Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shop Series: Paint, Pretty, and Pearl Street

 Today was an early start, I wanted to paint the entire right side of the shop.
I almost forgot I was a blogger ...
 I had already finished the bead board when
I remembered to take a pic. 
 It used to be the color of foundation makeup~
the worst color in the world in my opinion~
and on top is dark caramel.
Goodbye....brown and caramel and peach
I am subscribing to the theory that it will be pale yet interesting....
so its all being painted in French Canvas,
 which is a grey but might appear white
compared to the caramel color you are looking at.
 Oh yeah, and then I decided the "gilded" columns
 had to be white too~and I was sooo 
happy I started rolling them out~
they looked fabulous white!! 
 Then I posed for some self photo shots, and its hard 
not to look anything but goofy or self absorbed!
 Ok, I give up~but can you see I can fit in my smaller jeans?!! 
Yes the perks of driving yourself into the ground 
and being true to your lo-carb diet. 
That's my little kitchenette behind me~
 While the columns were fun to paint, 
this is the part I call UGLY PAINTING...
you have to paint over wires and ugly things
 just to make it look half decent...
and it works! So paint things out to make them disappear! 
 This section was particularly ugly~
I removed a bunch of clipboard thingies...I HATED that
burgundy accent stripe on the wood...I wanted it gone.
 I keep books with images that inspire me propped open~I just love this room.
 And this one is pretty too~all have painted white wood floors.
 If you like the painted floor idea, you'll get tons of ideas from this book.
 My brother Brian showed up in the afternoon to help his big sister~
I made asked him to do the high parts!  
He is a teacher and he has school vacation this week!
 And looky here~gorgeous right!?! 
White columns and beams.....ahh!
 While Brian was finishing up I was unpacking new inventory
 and my favorite thing was this set of 6 botanicals.
 I had to throw a few of them up on the wall~

 They are so pretty, and they have chippy gilded frames and good price points.
 I started stocking the armoires with pillows and drapery panels in taupe toile!
I have to say, this is the BEST part of being a shop owner~
 Have you seen this old church pew I bought for the shop? 
These  french fleur pillows look amazing on it.
 Out for a minute, and then back into the cabinet~
Its 5 o'clock and Brian has to hurry and finish up as he 
is headed to watch the Boston Red Sox~
he might come back on Saturday and do some more work..(!)
 And I found myself having steak tips and salad again with a glass of wine~
although this might be the first time I ever ate dinner alone at a restaurant!
But it felt fine~I brought home some for hubby who had a full day himself.
This Pearl Street Station restaurant might just be my "Cheers".
I will be working on my sign application~
I really have a grand plan for the facade~!!
Hopefully it will get the green light~until next time, 
I want you all to know, I feel the support and encouragement , 
and I really appreciate it!
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