Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paris Grey Chalk Paint for a Mora Clock

 Oh yes, another Mora post~but there are other goodies at the end, 
so I hope you stick around if you are tired of seeing my
 Mora clock obsession series.  This clock is the one I am
selling and I offer custom colors in the Annie Sloan chalk paint line~
and my client asked for Paris Grey (2nd from left below)
Such authentic swedish colors in theAnnie Sloan chalk paint
 line that go perfectly with this style clock. 
Then it can be lightly aged or heavily aged.
 You can see my light blue clock and Elma's clock in Paris Grey.
This was the inspiration photo for the Paris Grey version~
lovely with the Old White highlights.
 The original finish on the clock is a khaki putty color with 
golden undertones which is nice for the warmer palette~
 Here the Paris Grey is getting applied with my 2" sash brush~
 Next will be the Old White for all the details~
 Followed by waxing and light aging with a touch of dark wax~
 And the finished Paris Grey Mora Clock is ready for her new home.
 You can see the dark wax along the base of the clock~
I didn't want to apply too heavily
as I wanted a grey clock, not a brown clock.
 And more wax along the neck of the clock~
 A pretty crown detail sits at the top of the clock!
 Shes a pretty little thing~
 Wishing all a nice Easter~! 
Doesn't this view out my front door 
look like the Easter bunny lives here?
 The yard is at peak with spring flowering trees
 right now in purple, white and yellow.
Its just so gorgeous outside!!
 And look what finally came!! 
My big black and white cabana striped indoor/outdoor fabric 
for my porch curtains!! I am super excited to do
 this project!!! Hopefully next week??

This is the sketch that shows how it will look~
I'm headed to an auction this morning looking for treasures~
hope you all have a great Easter! 
And yes I did paint that egg Paris Grey...
I just forgot to snap a pic.

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