Friday, April 27, 2012

Road Trip: What I learned on my first day at Annie Sloan training~

 Yesterday I arrived at Patty Seaman's home for day one 
of a two day Train the Trainer session. 
 The dining room table was set up with notebooks
 and wood sample boards, and apron and brushes
 that one other new stockist and I would be 
using to learn new Annie Sloan skills 
with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™.
 I did not take a lot of photos, 
as much of this is private stuff ya know!
However I will share what I can~
this was my seat, and my blank wood moldings
 were piled up waiting for me to 
create different techniques with the Annie Sloan products. 
 Patty had a huge pile of product piled up on a table behind us~
as many times we were free to pick the colors 
we wanted to use on the various sample boards.
 We were going to do decoupage and crackle boards,
 two paint finishes, impasto, gilding, 
and smooth finish to name a few~
The gilding was one of the most exciting parts for me, 
as there are many things I want to gild 
(can anyone say Mora clock??)~
 I love the gilded look peeking out 
from under layers of pretty paint~
After todays session I will be able to show 
you the sample boards I created
and will take home with me to Maison Decor.
 Of course even while I am away at training, I can't help but think of my shop~now look at the front of the building (the neon is gone)~see the two copper bay windows above my entry door that is recessed between the windows? That is where I want to hang the bracket sign for Maison Decor. It will hang over the door way looking so cute~and the two areas above the windows where the traditional sign blanks are~well I want to hang little french striped awnings.  Can you imagine that? And remember that Mike the landlord refinished both the old lanterns and soon I will have my lantern back up over the doorway! Now pay attention to the old oak door that is in awful shape to the right of my windows~that is where the apartment dwellers enter~see how the door had gotten all gray with weather over the try to imagine these things I am about to show you next~
 This is the sign that will hang above the doorway~in pretty lilac.
And beside it in awnings in Sunbrella Plum Fancy~
And both entryways will have these pretty green lanterns
that Mike is refinishing~nice before and after!
The purple sign, the purple and green awnings, the green lanterns
the doorways all painted up pretty~!! I can totally see this!
Mike refurbished the entry door to the apartments
 and added a nice brass kickplate!
You can see a bit of the lantern too~
its all going to look grand!
Lastly, here is Patty's kitty~what a beautiful face!
One more thing~all those steak tips and salad
 and no bread and killing myself in the shop is paying off~!!
 My diet tips: no carbs and open a dream store
 and work 14 hours a day.
 Obsess on store instead of food and drink!
 Ok, gotta get ready for day two of training~
its gonna be a great day!
ohhh~and one more thing!! 
I just saw my kitchen was picked out by the talent scout
for Cottage and Bungalow Magazine,
WhisperWood Cottage as one of the best white cottage kitchens!

My kitchen Makeover!
(You all do know that I painted these cabinets 
with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint™, right?)
click here to see my kitchen and other
 pretty white cottage kitchens, 
including Nita's from Mod Vintage Life!
Everybody loves looking at white kitchens!!



  1. I need to try the guilding. Love how it brings out the details.

  2. I went to peep your kitchen at WhisperWood and saw mine is one of the top ones too! Woohoooo for white kitchens!!

  3. I did see that you were featured this morning, Amy, congratulations! I suppose you are only limited by your imagination as to the colors to put together on your samples. I'm sure you are eager to get back to the shop, but you'll be ready for business now with the Annie Sloan knowledge behind you!

  4. Hi Amy :)
    Congratulations your kitchen is gorgeous and so deserves to be featured!
    Mike has done a fantastic job with that door and when the lanterns and your sign are up with striped awnings wow it will be stunningly your figure too Amy you look really great all your hard work is paying off.
    I can not wait to see all the furniture in your shop when you use all your new techniques on them,the gilt peeping through looks dreamy.
    We picked up our bathroom sink and taps and things this morning and we are going to the coast soon and i am hoping to get lots of pictures.
    Have a lovely weekend xxx

  5. So excited to come see you in July!

  6. I can feel your excitement through the computer screen! Congrats on the kitchen feature.

  7. I know you are having a great time at this training seminar. Looking forward to seeing the pics of your finished boards. Congrats on your kitchen too! I am going to check out the other ones too now that you've piqued my interest. I agree with you about the weight loss thing. If ever I'm engrossed in lots of projects, I don't snack as much and it really pays off. You look great!

  8. Congrats on having your kitchen picked. No surprise there at all!!!

    I am glad you are learning so many new things, Amy. What fun when you are able to put them to use in your shop.

    I absolutely ADORE those copper bays above your store. The patina on then is awesome and I hope you can capture some of that in your exterior design. I think maybe that striped fabric (?) will really tie it all together. LOVE it! Love you, too! xo Diana

  9. So much happening in your life, Amy!
    Went over to see your kitchen with the others neat!
    Your shop is going to be wonderful!!
    Have fun with everything!!

  10. GAAAH! I LOVE awnings... i can totally see this... it's gonna be sooooo cute!
    That piece of pink molding with the gold gilding is completely yummy, wow. and Congratulations on being featured again! You are sooo in flow right now, it's awesome to watch!


  11. I took a few days off from blogging and I missed seeing all about your store...I'll have to go catch up. I hope it is going well!

  12. You just blow me away, with what a dynamo you are.....nothing growing under your feet Superlady~!!
    Love how things are coming along..just beautiful! And how fun to learn all this about Annie neat!

  13. I can so imagine what the front of your store will look it! That kitty is so cute--I had one years ago that looked just like that..Osh Kosh was his name. Miss him. Thanks for continuing to post through your busy life!

  14. Love seeing all the details of your seminar and of your shop. That door looks wonderful all redone. I can just imagine how your shop is going to look. I did see you were featured and then my kitchen right after...that was super! You can't beat a white kitchen in my book.

  15. Congratulations on your kitchen feature...So many exciting things happening to you...!

    I went to a ASCP stockist this week..she showed me some of the new techniques...they are wonderful..

    Have a wonderful time!

  16. amy so glad you posted i was having withdrawals your my current addiction, i went to the ascp workshop in nashville had her sign my books and pic made with her so i feel your excitment on learning new technics how are you handling all the adreline? i can hardly wait myself to read your next post, how did i ever live so long without masion decor?

  17. Hi Amy,
    What a fun day and a nice break from all the hard work you are doing. Congratulations on having your kitchen picked. I love your kitchen.

  18. Amy,
    Have fun at your class.I love this gold leafing.Looks so pretty.I see your vision of your shop.It is going to be grand.You are lucky your landlord has been so nice and really working with you to make it all look so nice.

  19. are you going to make your store sign???

  20. Amy I adore gold and silver leaf! I am thinking how much fun you must be having!!

    Your kitchen, ahh of course it should be featured, congratulations!

    The 2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera...(of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is on my site, please stop by! Her work is amazing!

    Art by Karena


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