Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter~thank you chickens!

~Artful Egg Laying~
 The Easter Bunny usually gets all the credit~
but I am tipping my hat to the chickens
 that live on family farms and yards.
 Mr. Maison Decor brought home a dozen eggs 
from a friend whose family has chickens.
The prettiest eggs I had ever seen~
 Pale green, shell pink, peach with pink dots 
and freckled brown eggs were in the box.
That was a surprise to me~all the ones from the 
supermarket are the same uniform color.
Then I remembered reading somewhere that each chicken 
lays an egg special to themselves and that you can identify 
which hen laid which egg by the color and appearance!
 This was the first year I remember that I didn't dye any eggs~
so these fresh eggs were a lovely substitute, don't you think?
This darling little basket is my 20 year old son's Easter basket~
I found it one year when visiting my mom and dad in Naples, Florida.
A shop there had the cutest Easter stuff~and so this came home with me.
Simply adorable!  After filling it with the chicken's pastel eggs, 
it looked even cuter, so I took it outside for an
 Easter photo shoot before church~
But this is what I think of when I think of Easter Sunday~
little girls in their new Easter dresses!!
These are my darling twin nieces at age 2~
Happy Easter Audris and Brooksley!



  1. The eggs are beautiful with all of their different colors. Gorgeous basket too. Happy Easter. Hugs, Marty

  2. My girls lay varying shades of tan and brown. I've been looking for some "Easter Eggers" that lay pretty colors, but they aren't super common around here and I am afraid of ordering chickens through the mail.

  3. Love those eggs, Amy. They are beautiful in all their natural colors. You might be surprised at how different the colors of the yolks are inside, too. Some deep, deep yellow and some large and spread out. Amazing really.

    Love the basket. I didn't know your parents were in Naples. I used to live in Ft. Myers and was the spokes model for Naples 5th Avenue when I was young and cute..and Naples was just coming into its own.

    Have a blessed Easter~ xo Diana

  4. Happy Easter! I agree about the little girls in Easter dresses. I always think of that too. Your neices are darling. I never knew that about egg colors belonging to certain chickens. I learned something new today! Someone else wrote about how chicks chirp while in their eggs too. Can you believe that? So neat. We took our dog Max to a nursery yesterday to buy flowers for our porch and they had chickens and roosters there. Max had never seen them before. He was VERY interested in them! Ha! Hope you have a great Easter today.

  5. How lovely, yes nature provides a natural beauty that we can't replicate. What a darling basket! Have a lovely Easter, Sally xx

  6. What a cute basket, and your nieces are adorable!

    Ricki Jill

  7. Amy, Aren't fresh eggs the best?! I like the soft colors and your nieces are adorable. My kids are 21 and 23 and I miss doing all the Easter activities with them. If they are here, I still create a basket of goodies for them. :)

    Hope you had a wonderful day.


  8. Love the natural colored eggs. I knew they came in different colors but was surprised by the pink. Very cute basket. Your nieces are darling! I hope you had a nice Easter. Mine was lovely. I got to sit outside and drink margaritas in front of the outdoor fireplace at Shannon's. It was very very nice.

  9. The eggs are so pretty..and the sweet basket too. Your nieces are dolls! Two is such a fun age. I can't wait for grandchildren!

  10. Morning Amy,

    A local farmer once gave me a dozen eggs and they were the most beautiful shade of aqua. I didn't have the heart to crack them, so I blew them all out and saved the whole shells. They look lovely in a pretty bowl. What little works of art.

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

    PS...the vintage easter basket made me smile

  11. PSS...those adorable girls put a second smile on my face...too cute!

  12. I never knew about the "special egg"...very interesting...I am glad that I am not the only sentimental one who saves special things from my son's childhood...My granddaughter now plays with his toys...

  13. Amy,
    So pretty.Looks like a fun Easter.

  14. could they look happier?!?

    have a wonderful week, amy.


  15. Those are their natural colors!!? They are gorgeous! Oh my goodness... and your neices look adorable...


  16. The eggs are beautiful and your nieces are darling! Happy Easter, Amy!

  17. Clearly, I do not know my chickens because I thought they only laid white or brown eggs! I LOVE the natural colors. I really thought you colored them. Learn somethin' new every day, I guess. My mother grew up on a farm and although I've heard many a chicken story, she never mentioned the eggs. Your nieces are adorable! I hope you had a great Easter!


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