beautiful?

  10. That's such a great story. I'm glad that you continued to believe in yourself though. We tend to remember hurtful comments like that and question ourselves. She OBVIOUSLY didn't know what she was talking about! Love all of your pink and blue accents.

  11. Love all your pink and blue Amy and I love that rug! What a touching story. Looking forward to seeing your bathroom re-do.

  12. Love the rug, Amy! I love pink and blue together and I think you've got great examples of that in your home. I did a post awhile ago about coloring and crayons, and how people might comment to children about the colors they've chosen; how they probably affected us to a certain degree in how we choose color.

    My 19 month old granddaughter enjoys "coloring" on her big pad and using her toddler crayons. She knows exactly where I keep them and will walk me over there by the hand to open the drawer and get them out for her. Then we lay the pad on the floor for her to let her creativity out. I can't imagine that I would say anything to her but, "What a beautiful picture! I love the colors you chose!".

  13. Your bathroom is going to look divine.
    Love the cute rug you bought at auction.

  14. Aww... that's a sad story :( I love pink and blue together! Your bathroom is going to look great especially with the color palette of that rug! It looks perfect in there already, the curtains look like they match perfectly too!

  15. I think blue and pink go together beautifully as long as one is not overpowering the other!
    Sooo agree about those memories that come back full force like they happened yesterday and how we relive them when something triggers their recollection. Lucy clearly did not anything about my dear were not only an EXPERT colorer (I would have been the girl next to you furiously scribbling away going outside the lines, talking, whistling and trying to distract you to make you do the same-lol) but you were also a color pioneer before you even knew what it was to put colors together.
    You sure proved her and pink go together just beautifully.

  16. ha! I knew it! My living/music room is pink and blue! I just knew it looked great! But your fabrics really make it gel! Maybe I need that! Thanks for the great inspiration :-)

  17. Oh yes, I can vividly remember some of those moments both in childhood and still today. In fact I almost did a post about what a hard time I've had the last few days dealing with a very difficult friend and ending a frienship. But, I decided my blog really wasn't the place to write something so emotional.
    Writing is how I deal with pain and hurt feelings, so it was good therapy anyway.

    Okay, I digress. I love pink and blue together and I love the rug you are putting in your bathroom. It's the one from your living room isn't it? I also like you childhood coloring book page. Very pretty.

    Great post Amy. I guess for me it was another message from the universe.


  18. I think we all have those memories that pop back to us at certain times. I am so glad that remark didn't crush you as well. It very well could have, and that would have been sad indeed.
    Your pink and blue looks amazing and that bathroom will be beautiful when you are finished.

  19. I agree....we probably all have at least one memory that brings back something hurtful. I'm sorry that this was said to you, Amy.
    I'm glad you realize how it affected you, and know how to encourage others, instead of making them feel sad and embarrassed.
    You are such a special lady.
    p.s. I hung my "pretend" Mora.

  20. You are such a creative person.I am so glad it did not crush you.And YES blue and pink DO go together.

  21. Most your swatches and can't wait to see what you do!

  22. I love pink and blue together--especially when pink is more the accent color and blue is the main color. Even my husband doesn't complain about pink then. The images you posted are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. If I ever start pinning I will end up pinning your whole house:) I'm really in love with the runner on your table. Did you make it? Do the ruffles just go in straight lines? I am wanting to recreate it.

  23. Not to worry, Amy.

    Yes....they do....


    xoxo laurie

  24. Whoa! I love that message from the Universe... Gave me goosebumps, isn't that just amazingly cool!
    And... you do pink and blue justice like no one else in the world!


  25. Just the right balance between blue and pink is so pretty. Your pictures are so pretty Amy! Amazing when those triggers bring back past experiences and memories. Thankfully your confidence and creative perseverance won out and here you are!

  26. I Love the pin and blue.. always did and I always will.
    You have captured so many pretty pictured of how gorgeous they are together.
    The prettiest sunsets are always pink and blue.

  27. Words have great power...for good or bad! Great lesson! Love your pinks and blues! Following you on your Linky.

  28. Ah yes...the sting of long-ago, what was to the speaker, probably a rather off-the-cuff comment. Sad how these can stick in our memories. I'm glad you didn't listen to that lady. I'm with you: Pink and blue certainly go together!If I have a client who's wondering about a color combination, I ask "Have you seen it in Nature? If God put it together,we can make it work too! We may just have to work harder to make it as nice as He did!" Enjoy the lovely pinks and blues in your home :-)

  29. What a story! If only she knew what a creative designer you have become. Pink and Blue are my favorite colors.
    Can't wait to see the bathroom finished.New Follower.


  30. You took a negative experience and ever so turned it into a positive life experience...!! Kudos to you!

    Your bathroom sounds like it will be a great project to look forward to...

  31. ove the pictures. I like the little lamp and the glass jars. They almost look like mercury glass. Are they? Nice post.

  32. You were right! Of course they go together. My little studio space is pink and blue.


  33. think your bath will look all the rest of your home. have fun, be sure to give us your results. know you will... it will probably be done by time the weekend's over if we know amy. thanks for the pink and blue post. love those colors together.

  34. Of course blue and pink go together. This brought back memories for me of kindergarten. I always got complimented on doing the best coloring pages. Which actually, I never enjoyed coloring very much...I'd rather draw my own pictures even as a little kid. But...I remember everyone always said mine were best and I decided I'd like to see what it would be like to be the stupid kid in class because I always had the best art and A's on my one day we did a color sheet and I colored everything black and brown and really messy. Then we had a paper where we were to match up which things went together. Of course it was very easy like a bird and a birdhouse and a dog and a bone but I purposely matched them all wrong. I thought it was fun to be bad that day....till at the end of the day when the teacher pulled me aside and asked me what was wrong with me and then called my Mom into the room to discuss what might be wrong with me emotionally. I had to confess that I'd done it on purpose to see what it was like to be dumb. I never did that again!


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