Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roses and Vintage French Wallpaper

I am skipping ahead of myself~but I have lots of photos to edit before I can show you the last day of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ training classes~so I am sharing what happened when I got home from class yesterday.  It was my fifth wedding anniversary and Mr. MD got me two dozen shell pink roses.
In addition, the vintage french wallpaper I ordered for my shop had arrived!
 These papers will be used to line the backs of pretty cabinets in the shop~
 This one has a slight metallic shimmer across the scrolls with pink and white flowers~on a grass cloth background
 This one is pale periwinkle blue with rosettes scattered in Monet-ish  style painting~
Oui Oui~from France!
 Hub's mom isn't the best photographer so we laugh while she tries to steady 
the camera and aim at never seems to work! We were headed out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.
 try again...
 a little better....
oh no, more crooked....ok, thats a wrap!
Our rings are inscribed Happily Ever After

We have a nice happy life together~
and he's the reason I am able to take this big giant step in life~
Maison Decor, the store!
  Excuse my mushiness~but its true.
Tomorrow I will be back on the horse and headed to the shop~it will be vintage chandies and painting of clocks and filing my sign application and trying to get a handle on the growing inventory! You should see some of the awesome french home accessories I have that just came in~like wonderful zinc drying racks!
Until tomorrow~and don't forget to enter the Darphin French Skin Care line I am hosting~click here if you missed it to enter!


  1. Congrats, Amy, to you and Mr D! That hunky hero of a husband of yours sure is a sweetie!

  2. Happy Anniversary! You crack me up about your MIL's photography skills!

  3. Crooked or not, the pics are cute as can be. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Awwwwwwww... you're both obviously perfect for each other, and very happy He's so handsome, and you're so pretty in your funny crooked pictures. It's really touching the way you're able to follow your dream thanks to his full support... wow
    The wallpaper is just gorgeous too, i cannot believe how many things you have going on right now, it's all just too exciting...


  5. Happy anniversary. What a sweet card and beautiful roses. That wallpaper is amazing.

  6. Happy Anniversary! You have a keeper there Amy and you make a beautiful pair. Flowers are goregous as is the sweet card. Love the paper.....stunning!! SO much happiness and goodness coming from Maison it!

  7. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Maison Decor!
    Such a beautiful card for a beautiful wife,he is such a sweet guy.
    The French wallpapers are beautiful and so are your pretty roses.
    Have a beautiful evening together xxx

  8. Congratulations Amy! I am so happy for your with your store opening. You must be over the moon. You are already listed on Annie Sloan's site as a retailer...smiles. I bought my first ever ASCP yesterday. Couldn't help but think of you, my AS hero!


  9. Oh, I love the pictures your Mother in law took. She was just going for the rule of breaking the photo into thirds..right?:) Happy anniversary! Your flowers are gorgeous--love the wall paper. Can't wait to hear about your classes!

  10. Happy Anniversary! Love your roses and the wall paper!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Those were great pictures, I can relate to grandma taking the picture, we are lucky if we are in the picture... Anyhow Have a great day you make a great looking couple. The flowers are BEAUTIFUL by the way!!

  12. Happy Anniversary Amy!  I enjoy watching your new shop come together. Thanks for all the behind the scenes peeks! It's already beautiful! Still hoping to order one of your Mora clocks soon!

  13. Happy Anniversary to you and the hubs Amy! Looking forward to seeing the goodies in your shop!

  14. Hey, Skinny! Did you have steak tips and salad with bleu cheese dressing? just askin'

    Love your wallpaper for backdrops and I think your mil must e related to me- I can't take a decent picture either- xo Diana ps...I'd say she did pretty good?...

    oh yeah- happy anniversary....

  15. Hi Amy,
    Congratulations on both your store and your wedding anniversary. You have lots of good things going on and I am happy for you!


  16. Congratulations on your store, sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Your anniversary roses are so pretty, love that color.

  17. You should say your MIL is trying to be artistic by taking your pictures crooked (like a lot of bloggers do). lol

    Happy 5th Anniversary. You look like newlyweds. :)

    I've been married over 23 years and we spent 10 years estranged and have just reunited last November. I can appreciate the hard work it takes to make a marriage sturdy. Sometimes it's hard to forget the hurt and move on and sometimes I think of it as a dream.

    Keep on being happy ever after....

  18. Happy Anniversary, Amy! Love that periwinkle wallpaper ~ very pretty!

  19. Romance...blah, blah, bah....
    Happiness...blah, blah, blah....
    I'll be back in 9 days, so get ready!

  20. Great Photo of you guys!!! Very sweet...Roses are Beautiful !!! Love the wall paper too.

  21. You two are just so stinkin' adorable, Amy! Congratulations on your special day! You are so blessed to be married to such a romantic guy. They're hard to find! :) (I think we both got the last two....) lol!

    xoxo laurie

  22. He he, that's a wrap, made me roll around laughing. I am the main photograper in my family and whenever someone take a pic of me it is just like your experience....frustrating but kind of funny too. Happy 5th! Lovely roses too.

  23. Happy anniversary! Beautiful roses and wallpaper. (Betsey's comment cracks me up.)

  24. Happy Anniversary . . . at least she got a nice pic of the lamp!!

  25. Amy,
    You have touched me like no other blogger. Maybe it is your kindmess, or your enthusiasm, or courage for staring your fantasy job, your talent?

    I am delighted you took the AS course and we can talk about the things you are working on for me.
    Is there any of that first wall paper still available and will you share how to order it?
    I have been looking for the
    "sick room" paper and this looks so
    lovely. It is the first one you show- vintage french.

  26. Happy anniversary! I love a good love story. I think it's awesome! Wishing you many many more happy years together!

  27. Congratulations! May this 5th Anniversary be just the beginning of more wonderful years to come :-)

  28. Even though the pictures may be a tad crooked, you two look very "Happily Ever After".....

    Romance... that describes your life right charmingly romantic in your personal and professional life....So great that you are now living out "your fairy tale"...Dreams do come true!

    The roses are incredibly exquisite and so is the wallpaper...Have a wonderful week!

  29. well you are living in a fairytale,but quite honestly i think you both are keepers. its nice in a world so full of darkness and stuff to read along with a true real life great love story. ive got to stop watching soooo much news lol

  30. Happy Happy Anniversary Amy to you and Mr. MD. I am so excited for you. You are living my dream. I have been reading thru your post for the last hour and I can feel your enthusiasm. How I wished I lived closer! Love the colors you have picked out to use and your front desk is so FABULOUS. Can't wait to read more. xoxoxo

  31. you guys are adorable! Congratulations to you. So excited for you about the shop. It's going to be wonderful Amy

  32. Happy anniversary, Amy. It looks like such a happy time in your life, and I'm so happy for you! The pics are ADORABLE

  33. Oh how sweet...I love people who love each other!

  34. What lovely anniversary gifts. Isn't it wonderful to be so loved! Sounds like exciting things in store for you with the opening of a shop. Trust all goes very well.
    Mary Alice

  35. Amy,
    Congrats to you and your sweet husband on your anniversary.What a beautiful couple you are.And those roses are gorgeous.
    Pretty wall paper too.


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