Thursday, April 26, 2012

Road Trip for Annie Sloan Training~Day One

Good Day Everybody~I drove 5 hours yesterday from Boston to New Jersey to take my Annie Sloan intensive Train the Trainer session with Patty Seaman of Classic Wall Finishes.  Patty was one of the first stockists in the US and the second lady I bought a can of chalk paint from! I am in my hotel room without my usual photo downloading set up, I am not likely able to share the photos from my first day in New Jersey, as the photo files are huge and they may take forever to load on the while I try to figure that out, I came across this gizmo on my mac and I think it is pretty fitting self portrait, Andy Warholish~in that today I will be immersing myself in color and technique, the Annie Sloan way!
I really wanted to share all the pictures I took when I arrived a day early in New Jersey and headed to visit Magnolia Lane~the Annie Sloan shop that belongs to Stephanie Kahrs Granit~here she is talking to a lady who walked in to ask about the chalk paint that she had seen online!  It was pretty amazing to watch this happen, as soon I will be in these exact shoes~in my own shop and I'll be sharing the excitement of this wonderous chalk paint that needs no prep, no stripping, no sanding~just the fun of getting right to the painting! Stephanie's shop is very beautiful, and it feels a little like my space, in that there is lovely light and lots of white~it was a real treat to look at the pieces she has finished. You have to run your hand over the surface of her pieces, they are like glass! I was very impressed with her technique and taste! So there is plenty to share, but  I have to get home to do it so it won't bog down your computer and make you want to pull your hair out or click escape.
I have to share this shot of the lovely window graced by a beautiful chandy~
gorgeous! I love natural light, and of course I love chandelier lighting!
The full story of my visit and dinner with Stephanie is still to come~this morning I am getting ready to go to my class.  It will be from 9:30-5~and I am super excited!! When I left home yesterday, I will admit driving for long distances is not my favorite thing to do~I don't think I have ever driven this far alone...but I did it! The worst part was the crummy section of driving through the bronx in NYC and up onto the George Washington Bridge...but the rest of it was not horrid as I was listening to my book on CD, The Paris Wife, about Hemingway's first wife.  It is a pretty good love story~and anytime a story is true it makes it more fun, don't you think?  While on the road my shop was expecting a huge delivery, which had already been scheduled before I knew I would be out of my landlord Mike came to my rescue and waited at the shop and took all my packages in for me!! He is the BEST!!
Alright everybody~have a great day!! I will be 
learning and having a blast~maybe if I take some iphone pics 
I can share those with you tonight or tomorrow morning.



  1. Magnolia Lane does look like a beautiful shop! And your landlord Mike sounds like a keeper! Glad your trip went well, and so excited for you today!! Have fun!!

  2. I love all the photos of your shop coming along. I'm so jealous Amy!! I've been looking for a shop locally here but they are asking around $2K a month for 600-700 sq ft, but I did finally get a booth in town at the local antique mall. I am watching you for inspiration!!!

  3. Amy what fun you will be having! I am jealous that you got to visit Stephanie!! I bet her shop is just amazing. Thanx for sharing and have a fun and safe trip!

  4. Kudos to you for driving so far, Amy! I suppose I would, too, though, because as much as I hate being in the car for so long, I hate flying more. Her shop looks wonderful ~ just the type of thing I'd be happy to be lost in for a couple of hours! Looking forward to seeing all you've learned and what you've got in those packages back home.

    P.S. My crown came and I love it!!! Got a post drafted and ready to go up {with a shout-out to you} later this evening. I'd love your input on what I'm asking in the post, when you have a minute or two {which seems laughable to even type that}. : )

  5. Hi Amy,
    Love your Andy Warholesque pictures,i have one just the same of me and my son when he was younger,fun to look back on.
    Mike is such a sweetheart isn't he? I think Stephanie's shop looks stunning and the window shot is so nice!
    Maison Decor is going to be amazing when you have her up and running and all your pretty things unpacked and fancy schnancy new paint techniques...oooh i can't stand ii i have to book a flight lol!
    Have fun! love to you xxx

  6. I know you are LOVING today! I can't wait to see pics of her shop too. It looks so pretty, so far.

  7. Big hugs to my girls Patty, Karen and Mom!!!!
    Have fun and soak it all in.

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  8. Fun fun fun and I bet the 5 hours was sooo worth it! Cannot wait to see more pictures from this fabulous day, that pic of the chandelier in the window is amazing!

  9. Ohhhhhh my goodness... this is quite an adventure. Makes me smile just thinking of you driving along on your trip, venturing into new things, with your book on tape. I LOVE that chandelier in the window, just fabulous! And, once again, your landlord came through for you... what a great support person... wow! I'm staying tuned...


  10. I have been enjoying stalking(from BC,Canada) your amazing progress with your store. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream. I love the halo on your 4(Andy style) pictures... you are now an Annie Sloan paint angel. Thanks for sharing your journey.


  11. Classic Wall Finishes is where I get all my Annie Sloan products from via the internet and mail since I am in Northern New Jersey. I find them so helpful and they give great advice. I am sure you had a blast.


  12. So excited for you. That shop looks really beautiful. Yours will be too! You have the vision..:)

  13. I can't wait to hear more and more and more about your time up there taking classes!!! You are doing it right and getting your training in before your opening- smart thinking!

    Hope you have a wonderful experience...xo Diana ps...You aren't gonna go and fall in love with your landlord, are ya? just askin....

    1. Hey NanaDiana--with that hunk of a heroic husband Amy has, the landlord doesn't stand a chance. Now with me, that might be another story!

  14. Amy I am so excited for you, your new shop, and your partnership with Annie Sloan. I cannot wait to see and hear more!

    ....I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita Rivera, our Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages on my site!

    Art by Karena

  15. Because of your love of what you're doing and your willingness to keep your head and mind open to learning new things, are going to be VERY successful in your new shop! I'm praying for you every step of the way! :) Have fun this week, girlie!

    xoxo laurie

  16. I hope you can share some of your training with us. I have always wanted to try my luck with ASCP!

  17. Enjoy every moment of this wonderful journey...A journey that you have been so blessed with through your talents and hard work....i can imagine you being so wonderfully excited and deliriously exhausted...

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us...looking forward to your learning experiences...

  18. Oh...this all looks so fun. Your landlord is such a champ!


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