Friday, April 6, 2012

Waxing the Mora Clock

I added the wax finish to the Mora clock in my living room.
Actually I added clear and dark waxes to it and it does make a
difference in how the clock looks~so check it out.
 This is the finish that the Mora wall clock comes in~
a nice looking distressed dark taupey color. But for me,
I wanted a light and airy Mora, in blue.
So I painted it with Annie Sloan Louis Blue and Old White for the details.
Yup, right on the floor with a sheet under it....
and hung it back up in short order!
 Then it looked like this, very pale, but almost vaporous~
the waxing was yet to come.
This is when the wax does its extraordinary thing....
the details of the furniture or in this case the clock, 
comes alive and the appearance of age is added to give it vintage appeal.
 As you can see you can wax anywhere~as I often do,
 I clear a spot and plop and paint or wax...
Tobey has seen this many times before and still 
seems wants to watch me in action~it never gets old! 
 I used the dark Hannants wax that I got from Annie Sloan 
but is now sold as Annie Sloan Dark Wax, and 
I used Minwax Paste Finishing Wax in clear 
with my big fat wax brush.
 The first order of business was to apply the clear wax 
over the clock in big sections at a time. Getting the 
wax on the brush and then rubbing it into the surface of the clock.
 After I did the top half of the clock I rubbed off any excess
 wax with a soft cloth and the did the same to the bottom of the clock. 
 The next step I did was to take the dark wax with a different brush 
(have a dedicated brush for each wax type) and apply it right 
away over the clear wax in areas that I want to look a little worn 
or handled. I just smear it on it small areas like the edges. 
This is before I start brushing it in so it gets all smudgey
 and worked in so its not bold and spotty looking.
 A brush of dark wax here~
 And a few smidges there~
 And then all brushed in. I did the edges and around the face 
of the clock and up near the top. I wanted to maintain the lightness
 of the piece so I just used a whisper of dark wax, 
but you can add more if you like.
After the wax dries in about two days you can buff it
to create a sheen, however you don't have to do this step.
 Back up on the wall, can you tell the difference that the wax made? 
Look at the before and see if you can~
Before the waxing it looked pristine, right?
Afterwards it looks like it came straight from the antique shop!

 I always loved seeing these clocks in magazines 
and lovely homes with the french/swedish cottage style
I gravitate towards, so I decided I would sell them 
to those that feel the same way.  Tomorrow 
I will show you how one of my readers ordered a Mora clock
and asked for it to be painted in Paris Grey!
Oh, and I am still working on my bathroom, but I had to take 
a break when I went off to the Annie Sloan workshop, 
but it is looking pretty darn cool and that should be up next week.



  1. Hi Amy, as I said before, its getting up More A Clock in your hands:)
    And, that's the that!So elegance and impressive.Health in your hands. Loves.

  2. How gorgeous! I love the color. The wax job is excellent. You are so talented!

  3. Hi Amy,
    You've got the wax technique down pretty good. I really don't like doing this step but it does make a difference....too lazy, I guess!

    Love your clock.


  4. Looks so pretty! You definitely got the most out of that class!

  5. Love it, Amy, especially in the lighter color! I'm glad to read that I seem to do my waxing the same way; I alternate between a brush and rag, though, depending on the piece. This turned out great and I love the way it goes with your living room!

  6. Hello Amy
    Thanks for sharing This step by step project...
    I will be trying it , not today though all the stores are closed.
    BLessings Lori

  7. Morning Amy,
    The wax makes all the diference in making your clock look like it has history. I have to say, everytime I see that clock she makes me smile. She has quite the personality.

  8. Hello Amy,

    Your Mora clock is beautiful!!! I may have to purchase one of those for my home. Love how yours looks on the wall.

    Wel done!

    janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  9. Amy, I love it. Great job again and it does look like an old antique.

  10. Amy,
    I am saving up so I can get one of your clocks.LOVE how it looks now.That wax is amazing.

  11. Thanks for the lessons...I just might have to get me one of those clocks!

  12. oMg that looks GREAT! And the wax. What an effect. I've never bothered to look for it but now I will.

    Big Kudos, I'm reposting this and your Annie Sloan on facebook.



  13. Beautiful....I love the patina the wax added :o)
    Happy Easter!

  14. What an amazing transformation! I love how it turned out using the darker wax. I think it's perfect now.

  15. This is just gorgeous Amy, love the new color and the dark wax made all the difference!

  16. love love love it! it turned out fantastic! xoox

  17. Amy , Again you have inspired me . I can't aford to buy one of these clocks , But I love them . So I am going to try to paint one on canvas , a Trompe l'oeil clock, I will put a real clock fixture in it so it will really tell time. I will share this when and if I get it done .

  18. You are selling Mora clocks?!
    Oh my, Amy!
    You are amazing!
    Your clock looks gorgeous!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!

  19. Your clock turned out beautiful! I love the colors and antiquing.

    Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  20. GORGEOUS Amy!! I agree the wax brings out all the details and leaves such a nice patina on the piece!

  21. Yep-WAX was the perfect finish for that beauty! I love your clock and if I had one bare wall left I would order one!;>) The one thing about having a house on the water is that one whole side of our house is wall space at all. That means that I had to weed out several of the wall things I had.

    I can't wait to see the other clock you did for a customer AND your get busy, will ya? xo Diana

  22. Lord have mercy, that clock is soooo on my wish list. I really like it better with the waxing, it totally looks antique now.

    The items in your shop look really good too, i love the things your choosing to sell...


  23. Now I know what happened tp my face!!!
    It's been dark waxed!!!

  24. You are so talented that clock is simple beautiful. I love what you do. I can't believe you are going to part with it.

  25. So cool Amy!
    I love the lighter color!

  26. Looks like you had an inspiring weekend--I love the wax on the clock. Looks fantastic!

  27. Looking good, Amy. I love mixing shades of wax. It adds so much dimension. Your clock looks so much better with the new finish.

  28. Looking good, Amy. I love mixing shades of wax. It adds so much dimension. Your clock looks so much better with the new finish.

  29. Yes that is awesome!! That finish is beautiful

  30. Amy, So pretty! You are such an artist when you go to work :)

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy Easter/Passover!


  31. Amy, this is a marvelous clock. And such a beautiful color! I love a wax finish... especially one applied with AS great brush! It really gets rubbed in all the nooks and crannies!
    YOu have a fabulous blog!
    Happy Easter,

  32. Amy ~ thanks so much for sharing this post on waxing your lovely clock. You explained everything really well. Thank you! ~Stacy~

  33. Hi Amy,
    The clock looks great. I was waiting to see the finished product after it was waxed. I am really tempted to paint the one I have now.

  34. I love the style of the clock and you improved on it even more with your painting and waxing. I so need to get some of those waxing brushes from Annie Sloan -and maybe some of her dark wax too...

  35. Hi Amy,
    Just popped over to let you know that your gorgeous clock is a feature this week at Ivy and Elephants! Please stop by and grab a featured button.

  36. Hey Amy - nice to see you again. Love what you did to your clock. Don't you love Mora clocks? I almost bought a real antique Mora clock from a dealer a few years back - but my sixth sense was telling me not to trust the man...and so I didn't buy it from him.

    I did buy a new one (from Howard Miller) - that cost me a while lot less - and I painted and antiqued it so far (will probably post about it soon). I have some additional things to put on it still - and I am trying to find a real antique clock face. If I can't find what I need at a reasonable price - I'll antique the face on my won. But - I do love the antique clock faces!!


    Check out my latest project (I did a beautiful ceiling design in my dining room). I posted on Ivy and Elephants...which is where I saw you featured!

  37. Amy,

    I have been away for a very long. time. This is so beautiful! I was researching wax brushes and your lovely clock came up on the google search.




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