Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shop series: Lavender Paint and the biggest oil painting ever!

 At the shop today~its Sunday I know...but anyway, 
I was able to have hubby and Colin bring a few of my 
auction purchases to the store~and one of them
 is this gigantic oil painting! Its 6 feet long by 53" high.
 And it is really nice~a very romantic floral still life.
 In an ornate frame~it came out of an old hotel I guess~its huge!!
 Colin helped continue to prime~
 I tackled my fear of heights and started painting 
out the caramel color with a dusky lavander.
 Its pretty~
 Lots of you complimented the frenchy chair~
I love it too, but it has a dirty secret!
 A big fat hole in the caning...
covered up nicely by a custom cushion of course!
 I wanted to see how the glossy paint looked over the primer
 and it looks like melted vanilla ice cream.
Yummy~I really liked it! I can't wait to finish 
the whole darn place~and I have to do it soon...
Cuz I keep getting big pieces like this pretty oak bookcase 
( I have the shelves put aside).
Its a real beauty~! I have a few other show stoppers too, 
so stay tuned and I'll keep 
sprinkling in the pretty with the needful!
Oh and thank you to all you Mora clock lovers for placing orders~
I will be showing off a Mora clock in cream and old white
as well as one in Versailles and Cream after I custom paint them!
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