Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am an Annie Sloan Retail Partner!

Amy Chalmers and Annie Sloan by Janet Metzger
"Annie you must let me sell your fabulous paints!!"
And so she agreed~
and we all lived happily ever after!
Well it wasn't quite like that, but pretty darn close~
Lisa Rickert of Jolie Designs, Jami, Freckled Laundry, me, Patty Seaman of Classic Wall Finishes NJ, Shauna of Perfectly Imperfect blog and Karen, Patty's talented and hilarious sister and partner.
You could say it happened when I booked
 a ticket to the Annie Sloan Boston workshop~
and that is really when the last 20 years crystallized.
 I decided that this career move felt perfectly right.
When I walked into the convention I saw a surprising display of pretty fabrics.
I had come for paint after all~and here was a new line of  AS fabrics...
And then listening to Annie talk about her paints
and color theory and the way she started this business~
well something happened~I was quite entranced by her,
and really was caught off guard as I had no hero worship
or any opinion for that matter on Annie~all I knew her to 
be was simply  the creator of the chalk paint I loved.
But she was so much more than that~
 it is hard to describe one of those monumental moments in life
when all of a sudden you just know you are supposed to do this!
(after a whisper from Jami, see more below)
Yes!! I was going to do this!
 I was going to  have a store where 
I could expand my online sales and have a 
showcase for beautiful french draperies and custom painted 
furniture, all with the shabby french flavor that I love.
Listening to Annie that day awakened a new desire
and ever since I have not stopped...not slept...
not blinked....not worried....not questioned....
But how does that happen in one moment?
Well it happens over time, and for me it was the culmination 
of where my blog has taken me in the last two years and
 my  years of design and custom curtain background
and it all built up to a point
where this was the most logical and mandatory step to take!
I just knew~being part of the Annie Sloan network was going to be incredible.
Next year I'll be yucking it up with the rest of the crew~
this is a company I am so excited to be a part of~
I have only worked for myself really~so to be part of something
bigger will be a new thing for sure.
I had nice talks with every single one of these ladies (except the one kneeling)
You can see Lisa Rickert next to Annie, who was sooo helpful
and encouraging to me to get this deal inked,
 and Annie is touching my friend and supporter Janet Metzger,
and next to Janet is Nancy from Rhode Island, and behind 
her are both the lovely Stephanie from New Jersey and 
Tricia from the Painted Purple Lady.
I  now have my own territory as an Annie Sloan Stockist
and I will be servicing my area which is the north/west Greater Boston area.
As soon as I come back from my formal training classes
I can be open for AS business~but all things in my shop
must be ready and I hope that will be mid May~!!
I am so thrilled~I can't wait to meet all the devotees of the paint
and as soon as the fabrics become available this summer I will
 be making beautiful things out of that too. 
You know sometimes it is an obvious choice~but in this case
it didn't really occur to me to be a retailer of the paint I love...
until Jami whispered in my ear
during the convention~ "why don't you be a mini-stockist?"....
huh? I just had been doing what I own thing...
decorating, blogging, painting..
but not thinking of partnering up in any official way with a store! 
But when Jami asked me that, I immediately thought~
oh yes, I want to know more..
what is thank you so much Jami!!
 I immediately spoke to Lisa Rickert of Jolie Design who handles all the US distribution
and stockists....and then I spoke with Annie, and she said to me in her lovely 
Australian accent " Oh, we'd love it if You'd do it darling"...
and so I did.
As I descended on the escalator at 5 pm I phoned my husband,
and said, "Dave, I want to open a store that sells 
my stuff and Annie Sloan chalk paint."
And he said, "That's great honey, go for it!"
yup, he really said hestitation or ummming...or what???
just GO FOR IT!!!!
Me and Annie Sloan~
She's high on my list of people I admire~
I know my little shop will make her proud~
my whole family is behind me 100% in this venture
and it is an exciting time in my life~!
Being the mom and the wife for so long I am used to 
fitting my job in and around everyone else's schedule...
but these days, my team is behind me, and it is the best
feeling in the world~
So thank you for reading my blog~all of your comments and supportive
niceness has taken me to this place in time....without the blog
I wouldn't be doing this...I totally understand that....
Blogging is powerful, for both writer and reader,
and I love it!! Even with the new store I will be blogging my heart out,
sharing my life inside that big studio with bead board walls,
 making things pretty and giving inspiration.
So please visit me if you are ever in the Boston area~
I would love to show off my shop when I open my doors~
hopefully in 3-4 weeks!



  1. Good Morning Amy,

    Welcome ..welcome to the newest Sloan Ranger!!!!!

    I am so over the moon excited for you my are going to love getting to know all the wonderfully creative and talented women and men who are spreading the word about this fabulous paint and all the other products Annie offers to us.

    I also am chomping at the bit to get my hands on that fabric...soon I hope. I can see us doing sewing workshops for creating pretty ottoman covers...beautiful pillows and sweet lavender filled heart sachets. And for you...Window treatments!!!

    We are so proud to have you join our growing family...and Amy it is just that...a family that supports and encourages each other.

    And don't forget, next year....NEW ORLEANS!!!! We all get together with Lisa in her hometown for Annie, education..creativity and FUN!!!!

    I'm smiling for you,
    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. What a beautiful story Amy. Goes to show when the stars are aligned, things just work out effortlessly. Your husband sounds like such a great fact your whole family. I love that they are supporting you like that......just amazing. This is a really exciting venture and I predict amazing things in your future........they knew a great little dynamo when they saw one! Its a match made in heaven, and you better believe next time I go to Boston I will be visiting! Cannot wait........

  3. Amy. congratulations.. and welcome to our family.. you are going to have the most enjoyable time grow your business and make wonderful new friends... oh yes did i say contine to be inspired even more!

  4. Welcome, Amy! Your story is so similar to a lot of your fellow Sloan Sisters (and Brothers). I've had a dream for years, and finding Annie Sloan (and Sloan family) finally pushed me to make it a reality.

  5. First, absolutely, Amy ~ if I am ever in your neck of the woods or even driving through, I would stop and visit your shop! Second, sometimes it can be as simple as a "light bulb" moment as I think of it. It's probably been there in the back of your mind all along, and then "wham" it comes to the forefront and it's like "yes, of course that's what I should do!". I think it makes perfect sense for you to sell the paint you use and the fabric is a wonderful complement to your window treatments. I'm looking forward to seeing more of that fabric line, too.

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect match. I just may buy some paint from you in the future!


  7. This is a match made in heaven! Love the ride you're taking us on.

  8. Congrats to you, from another newbee... I am the overwhelmed person in the bottom kneeling, I had found out like 10 minutes previous to the photo, and was very much overwhelmed... I am sorry that we didn't meet, following your blog forever! There are a few girls that I wanted to link up with. .... NEXT YEAR!!!!

    Sounds like an exciting new addition of people coming on board! Can't wait for the year to UNFOLD!

  9. Congrats Amy!!!!!!! So glad to hear you're on board!!! Your little shop will be absolutely darling!!! I'm a fellow stockist on Long Island and was in Boston, but I never got a real chance to meet you...I was so entranced myself by you bloggers I think I just didn't know what to say...haha!!!! Anyway, I'm sure we'll meet next year in New Orleans...good luck with everything!!!!
    Amanda P.

  10. Cool, we should have seen this coming!! Now, why do I live so far away?!

  11. You have such an inspiring mindset! I am so glad you have such a positive attitude and such great support from your family! You are inspiring! You make me miss my store! I wish so badly that I had the money to fly out and help although it looks like you don't really need it. You have done so much!

  12. I am very happy to read you will be continuing your blog. I have very much enjoyed reading about your adventure. Good luck and hope to visit your store some day.

  13. This must be meant to be. It seems like it was an easy decision to you. I always say to myself, if I have doubts, then it may not be right. If it feels right, then it probably is. It's a nice change for you to have your family helping you now, huh? Looks like you're starting a second chapter in your life and we all get to read about it! You've gotten alot done in a short period of time. I'm always amazed to see how much you've accomplished when I read your blog. You're very inspirational yourself!

  14. Congratulations Amy! I am so happy for you! Reading this post definitely inspired me to not give up and to continue doing what you love and not let anything get in the way of your goals. You are definitely an inspiration. I really hope I can get a chance to visit your beautiful shop if I'm ever in the Boston area, since I live in CT so I am not too far! Melissa

  15. Amy, I couldn't be happier for you! Everything that is unfolding for you is so wonderful and exciting. Wishing all the success you dream of, but mostly wishing you days filled with doing what you love. Many bright blessings, Pam xxoo

    Now go get 'em!

  16. This is cool Amy!
    Before I left Tipton(I might not have told you...I retired and the event this summer is to be my last)
    I had checked into being a stockist for AS. I didn't realize there was a mini stockist at the time. It just didn't work out for my store purchases budget at the time. But I am so glad for you! It's going to be absolutely Fabulous!
    Especially since you love the paint so...much!
    I am rootin' for you!
    hugs from here

  17. Congratulations, Amy! How exciting for you. I love that your hubby didn't hesitate to tell you to go for it! He's a keeper. I know I said this before, but I have to say it again. I truly enjoy reading about your current journey. I hope you don't get too busy to write about it! I look forward to each post about the store.

  18. What a perfect complement to your boutique. It totally makes sense. Can I transpose your store in my town and take over, lol? Sooo envious.

  19. Amy,
    You are amazing.I am almost tearful reading this.Tearful for joy!You are such an inspiration.I hope to one day live out my dream.But now is not the time for me.You know when the time is right.I wish I did live closer.I would love to visit your shop and meet you.I am so enjoying reading about your journey.What a talented lady you are.

  20. Awwww, Amy! I am so proud of you! How very wonderful that you are an ASCP distributor. I think THEY made a wise choice! I can't wait to see he fabric lines, too. They look amazing..and you will have so much fun playing with all the samples of things you will be seeing...and sewing...and loving.

    If I ever get to Boston you are first on my "gotta meet" list! xo Diana

  21. That is great news Amy. Especially since you use and love the product so much. You will be a great salesperson for the paint.
    I noticed you have angel wings in your shop....I just did a post today with photos of a shop here in NH that does a wonderful display of her wings with a wreath. When you have time (ha ha!), you should check it out. It really looks lovely.

  22. I'm so happy for you Amy! It sounds like things are lining up just perfectly. Good luck with your exciting new venture.


  23. This is exciting news! I can envision the store now. In one part you are creating when you have no customers and the other parts are the store. I also see a book out that shows what you can do with different fabric, etc. I know it will be tons of work but you will be doing what you love and that will make the work easier. Just remember your protein from the steak tips across the street.

    I went to Togos (like subways) the other night and had my usual Turkey with Avocado. We had a Togos at my university and at least once a week I'd eat that. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is I can relate to eating the same thing from a restaurant over and over.

    Have a great week! Katharine

  24. Congratulations! I love your style and your home is gorgeous so I think you'll be perfect at this. I look forward to reading about your new adventures. I live way down South so I'll be hoping for lots of pictures :)

    Good luck,

  25. I'm so happy for you girl! The paint is the PERFECT compliment to what you're all about. Can't wait to see your setup!


  26. How exciting! Best of luck in your new venture! Sounds like a "day trip" to Boston!

  27. That will be a great addition to your shop to sell the chalk paint. The fact that you will have things there painted with it will give a big boost to its sales as some of us DIYers love to go to shops not only to purchase but for ideas. I can't believe how soon you are opening--WOW!

  28. Hi Amy,
    I am so Happy for you. I too have been a mother for many years and been there for everyone else. I love it that all of your family is behind you and you now will get your turn to shine. All the years of work you have put in are now coming back to you.

  29. Congratulations Amy! oh Annie Sloan paint will look so fabulous in your pretty shop.
    I am glad you have husband who lets you spread your wings and fly,he must be a great guy,i know because Steve is the same with me,never held me back once.
    I love seeing pictures of Colin he is so happy looking,he always makes me smile.

  30. Very exciting for you. That is a great partnership and its so sweet that your family is so behind you. You are lucky!

  31. I'm SO happy for you Amy! It is a dream come true for you, and combines everything you love. I'll come visit, since Malden isn't too far away. Yippee!
    - Susan

  32. Do I get a prize for guessing this yesterday!!? It just makes SO much sense! (A test jar of Antionette will do just fine, thank you!)

  33. When you revealed to your readers that you were opening your shop, I told a friend that the next thing you were going to announce was that you were going to be a ASCP stockist...It just is the most logical thing that should are the perfect representative for her..a definite asset to her line of beautiful paint and fabric...

    Good things happen to good people and you are reaping the benefits of your hard work and determination...Congratulations...just a magnificent time in your life!...

  34. I loved reading through all this even though I knew the whole story already. So nice that you are soooo excited and I know its going to be a huge success. I can't wait to see what you do with her fabrics. I know you are super tired and running on adrenaline. You are so fortunate to have complete support of all your family. Dave is a girl's dream for a husband.

  35. Congrats and well done girl, you deserve it, you work so hard!


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