Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shop Series: Paint floors white!

 Another sleepless night~I couldn't wait to get to the shop to
start on the floors. When I left the shop yesterday I called a floor sander
to meet and give me a quote the next morning..I had
plans to sand floors, then make a giant diamond pattern on the floor
out of a white wash and natural wood, but it dawned on me when
 I got home that since the floors were
stained and patched, my best option is to
 do as the farmers do~just paint them with porch/floor paint!
 So I cancelled the floor guy and stopped 
at Lowes to get some supplies and headed right to work.
 When I arrived I couldn't help but be romanced by some 
of the details that had escaped me on day one~
like this beautiful door knob on my back door~
 And this gorgeous radiator by the front window~
 I lugged in all my supplies for the day~I was not going to be 
leaving anytime soon. There was painting to be done 
and waiting on  my first delivery of store inventory~
clocks and wings and pretty things!
 I stood in the quiet shop and looked around~I wanted 
to get rid of that big hunky peg board that was screwed into a
 window that had been bricked up years ago...
 The florist that used to be in this space years ago used this to
 hold ribbons for wrapping up and creating floral orders~but 
I thought it looked wierd~so I climbed up on the ladder with a hammer
 and a screw driver. The screws were caked in layers of paint 
and I had to chisel it out before I could turn the screws.
 Like a one armed paper hanger, when you are alone 
there are limits to what you can do~
with one screw remaining the big peg board swooped off to the side
 revealing a smashed window with hunks 
of glass ready to spew out onto the floor.
 Plate glass can rip you to shreds...
I carefully removed it wearing gloves and then took
 out the last screw to reveal the window.
 Don't try this at home~ ha! 
Decades of dust inside the window sill...
 Wow! It was going to be fantastic~
 I plan to wallpaper the bottom half with a vintage floral wallpaper 
I just ordered from an Etsy shop~
and then put glass shelves across and use it as a display cabinet!
Vintage Wallpaper Spring Sage Green Pink Yellow Daisies Floral Bouquet Focal Lace Strips Shabby Cottage
Pretty vintage wallpaper with a lace background on grey
with a garden bouquet in pink and yellow.
You can find many styles like this on Etsy~
 Love the old brick! I will install a puck light or a mini chandy at the top.
 This was the most dust I had ever seen~gross!
 But look how much more balanced it will be~yes this was a good move.
 And this is my little office/kitchenette that looks out towards that window.
 I brought along my inspiration pile~paint decks and my
 sketch pad that helps me keep track of all the 
images that pop into my head. This is how I create a space and
 get my vision on paper. I make sketches and notes all the time~
its a critical part of my process.
 Now I am supposed to be doing the floors!! But I couldn't
 wait to put a little white paint on the old bead board...the color all 
over the interior is killing I couldn't resist doing a bit of this first.
And the next thing I knew my delivery of clocks, angel wings had arrived! 
I am selling so many Mora clocks~and quite a few are
 going to be custom painted! I need to place another delivery for clocks,
 which will be my 4th so far! I am glad everyone seems to love them like I do.
 The order comes all shrink wrapped to a palette and is left by my front door.
 The first of many I imagine~I already have another one scheduled!
 At about the same time, Mike the landlord came over to help~
he had a floor washing machine. I had planned to do 
it the old fashioned and nasty way~but this was sooo easy!
 Painting floors is a 3 step process~first wash them with a 
TSP substitute solution.  I got this concentrate at 
Lowes and it makes 4 gallons. 
This TSP will remove the grime and grease. 
Proper prepwork isn't fun but you have to do it~
 It looks like Mike is doing it!! Excuse me while I pose 
for my glamour shot~not! I think Mike really wanted to do it...
and after that section he put me back in charge....
oh and guess how great my landlord is??
 He brought me a "house warming gift" of antique chandelier shades
 that are totally sweet and shabby chic!! 
 I was really taken aback! How nice of him, right?
He wrapped them up in a Turtle wax kit and pretended
 it was what it appeared to be~
he's got a sense of humor that Dave and I have been enjoying.  
Any way the box had the shades and a few vintage parts. 
Oh, and before I could take over the washing of the floors, 
I had to at least unwrap one pretty thing from my delivery~
look at this gorgeous thing!
 Love this rusty metal flower~
oh man I can hardly wait to create my space!
 Next step after floors dried was to apply primer. 
I used Zinsser Bulls Eye 1 2 3.  Its latex for an easy cleanup~
I got to work on the floors with the primer!
After the primer I will use a glossy white floor paint~mod farmhouse swedish floors await!!
And look who came home from school for the weekend to help his mom out? 
Yup, Colin! He was able to take the bus and get off at the subway right in the center and walk to my store!  It was awesome to have a helper come in at 4 pm~
 Colin started on one end of this side of the washed room, and I started on the opposite end and we met in the middle~
 I couldn't help but prime the walls too~I had to get rid of that carmel color...
 Beauty shot!!
One coat of primer~and next will be paint!! 
 And then I will do it all over again on this side of the shop~
I put in a twelve hour day and was happy with the results! My body?? Not so happy~
I creaked up the stairs to bed~I was I am headed to pick up two beautiful country french armoires done in the shabby chic style~I cannot wait to see them! I found them on craigslist and the photo was awful, but I am hoping for the best!  I'll see you all tomorrow with the next shop report!



  1. This is so exciting! I love your place...can't wait to watch the transformation. Love the painted floors!

  2. You are a tireless worker, Amy! You certainly did have a full day. It is going to look great though and you had a great idea that will also save the expense of having the floors professionally readied. Geeze, you'd think they would have at least cleared away the broken glass before they boarded up that window! I love your idea for it - it will make for a perfect display area and you will have something pretty to see when you look out from your office.

  3. Amy, it is so much fun watching your dream come to life! Thanks for documenting it...I think it's fascinating!

  4. Amy, You got a lot accomplished in just one day! The shop is looking wonderful and it is the perfect setting for all your beautiful vintage items. Congrats!
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. What a gorgeous place you will have - I love the transformation you've created, already!!


  6. I'm really enjoying the transformation of your shop. Half the fun is the journey! Can't wait to see it's completion.

  7. Amy!
    Kris and I can't wait to come see the shop as soon as I come back to Massachusetts!
    You make us feel tired and lazy just reading your blog.
    It looks soooo freaking GREAT!!!!!!!
    When you were talking about the window, I was thinking, if it were my shop.....I would put shelves in it for display, AND THEN.....THAT'S WHAT YOU WROTE!!!
    I know you will probably do some pretty color above the wall rail.....of course I WOULD DO CABBAGE ROSE WALLPAPER! Budget? What budget?

  8. Oh Amy you are living my Dream! I have always wanted to own and operate a decorating store! Your space is going to be so perfect for you & I can't wait to see it finished! Great job..


  9. amaze me with your energy! How in the world are you able to do all of this? And then to put together a blog post with it. I think you're going to be a successful shop owner by all of your hard work and dedication. I love how everything is coming along. That peg board on the window finally being removed was a great idea. I like how you're going to use that little nook. I've been making some big changes in my home lately and have been exhausted, so I can't imagine taking care of a large shop like that day after day. You are super woman! Ha! Your family support and having a good landlord is really wonderful too.

  10. Amy , I am so happy for you and envious too , you are living a dream I've had for years . I have a feeling when this place is done I will want to live there ! I am so glad you are sharing this with us , cause I have a feeling I'm not the only one with this dream . I wish I was there to give you a hand. Looks like a lot of work but fun and satisfying too . Good luck and go getum girl !

  11. Amy, I am so impressed with your vision for your shop and your wonderful energy for creating your dream. Thank you for including your blogging friends. We're all so excited for you.

    My best advice: Start each day with a prayer.
    Proverbs 16:3 Committ to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

  12. This is so exciting and I'm envious! I'd love to have a shop! You are doing wonderful renos on it and I love the white painted floor. Can't wait to see the finished product! wendy

  13. Thank you for taking us with you on this amazing adventure!
    I personally am looking forward to each step with you!
    If I wasn't in California I would pop over to help too!(ok maybe watch! Hehehe)

  14. I was totally thinking the same thing as you, soft white and gray checkerboard floor, like that kitchen you pinned on pinterest... but i get why that might not work... just seeing the white on the floor and wall already i can see your shop manifesting. Especially in that one photo with the darling little chair. What a hoot to see you find a window under that corkboard... you are gonna make that little space so freaking cute... This is such a total blast to watch. I know you're working your butt off right now... so nice of your landlord to help, what a sweetie. I think your vision for this place has everyone excited and inspired!


  15. Lookin good Amy! Painting is really hard work. I did my daughter's room a few weeks ago and I am still creaking around!


  16. How exciting this is...for you and for those of us watching the progress. You really are a hard worker! I think the floors are going to look fab and I can't wait to see the armoires!


  17. Wow! I can't wait to see till everything is all set and done! That vintage wallpaper is so pretty! I love the floors white, exactly what I would do :)

  18. This is really exciting to watch you transform this amazing space! It's so fun when you uncover little goodies like the bricked up window and the wood floors. They're diamonds in the rough!!

  19. Amy ~ I can't tell you how excited I am for you and how excited I am to be part of the in seeing your blog posts on it! It's almost like I'm right there with you every step of the way...and if I was there in person...I'd help you paint! So jazzed to see what will be next! We're all rooting for you! ~Stacy~

  20. I am reading every word you write, Amy and I am SOOO excited for you. Can you believe how your dream is coming to fruition? I already LOVE your landlord. What a blessing HE is in this whole process. And that window? Can you believe it? What a happy surprise! Okay- gotta go..keep us posted so I can continue to smile and dream right alongside of you. xo diana

  21. I am so excited to see the results of your new venture! I know how great this is going to look because you have such a talent for it! ~Hugs, Patti

  22. You got a lot done Amy! I am thrilled you are taking us with you on this fun fun trip! We shop owner wannabees love every detail you share! The primer has made such a big difference already. Now get a good nights sleep tonight!

  23. I forgot to tell you that the window idea you came up with is so clever!!

  24. oh my gosh this was such a fun post! Im so excited for you your doing a fantastic job your shop is gonna be beautiful! keep us posted i love watching everything unfold!!

  25. Oh, this is SOOO fun!! I wish I could be there to help you paint: the results are going to be sooooo worth it!! You really have a knack for this: your shop is going to be amazing!! :)

  26. I'm glad you're painting the floors white! Love 'em..even with just the primer on :-)

    Fingers crossed for your bank loan too!

  27. I love the idea of the floors being white!

  28. NOTHING in renovating is as exciting as the moment you step back and see the room and floor white. NOTHING! I love the lazy/farmer way of just painting. So rugged.

    Congrats on having a great landlord, too. Shop has excellent bones.


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