Friday, April 20, 2012

Shop Series: Country Garden Table

It does kind of feel like a movie~
and I am playing a great part these days!
At an auction a month ago I had my eye on this sweet country table~
but I had no place for it...I tried to convince myself I could put it in my office,
but realistically that room is stuffed to the gills~so I let it go...
one month later and I am opening a french country shop..
I want to fill it with all the things I would love to find when I walk 
through the doors of a little jewel box shop...
so I met the person who bought this country table and bought it from him,
after all it belongs in a quaint shop like mine.
It will make the perfect dining table for a garden dinner~
al fresco with garden chairs and fancy mismatched china.
A nice big candelabra and some fine linen napkins...
So it will be right here...
I still have lots of big pieces to bring in the shop,
and I got a lot more painting done as well today.
I spent the entire day with Colin~
he made an effort to come home again this weekend
just to help me out...he is the sweetest kid I tell you, 
I love him to bits.
After he mowed the lawn we headed to the shop.
We moved the giant painting~it is fabulous in its new spot.
We also took down the neon sign, and installed a big drapery rod.
He also helped me figure out my new inventory system for the shop,
a program called Inuit Point of Sale~
I am awful with that kind of stuff,
and I have to say this program seems pretty easy. 
My biggest fear is not being
organized and keeping track of everything.
This night ended up at Pearl Street Station 
where we met up with hubs~
steak tips and salad and they are still delicious
 on night 7 as they were night 1.
And thats not all~my night ended on a big note~
I'll share that tomorrow.....and its really BIG!!!



  1. Coming along nicely, you have made SO much progress in 7 days!!

  2. That's great, Amy! That table is perfect for your shop and what luck being able to contact the person who got it. It looks great in your shop with that vignette on top.

  3. Love that first shot Amy, your going to have one pretty looking shop!!

  4. I can't believe how far you've come with your shop in just one week, Amy! Wow!!!!! You are amazing...and your shop is looking just fabulous!!!! :) It's so heartwarming to hear the joy and exciting in your "voice"...

    xoxo laurie

  5. I have been enjoying watching your shop take shape so much - and I seriously want to buy everything in there!
    It's so beautiful!

  6. Well, you big brat-going off and leaving us hanging like that!! WHAT BIG NEWS?????

    I do love that table...what a coincidence is that? And love that you had such good help- I hope you fed him, too!

    Looking good, Amy, looking good! xo Diana

  7. Having so much fun seeing all the beauty unfold it looks amazing Amy
    Wish I lived closer
    You go girl!!!!

  8. I hate Cliffhangers !!!!! Dammit !! OK I'll Guess.....YOU'RE PREGNANT !??

  9. That's right leave us hanging!! The shop is looking so good.

  10. The shop is looking fabulicious! However, I always did hate those end of season cliff hangers. But you did say tomorrow, right? Right? Show a little mercy, girlie! ;)

  11. I'll throw in two guesses -- the bank gave you more money than you asked for and at a lower rate; and/or you're going to be a stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

  12. I'm so behind on all my friends blogs! I didn't know your husband is a policeman? My husband was a police officer for 20yrs!!! I am very sorry to hear about your Chief. Terrible. I used to fear these things when my husband worked the major crime unit in the big city of Toronto.

  13. Not cool. How can you leave us hanging? Now I'm not going to get any sleep! Needless to say I cannot wait to hear your BIG news!
    The shop is just looking so charming!
    Jk about the not cool part


  14. Well Amy, like any good movie, you leave us waiting for the next scene!
    Your shop is looking sooo inviting.

  15. Hi Amy,
    You are living my dream! I love watching you live yours one step at a time. I'm so glad that you have your handsome son with you to help.


  16. The shop is coming along I can't wait to see it finished. I love things I am seeing already.


  17. Amy,
    Here I am your number 1 fan..
    The story about the store, Annie Sloan is so inspiring.
    Love everything you are doing and can feel your excitment to be living a dream and loving your work.
    When I get better and over my treatments I hope to walk into your store one day. Andee

  18. I just love seeing the progress of your shop, your dream....keep the progress reading about it each day!


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