Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shop Series: Sign Designs and the color Lilac

Here is a mockup of the projecting sign for my shop~
It will be hanging off the end of the building and I 
love the old fashioned look of a sign hanging from a bracket.
I like the paler color better~
the exterior of the store is going to have a 
lilac and green color scheme.
The iron bracket is a scroll of ivy tendrils~pretty huh?
Speaking of lilac,
 I painted the long dresser
 that I got from my craigslist score.
 I painted it in ASCP Old White and then used Paloma 
with a watery brush and highlighted the carved areas.
 Paloma is a dusky lilac that is the best color!!
I am going to use this for now as my cashout spot~
It used to look like this~yellowy cream with peachy pink.
 Now check out this antique file cabinet!~
 Its a monster! And it is all Tiger Oak~see the stripes?
 I won't be painting this one. Its really cool,
 I am going to actually use this for files and
 for holding ribbons and lace and things like that~
 Each drawer comes right out and there is a spring 
loaded trapping bar that holds your files or papers!
Look~each drawer has this paper glued inside that shows 
what file it is and the info that you can fill in the blanks.
Mine are all blank~
I just thing this is incredibly cool!!
It is bolted to the wall~for safety!
See that iron key~
I gave that to my hubby for our first Christmas,
it is the Key to My Heart. He owns it....!
Alright, I am headed on a road trip all by myself for a serious
training course in all things Annie Sloan!!! I'll be in New Jersey 
getting my proper education~!! And then I will come back a 
big time expert, and will have even more fun with it.
So thats the update, I might not be able to post until the weekend,
as I will be a busy girl.. I got a book on CD for my 5.5 hour drive~
Its called  "Wife in Paris", and is the story of the first wife
of Ernest Hemingway....well for some bizarre reason I love reading 
or hearing about Hemingway and the women in his life. 
I wrote about his second wife
Pauline on the blog...she was the vogue editor in Paris~
he dumped his first wife
for Pauline.  What I loved about Pauline was 
that she took down every fan 
in his Key West home and put up her fabulous 
collection of french chandeliers!
Ha! He went fishing and came home to no fans!!
So then she put in a big swimming pool~
she drove him mad I guess~he soon got another wife.
You can read more about Pauline here.



  1. You are on the go are you not? I would imagine that your mind is swimming and the more you create the more creative you become.

    That Old Man in the Sea was quite a charmer

  2. Love a sign hanging from a bracket. Going to look so good. I don't know how you set up shop and paint furniture. You are super woman.

  3. Great sign and hanger. That will look great. Your tall cabinet is just perfect for ribbons...What a great idea. Have fun!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. Love the lighter color for the sign, myself! and the dresser, wow! Have fun doing all things "Annie", drive safe.

  5. Hi Amy,
    You must be running on auto pilot!
    I can't believe all the things you are getting done. Love the sign and I can just see if hanging from a pretty bracket welcoming customers to your store.
    The file cabinet is amazing, WoW!!
    I really like the color of the cabinet too....looks fabulous.

    Best of luck on you ASCP training.


  6. The file cabinet is incredible. Love the lighter colored sign for sure. I'm all about Hemingway too. Love his book..."The Sun Also Rises" I'm a big Fitzgerald fan too. "The Great Gatsby" is just about my all time favorite. I can't wait to hear how your training goes. Lots of good things happening for you.

  7. I like the lighter sign much better, too, Amy. Just loving how this is all coming together.

    I really love that tiger maple filing cabinet. I love it and I think you will get a ton of use out of it.

    Enjoy your time away and absorb every bit of information you can so you cann share your expertise here with all of us dummies...er...untrained ASPC novices.

    I love Ernest Hemingway's life stories, too. We used to go to Key West and he has such a big influence down there. My bedroom set is part of the Ernest Hemingway collection from Thomasville. Hubby picked it out...and loves it. It is hard to "lighten it up" but...it is what it is....and it does have gorgeous pieces.

    Have a good, safe drive and try to get some sleep, m'kay? xo Diana

  8. I love the sign--I agree the paler one is better. Really pretty! Also, I love that cash out cabinet. The colors are great. Really love that. I may have to pin it:) I have a desk I have been wanting to do something fun with:)

    I just finished a garden chair--I thought of you and your garden area after I had it done:)

    Have fun with your training! I have no idea where you get all your energy :)

  9. Both of those pieces are so cool. The file cabinet especially.
    I like the lighter colored sign as well.
    Have fun at the "All things Anne Sloan School" I know you will share all the details when you get back. Safe Travels.

  10. Love the hanging sign. Have a safe and fun trip this week! Hope the CD helps pass the time!!!!!

  11. coooooool. hello lovely lilac...did you see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS? omg i loved it and the whole hemingway/gertrude stein/picasso history!



  12. Love your sign design choice, Amy! That will look so pretty ~ I hope you get the approval or whatever happens at this point. That buffet looks terrific! Have fun at your course. That book on CD sounds interesting.

  13. Love your new sign design. It's going to look great hanging outside your shop! That file cabinet is awesome too. You will have that thing filled up in no time I bet. Have fun at your workshop.

  14. I like the lighter sign. The other one is K&B purple, like the K&B drugstore signs in New Orleans! Your shop is really going to be something else. I am so excited for you! :D I was reading some of your other posts about it, and you have been working so hard. I am impressed!

  15. Wow Amy you are really making progress!! :) Love hearing about Hemingways wives too!! xoxo

  16. Ribbons, did I hear ribbons? Sign me up!

    And have fun at your training -- replenishment and inspiration in one.

  17. Lovely file cabinet and I like the pastel sign too. Amy, everything is really coming along. You must be thrilled!


  18. The file cabinet is beyond awesome! Great find!

  19. I also love the lighter sign colour, enjoy your trip and come back full of ideas. You are doing so much at the same time, remember to stop and breath!!
    All the best and look forward to hearing from you soon x

  20. Hi Amy :)
    LOVE that filing cabinet wow what a piece! love your little chair all set up with lilac cushion and your glasses resting on your desk,what a great picture giving a glimpse into the goings on at Maison Decor.
    I loved hearing about the key to your heart,very sweet and the long dresser looks gorgeous,you are really talented Amy i can not imagine you learning anything,i mean how much more creative and talented can you get?
    Have a fabulous trip and have a safe journey,lots of love to you x

    ps please stop telling me about books and now audio books i am broke and have a cottage to build and every time you mention one i buy it LOL ;) xxx

  21. Love the shop sign, dresser and file cabinet! Can't wait for you to share all that you'll learn at the ASCP training!

  22. I so love reading "The Exciting Adventures of a New Shopkeeper"...so wonderful...great sign...and that file cabinet is perfect!!!

    Have a very safe trip..I know you will knock their socks off with your talents...Pauline sounds like a girl with true style and grit...no fans, more chandeliers...my kind of girl!...

  23. Love the file cabinet. What a great piece. Have fun on your trip. Can't wait to hear all the new things you learn.

  24. Yep....the lighter sign will be easier to see, so when I come to visit, I won't be driving around in circles trying to find your fabulous shoppeeeeee.
    Drive careful coming home, 'cuz I expect you to teach me EVERYTHING you learned!
    I could tell from your pictures that was your shop, 'cuz I recognized your glasses on the desk!

  25. Love your sign ideas and your file cabinet is amazing! What a great find! Having so much fun watching you set up shop! :) Have a great workshop!

  26. I definitely prefer the light lavender sign... Love your cool cabinet too... it just gets better and better over there... you are so in your element!


  27. Amy,
    I vote for the lighter sign too.LOVE that file cabinet.You are really finding cool stuff girl!Have a fun and safe trip.Can't wait to read all about it.

  28. Hi, Amy! I've been catching up on all your exciting news! Congratulations on your new shop and affiliation with ASCP! It's a perfect fit. I'm so excited for you and know your shop will be a HUGE hit!


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