Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink and Blue~do they go together?

Ah, yes pink and blue.....
 The question of pink and blue going together isn't really a question for me.
An old hooked rug I picked up at auction has coral pink and aqua blues in it.
I'm planning to paint my bathroom vanity in duck egg blue 
so I dragged the rug up to the bathroom
and threw it on the floor.
This bathroom makeover kind of stalled 
and I am ready to set about finishing the task.
I wondered about introducing the pink Antoinette color into the bathroom color
palette along with the the duck egg blue~
and as I was thinking about this pink and blue idea an 
old childhood memory popped into my head while  I showered.

When I was in second grade I was invited to color at 
my grandmother's neighbor's house, Lucy.
I loved to color~and I colored a page with a puppy dog 
and used powder blue and baby pink.
It was so pretty and when I finished it off I proudly showed 
it off to Lucy and her friend who remarked,
"Oh! Pink and Blue don't go together!!" and laughed knowingly.
 I was perplexed....what did she mean that pink and blue don't go together? 
I was trying to understand why she said that, when my picture was so pretty.  
 Well I couldn't understand it, and I was too embarrassed to ask why. 
 When she laughed at me, I didn't feel very good about my coloring~like it was a failure.
I don't have many crystal clear memories, but this one is clear. 
And it  popped into my head while I pondered adding Antoinette pink to the blue~
funny how that happens, isn't it? A vintage memory just comes to the surface and
 you can remember exactly how it felt that day.
 I thought to myself this morning that I was so 
glad that woman's comments didn't crush my creative spirit.
 I was glad I survived it even though it was a sting so strong I didn't forget it.
 And now my house is decorated with lots of pink and blue~
and that woman has probably been dead and buried for a while now.
Wonder if you get to read blogs that apply to you up in heaven orwherever you go.
 And then something strange happened.
 I checked my email this morning 
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what was there.
My sister Susan's (almost) 2 year old twins had just colored
 their first pages out of a coloring book!
And it was a puppy!! 
And look at how much fun my god-daughter,
 Audris, had with her crayons!
 Seeing the puppy coloring book pages was a jolt~
Its so strange and wonderful when the universe sends you a message~
 "That was awful about the negative comment on your artwork
 when you were little~and pink and blue DO go together"
Yes they do.

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