Monday, January 30, 2012

A mold survivor~an antique chair's story

 This antique tapestry chair has lived a long life~
and it almost came to end.  It was stuck in a basement 
where mold began to grow.  
White patches covered the upholstery and the 
wood frame threatening to end its life. 
 This handsome chair needed to be saved~
 here is how I did it!
source  Newton Country Day School
About 30 years ago, my parents went to an auction fundraiser here, 
at my sister Ellen's school,  The Newton Country Day School. 
 This school is a Catholic girls school located near Boston College. 
 When I posted this pic it brought to mind my blog friend Tina's house!! 
source ~Tina's house!
Anyway, my parents bid on the chair and took it home where we had it for many years.  One can only wonder where this old money looking chair had lived before it came home with them~and after several decades, they gave the chair to my sister, who at some point put it in storage in a basement.  Last week I got an email from her with a list of things she was getting rid of~and this chair was one of them.  I told her I would love to have it.  When I picked it up, we saw it was covered in white patches~argh!  What to I did a little homework on the subject and am very pleased with the results.  
 First thing to do, is to bring your chair outside so when
 you remove the mold it is not disbursed through your living space. 
I did not take any before pics as I was busy with the task at hand.
 Get a stiff brush, I used a horse grooming brush that we use on our big dog.  Give the upholstery a vigorous brushing.  The mold spores went flying off into the air with each brush stroke. Brush the entire chair, and underneath where the cambric is (the black piece of fabric that covers upholstered guts).
 Then I took Lysol sanitizing wipes and wiped down all the
 wood surfaces and the nail head trim.  
Next I sprayed the entire chair with Lysol, to kill
 any mold that was left lurking on the surfaces.
 I sprayed the fabric and the wood heavily. 
 Leave the chair to air dry for a half hour or a day...
I'll tack the trim back on when I take it inside.
 The chair came out fantastic! 
 No smell or hint of mold~I added it to the fireside.
 The living room is getting a bit of a winter makeover~
and this chair while mostly brown has aqua and purple tones
 in the pattern which is in my basic color palette.
Do you have a piece of history to save? 



  1. Not history to save at the moment....but I must weigh in to say, "That is one of the most beautiful chairs I've ever seen!"

    The pattern & colors are wonderful. I ♥ tapestry and I ♥ chairs. So glad you didn't give up on it!

  2. Great looking old chair. I am glad you were able to save if I could only brush the mold off myself so that I looked like new I would be really happy! xo Diana

  3. It's a beautiful chair. Glad you had the chance to save it.

  4. What a pretty chair Amy, it looks beautiful in it's new home!

  5. That's a great chair for your room. Looks like a good rescue to me! It will provide extra seating and a dash of color to your mostly white palette. It's such a classic piece.

  6. Amy thanks for the comparison, a great compliment to be sure! That chair is GORGEOUS....I love it!!! The colors, lines, the brown....its perfect and leave it up to superwoman to get the job done!

  7. Great tip. It is a beautiful chair and looks great in the space.

  8. What a great chair, Amy! That tapestry fabric is so beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to save it. It looks wonderful sitting by your fireplace, too.

  9. Amy, Some would have thrown this pretty chair away so I am glad you were able to save it. It looks wonderful in your room. Hugs, Sherry

  10. Omigosh Amy! You have certainly given that chair a breath of fresh air and definitely a new gorgeous life. Amazing job my dear...WOW!

  11. Amy,

    I can see why you love this chair so much! Now you have added to its story!
    To be on the safe side, maybe you can put it outside when Summer comes to visit to get rid of the dregs? LOL!


  12. Love your chair Amy- I have run into pieces that have been attacked by mold before too. I am highly allergic to mold and mildew-so usually I have to just re-do the whole thing if I want to bring it in the house. Glad you were able to save your pretty piece!

  13. Nice job Amy. Bet your sister will be jealous when she sees how pretty that chair is sitting in your living room. What on earth was it doing in the basement???!!!

    btw, i was born in newton mass. :)

  14. Gorgeous! I love the brown with the floral pattern. A little bit of masculine mixed with the feminine.
    Also love the pillows you made in the last post. Sweet!

  15. It has beautiful lines and I love the fabric. So nice to save an old piece like that

  16. So pretty....has a nice European feel. Great advice on removing that musty smell too!

  17. Beautiful chair Amy and good job cleaning it. Your chair looks like one I just reupholstered, well the lines,it's beautiful.

    I hope you're staying warm!

  18. Oh, i love it! I have a thing for old chairs. I really like the way the brown looks in the room, and works with the new pillows. I had a chair that had a touch of moldiness, and did the same thing... and let it sit right outside in the sun too, and it totally worked!


  19. Hi Amy,
    This pretty little chair is a great addition to your livingroom.
    I'm glad that you were able to save it.


  20. You did a great job on the chair- I would have been way too chicken to try. I love the warm brown color.

  21. What a great chair! It looks lovely in your living room. I just love it when you can take something that has sentimental value and bring it back to life. To give it a brand new life! Especially when it's free!

  22. This chair is absolutley beautiful. I love how it has a story behind it too.

  23. The chair came out great Amy! Good thinking and very good tips! Mold can be so dangerous to one's health.
    I have a piece of history I saved and will be showing it tomorrow! (I think you'll like it ;)

  24. My piece of history is my saggy (fill in the blank!). But I don't think a can of Lysol will do the trick. Love the chair!
    I can't believe you added something to the room that wasn't white or mirrored or dripping with crystals. You go girl!

  25. Lovely chair and a great story to go with it. I love furniture with a story, don't you?
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  26. beautiful new addition, Amy! I recently picked up a red (faux) snakesking vintage suitcase- also covered in white patchy mildew. :( I've tried scrubbing it with one of those Magic Erasers, rubbing alcohol...nothing is really making it completely disappear. The only thing I haven't tried yet is white vinegar. What do you think? The inside is a total rehab, but that's ok.

  27. Hi Amy - great job on the chair - and what a treat to have it in your living room - a perfect way to "winterize" the space. And I love your burlap bordered pillows too!

  28. Amy,
    so glad you were able to save that beautiful chair! It looks wonderful in your room, the colors are gorgeous. Thanks for visiting!

  29. Hi Amy,
    It looks really great with the side table and so deserved to be saved.
    Loved the pillow tutorial i just read on your last post and love how they look in this post,such a great last photograph xxx

  30. Love it!
    I thought of Tina's home when i saw that photo too!
    That;s so funny!

    I have a very similar chair in my house in the living room at a desk. Brown needlepoint, English and from the early 1800s. Love the look!

    Hope you will come by and post a pic or two of your adorable pup! Even if you link you last post with him napping on your new pillows!

    It's Favorites on The First and the theme this month is your Favorite Pet(s)!!


  31. Love the chair especially since it has bits of aqua in it. Goes well with the new chandi. You've got a whole new vibe going on in the living room with those pillows and the chair. Can't wait to see what you've been doing with the fireplace. I've been working all week and will be working tomorrow at both places. But have Friday off and I am sooooo looking forward to it.

  32. Amy, this chair is just fabulous, I'm so glad it came to you, and that you could save it. It's just beautiful. thanks for the cleaning tips.


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