Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shop Series: French Armoires and so much more!

 I have a tip for all of you looking for good stuff on Craiglist~take a good look at the listings with bad photos....I searched french country armoires and came up with a grainy pic of something that resembled a french armoire~I called her up and she said she had lots of "shabby chic" I made an appointment this morning to go take a look. Dave suggested we take our mongo sized trailer along just in case~and boy is that guy smart! We got this pretty armoire in cream and pink....
 And this similar armoire, not quite matching, but a pair~and end tables and a dresser~
 and so many other cool things, like needlepoint pillows and frenchy cane back chairs, and silver candlesticks and french lace and linens....
 But before we went to get the goods, I stopped at the store in the morning to do a quick photo shoot of the angel wings. I have a lady who wanted to see a better photo~and so I took a bunch. They are almost 4 feet long and made out of wood with quite a bit of feather details.
 They are distressed in cream and taupe and a touch of white and old verdi-gris.
 I shot my zinc wall sconce that you can hardwire but it comes with a cord and plug for instant use...
 And I got some really pretty tole bed crowns~
 These have roses and are in a vanilla distressed finish~
 and this bed crown really looks like a crown and is more of a distressed rusty iron finish~
Tres chic~
 Even with the blinds, I was attracting attention inside my shop....
I finally snapped his pic when he wouldn't stop staring~! He waved!
 So this is some of the new merchandise for the shop~
 And Kingsley came back to visit for the day~
 He brought Brandon and his muscles!
 Cuz we had a ton of furniture to move, 
but we didn't know it~ I thought I was getting two armoires.
 We left with our truck and trailer jam packed. 
 And the boys never complained~
(I had promised them dinner at the steak house across the street)
 Pretty bureau~like Antoinette chalk paint already done!
 A fav was this frenchy chair~
 We bought it from Camille~she was a doll!
 She had stuff that rang my bells!! This is needlework of some type.
 And back to the shop we went~see Dave's trailer down the street? Its awesome!
 My shop is feeling like a shop!! But I still have to do the floors...but I had to buy this stuff!! Oh my!
 We fell in love with this little mascot~so we took him too!
I am tired again...another LONG day....
but it is sooo much fun....I just hope I get that bank loan!
I have read every single comment and appreciate you all cheering me on.



  1. Keep going, Amy. I love everything so far. I'd be staring through the window too. Fingers crossed for the loan.

  2. Oh, HOW FUN!!! You have some wonderful stuff already!!! It's fun to come along on your exciting experiences! :)

  3. Wow, you are go go going! Love those armoires.

  4. Holy cow Amy! I'm jumping out of my skin with excitement for you and your shop! What a great haul! I can't believe how fantastic it looks after only a few GO GIRL! xo

  5. AMY . . . A W E S O M E ! Right Place, Right Time . . . Gotta LOVE IT !!! Take Care, JOE & GLENN

  6. Great progress in such a short time! Hope you get that loan...prayers going out! Kingsley is such a little cutie! Looks like my Chloe only with long hair. ~Hugs, Patti

  7. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Amy! What finds! Love them. Are you sure the window peeper wasn't looking at you cuz you are so danged cute? I'm thinking THAT was the merchandise he was checking out. I can't wait to see more! xo Diana

  8. WOW Amy looks like you hit the jackpot today!! Great finds, your shop will be filled in no time!

  9. Gosh, I hate that I don't live near your shop. I would love to come shop there! Looks like you've got some great merchandise to sell already. I really love that french cane chair!

  10. Amy, I am so excited for you! I love seeing your vision getting played out with each post. Thank you so much for sharing all of the details. I look forward to seeing what each day brings!

  11. I have to admit, I saw your new post in my blog list and couldn't wait to read it. I'm really enjoying your journey and story. Hope you get the loan!

  12. You are getting a great start. I know you are anxious to have everything just so. Looks like Kingsley was a big help. Where did he go when you ate at the steakhouse?
    I had another good day...not as big as you but nice and felt appreciated by my boss.

  13. Looks like you are going to have a wonderful shop with all of that great merchandise.

  14. Great finds, Amy! Everything looks super, and the floors make a huge difference in white, even if it is just primer. Rootin' you on!!
    They better not even try to say no to that loan, we'll all come after them!

  15. Hey girlfriend

    Love all that you have done so far... You are making me dream and yearn for a shop of my own. Something with my own front door and a cool address.
    Are you kIdding me with those wardrobes!!!!! What find and so absolutely perfect in your shop.
    I am really enjoying all your excitement

    Janet xox
    Ps...fingers crossed for the bank loan

  16. No! You DID NOT find two of those armoires! That is insane! Holy crap! And that frenchy chair is woooonderrrful! You already have stuff in your shop that i would grab and run out the door with, and you haven't even finished the floors... this is so freakin awesome!


  17. ¡Qué preciosidad de blog! Me encanta todas tus fotos.

  18. Amy....I am just so excited for you!!! Wishing I could visit your charming store! I'm all about floors right now, and yours are gorgeous! I'll keep coming to peek at your progress...hugs to you! -tracie

  19. This is sooooo exciting, I felt my heart racing as I read through this post..your excitment and enthusiasm is contagious and I am sooo happy for you. I think its coming along fabulously in such a short time...girl, you know how to make things happen!!!! This store is going to be soon do you hope to open? Love the armoires, bed crowns and would love to see more of that frenchy chair!! Best of luck Amy!

  20. OMG, you hit the mother lode of Craig's List finds, Amy! These are all such great pieces! Love them all. I'm really enjoying your series and appreciate your blogging about your day even though I know you are probably exhausted. I think you are fulfilling a dream of so many of us, so it is fun to come along with you from the very beginning.

  21. I forgot to ask, Amy ~ will you be selling those bed crowns to ship? I've been on the hunt for something I like, but nothing so far. Until I saw the picture of the crown look one you are showing. I'd be interested . . .

  22. Everything is gorgeous! Your amazing and will do wonderful no matter what! LOVE the address! Summer Street! Loved everything, and yes that french chair is to die for, but then I have a serious weakness for french chairs! It has been fun watching your posts as you put together ideas and collections for your store.
    All the best to you! Look forward to seeing how you put it all together!

  23. Amy I love everything you found yesterday! Your shop is going to be the "It" place in town. You go Girl!

  24. I've always wanted one of those bed crowns, with gauzy white fabric streaming down around my headboard.
    Gorgeous stuff!!!

  25. Enjoyed reading the last two posts so much - good luck with the shop, it looks amazing so far !

  26. Wow you found some awesome pieces.Your shop is looking fab already and I know you have much to do.I am sure you can't even sleep at night thinking about all that needs to be done and ideas floating in your head.

  27. Oh, Amy! Those are marvelous finds- and I am so excited for you! Hope your shoppe will exceed your greatest expectations!

  28. All I can say is...YOU GO are on your way!!
    Beyond excited for you!!

  29. You scored really well with all of that good stuff. At the rate you are going, you will need to expand the store! LOL. Can't wait for the final look...

  30. GO amy ! you really did score...amazing stuff! can't wait to see what the shop "reveals".....we are rooting for you.....

  31. This is so exciting to watch happening as I sit here relaxing with an iced tea! I can't imagine how tired you are. happy tired though I'm sure. LOVE those angels wings. Have fun:)

  32. It's already looking like a shop! You don't fool around girl!!!


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