Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shop Series: Sign Designs and the color Lilac

Here is a mockup of the projecting sign for my shop~
It will be hanging off the end of the building and I 
love the old fashioned look of a sign hanging from a bracket.
I like the paler color better~
the exterior of the store is going to have a 
lilac and green color scheme.
The iron bracket is a scroll of ivy tendrils~pretty huh?
Speaking of lilac,
 I painted the long dresser
 that I got from my craigslist score.
 I painted it in ASCP Old White and then used Paloma 
with a watery brush and highlighted the carved areas.
 Paloma is a dusky lilac that is the best color!!
I am going to use this for now as my cashout spot~
It used to look like this~yellowy cream with peachy pink.
 Now check out this antique file cabinet!~
 Its a monster! And it is all Tiger Oak~see the stripes?
 I won't be painting this one. Its really cool,
 I am going to actually use this for files and
 for holding ribbons and lace and things like that~
 Each drawer comes right out and there is a spring 
loaded trapping bar that holds your files or papers!
Look~each drawer has this paper glued inside that shows 
what file it is and the info that you can fill in the blanks.
Mine are all blank~
I just thing this is incredibly cool!!
It is bolted to the wall~for safety!
See that iron key~
I gave that to my hubby for our first Christmas,
it is the Key to My Heart. He owns it....!
Alright, I am headed on a road trip all by myself for a serious
training course in all things Annie Sloan!!! I'll be in New Jersey 
getting my proper education~!! And then I will come back a 
big time expert, and will have even more fun with it.
So thats the update, I might not be able to post until the weekend,
as I will be a busy girl.. I got a book on CD for my 5.5 hour drive~
Its called  "Wife in Paris", and is the story of the first wife
of Ernest Hemingway....well for some bizarre reason I love reading 
or hearing about Hemingway and the women in his life. 
I wrote about his second wife
Pauline on the blog...she was the vogue editor in Paris~
he dumped his first wife
for Pauline.  What I loved about Pauline was 
that she took down every fan 
in his Key West home and put up her fabulous 
collection of french chandeliers!
Ha! He went fishing and came home to no fans!!
So then she put in a big swimming pool~
she drove him mad I guess~he soon got another wife.
You can read more about Pauline here.

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