Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roses and Vintage French Wallpaper

I am skipping ahead of myself~but I have lots of photos to edit before I can show you the last day of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ training classes~so I am sharing what happened when I got home from class yesterday.  It was my fifth wedding anniversary and Mr. MD got me two dozen shell pink roses.
In addition, the vintage french wallpaper I ordered for my shop had arrived!
 These papers will be used to line the backs of pretty cabinets in the shop~
 This one has a slight metallic shimmer across the scrolls with pink and white flowers~on a grass cloth background
 This one is pale periwinkle blue with rosettes scattered in Monet-ish  style painting~
Oui Oui~from France!
 Hub's mom isn't the best photographer so we laugh while she tries to steady 
the camera and aim at never seems to work! We were headed out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary.
 try again...
 a little better....
oh no, more crooked....ok, thats a wrap!
Our rings are inscribed Happily Ever After

We have a nice happy life together~
and he's the reason I am able to take this big giant step in life~
Maison Decor, the store!
  Excuse my mushiness~but its true.
Tomorrow I will be back on the horse and headed to the shop~it will be vintage chandies and painting of clocks and filing my sign application and trying to get a handle on the growing inventory! You should see some of the awesome french home accessories I have that just came in~like wonderful zinc drying racks!
Until tomorrow~and don't forget to enter the Darphin French Skin Care line I am hosting~click here if you missed it to enter!
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