Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vintage Me and Pink Tole Trays

My First Birthday~
My dad just sent me this picture.
Here is my first heart shaped cake!
Mom made it and used white icing with 
pale pink for the ornamentation and the single candle. 
How sweet is that?
Funny to me is that I am wearing my brother's old
 Cowboy bib over a pale pink angora sweater made by my grammy.
And look on the highchair tray~a suction cup toy with a 
yellow rose with a bumblebee in the center!
I love roses~so this toy is so cute to see, 
and I was surprised to see it as 
I didn't think suction cup toys existed back in 1960.
I got a wonderful bouquet of peach roses with pink edges
for my birthday.
 But the birthday festivities are over and I am hunkered down getting all of our taxes sorted out~this is my least favorite job I am assigned in our household.
It is quite the opposite of how my creative brain wants to function, so every
fiber of my being must ignore the decorating impulse and focus on numbers.
Ugh.  However I do want to share one decorating thing with you all since you were soooo nice to me on my birthday with your well wishes and compliments!
 The pair of pink tole trays I owned found their way to the top shelves of the bookcases.  I think they look quite perfect and add a romantic pinch to the gray.
This pink is a pretty salmon pink, not too orange and not too blue. Think ballet slippers with a little more saturation. I have to hang the smaller tray on the bookcase wall to raise it up a bit, as it is smaller than its counterpart.
This bigger pink tray was in my Etsy shop~
but luckily no one bought it, 
so I was able to use it again and am happy I still had it.
Sometimes I get rid of things a little too quickly~
then wish I had it back! Do you ever do that?
 I just don't have the space to store things I don't use.
After I get my taxes all done, 
I will show how pretty the pink trays look
in the context of the room.
I have also been  busy working on the piano corner
 which is proving to be my biggest challenge to date.



  1. I love tole trays and your pink trays are beautiful!


  2. Happy Birthday! I have a pic of my husband that looks the same..his bday is the 13th and his mom always made him a heart shaped cake from 1 to 55!
    now I make brownies in it since she gave it to me.
    Your trays are gorgeous.

  3. Happy Birthday Amy!
    I so enjoy your blog, I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your home office. I could live in there.
    Hope your taxes don't take too long to get through ugh!
    Lisa over at

  4. Happy birthday!
    So lovely picture of you, you're lucky to have color pictures from your childhood, I have only black and white pictures of me from the 60's;)
    My birthday is February 19;)
    Wish you a nice weekend, hugs Hanne


  6. You were such a pretty baby! I didn't know that those suction cup toys existed back then either. Your tole trays and your new roses look so pretty in your living room. They go so nice with the grey color. Yes....I have gotten rid of things too quickly before and regretted it. I have to be careful because I change my mind so much. Good luck with your taxes. We have already done ours and received our refund! Yay! My husband does ours on Turbo Tax.

  7. Wait, so let me get this straight.....
    I told you I loved the vases on the top shelves, so right away you take them down?????

  8. love the pink trays. glad nobody bought it so you have a lovely pair.

    i think the cowboy big is adorable. pink angora sweater and all.

  9. So nice of your dad to send you that picture.

    Love your birthday roses!


  10. Congratulations on your birthday!
    What a sweet picture!

    I wish you a very happy birthday!

    Warm wishes,


  11. You were so cute as a baby, hope you had a happy birthday. The pink tole tray is charming.

  12. I love the gray in your living room. But you know me, I adore gray! And yes, I get rid of stuff all the time and then wish i had it back!!

  13. You were the cutest baby girl! Happy belated Birthday! XO Christie

  14. What a cutie you are on your first birthday. Beautiful cake too!

  15. Love the pink tole... I have QUITE the collection... let's bring it back in style... you and me!!! :)

  16. A big happy birthday! I just love your photo and the big is killer! Good luck with the taxes - just looking at your file gave me palpitations!

  17. Hi Amy! Happy Birthday!!! I love your pretty flowers. Love those tole trays too.


  18. Happy Birthday! I love the photos and especially the one of you! Thanks for sharing and have a terrific Thursday.

  19. Happy Birthday, Amy! Such a cutie! I get all our paperwork together ~ every year ~ for the accountant. Then I sort it and clip it into categories to not just be giving them a jumble of papers. Since we moved, I also have to send it overnight mail. Your trays look good on the shelves. I could just see you sitting there going through your paperwork and looking up and thinking, "those pink tole trays would look good up there". : ) That's definitely more fun!

  20. What an adorable picture of you Amy! Happy Birthday! (Don't you wish you were still a kid and just eating cake instead of doing taxes...tee hee! Meeee Tooooooo!)

  21. What a cutie you were with your little heart shaped cake, and those big blue eyes! And that's where the heart shaped bday cake tradition started, with one little bday candle in it!
    The tole trays look great, i didn't even notice they were two different sizes when i looked... and i'm still loving the soft colors in the room, very calming... probably need a good calming atmosphere to tackle those torturous taxes and numbers! Yuch! I bet your attention span on that is a little iffy, i can just see you trying to focus on taxes, and looking around the room wondering if those roses would look better on that sofa table or the other! smile...


  22. Happy Birthday Amy. What a cute pic. The flowers are beautiful, and the tray work perfectly with your decor. I switch things out all the time. It's one of the perks of buying and selling.

  23. What a sweet photo of you as a baby. And the neat thing about it is everything in that photo would look great in your house today! ;P

    Happy Birthday!


  24. Taxes. Yuck. I love your trays though.:) You were an adorable baby!

  25. oh wow...what a birthday amy.sorry i missed it. love tole. got several nice ones, but no pastels. im using 1 on phone table. looks good there. anyway, get over the numbers and get back to what you love. happy birthday, susy

  26. Darling absolutely darling. What a cute cute baby you are. And your pink tole trays are really nice but they don't hold a candle to you as a baby!!!


  27. Happy birthday Amy. Love the pink trays, I don't own one yet but have most other colors.
    Beautiful roses and babypicture

  28. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERWOMAN! What a precious little girl you the tole tray too, a perfect touch in your beautiful and charming home.

  29. Sounds like your Dad was a "Papa-razzi", which means a dad who takes a lot of pics! It's a good thing as my dad couldn't be bothered and I have about 3 pictures of myself as a child. This pic is sooo cute!

    Love the pink tole trays too. And the pink roses!

  30. Happy birthday! You were such a cute baby. Love all these old pictures. Congrats on being in a magazine. Your living room looks beautiful.

  31. Happy Belated Birthday, Amy. You were a beautiful baby... love the cowboy bib. :) Your pink tole trays look wonderful with the cool, soothing greys you have in your living room. Looking forward to seeing more.


  32. Happy Belated birthday, Amy! You were a beautiful baby! You look like a girl I was friends with as a child! Such a cute pic!



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